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Traumatized Mother Recounts SICKENING Movie Theater Story! Patrons Harassed Her Autistic Son Until They Left!

traumatized mother reveals movie theatre patrons harassing autistic son her until they left get sickening details here

Everyone in the movie theater who victimized this mother-son duo should be banned from the cinema!

A mother and her son from Duxbury, Massachusetts had to endure a horrifying experience while they were waiting for a film to start at a movie theater. Emily Colson and her son Max were at the movies on Christmas Day, and Emily was both nervous and excited for the experience.

Nervous because her son Max is autistic, and she wanted to make sure he felt comfortable during the movie. Excited because she knew it was a big step for them to see a movie together in a packed theater.

However as soon as the movie started, those feelings turned into rage and despair, and it was ALL the fault of some straight up bullies!

Emily revealed the entire experience on her blog, and she pointed out how Max cried out when the movie started that he wanted to go home. She knew that if she could just reassure him, he may very well calm down.

But an older couple next to them immediately jumped down Emily and Max's throat! The woman of the couple said:

"Are you going to make him be quiet?"

When Emily revealed that her son was autistic, the woman replied:

"I know he is, but why should the rest of us have to suffer?"

Then her husband chimed in:

"If you don't make him be quiet I'm calling the manager."

Hold on, let us do some slow breathing exercises for a minute because those kind of remarks get our blood boiling!!!

Emily, however, chose what was probably the most rational option: they left the theater. But before they could exit, members of the mob like audience began to shout out "don't come back" and "he's retarded!"

Having gone WAY too far now, this made Emily address the crowd.

She said:

"There is a lesson here. A lesson that is so much more important than anything you will learn from this movie."

Since posting that blog of that horrible day, Emily has talked about the experience in many interviews.

Hopefully her horror story will lead to it never happening again! Not only was that audience uncool - they were downright inhuman.

Check out Emily's entire blog post HERE. It's definitely worth the read!

[Image via Facebook.]

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15 comments to “Traumatized Mother Recounts SICKENING Movie Theater Story! Patrons Harassed Her Autistic Son Until They Left!”

  1. 1

    Ummm, let's see here. A packed movie theater and this lady brings her son, whom she knows is going to make noise and disturb folks and then chastises everyone for requesting her son be quite. What a narcissistic hag. Yes, we should all suffer so her son can get the experience of going to a movie. This is exactly what is wrong with society today. The masses should suffer to accommodate her son. Yep, a movie theater filled with 300 folks have to endure her shit…f me

  2. 2

    It is horrible to be called names and bullied like that, but I can understand why people get upset if their movie is ruined by a noisy patron. I go to the movies to relax and see a movie - not learn a lesson about autism.

  3. Mouse says – reply to this


    Some of the things the patrons said were out of line, but the mother shouldn't have brought her autistic son there. She shouldn't have brought him there first and foremost because he is highly sensitive to loud and crowded situations. Autistic people on that end of the spectrum cannot handle it. Exhibit A? Temple Grandin. It was cruel for her to force him into that situation. She wants to do normal things for herself like go to the movies, and that's fine, but her normal is NOT his normal and she needs to accept that instead of doing things that are harmful to him.

  4. irishmexmom says – reply to this


    the point here is to have compassion. It was freaking Christmas Day. It's also a free country and should not be ruled by a mob - who taught those people their manners? She may have left with her son if he got too uncomfortable. The reasons neuro-typicals find the movies so exciting (Bright lights, big space filled with strangers, very loud sounds, unpredictability in what will be on screen) are the same reasons a person on the spectrum of autism finds it so overwhelming. Yes, maybe the mom could have baby-stepped her son into the movies (10 mins at a time) - perhaps she did this already and this was his Christmas gift and a potential huge milestone. The point is compassion people.

  5. shittrell says – reply to this


    I agree with the first 2 comments- if I pay $13.00 to see a movie I want to be able to enjoy the movie, I don't want to have to put up with someone talking through the movie. The other people shouldn't have their night ruined because some woman thinks we all have to tolerate her uncontrolable son- even if he is handicapped. She should just show him the movie at home in a few months.

  6. Appauled! says – reply to this


    1 nice using your sons autism for fame.
    2 uhm he was SCREAMING in the movies, i wouldve asked her to make him be queit too! its not everyone else in the theatres fault that your son is SCREAMING "i wanna go home" at the top of his lungs during a movie.
    3 your son was screaming i wanna go home ans your not talking him home?! and THEY are the ones disrespecting him?! BULLSHIT.
    5 this story is fucking stupid. as a person with multiple disabilities i am appauled that a mother would use her sons disability as an excuse for him screaming that HE WANTED TO GO HOME. not everything we do is a result of our disibilities!!!

  7. 7

    I have a kid with autism and don't really believe this story. I don't believe that someone wouldn't have defended them. Maybe I'm delusional or just hopeful that people aren't that cruel.
    She should seek out a, "sensory friendly," performance for her son. I'm sure they have them somewhere in Massachusetts and they turn the sound down a bit, people are able to walk freely, etc., and it is specifically with people with autism! It's an awesome experience.

  8. bardo says – reply to this


    I sympathize with the mother, but I mostly agree with the comments here. She knew better than to bring her kid to a crowded theater where it is expected that everyone there is to remain quiet. I understand about showing compassion, and I would have had I been there. However, you set yourself up for disappointment when you expect things of others and they dont fulfill. Dont expect anything from anyone, just be grateful if they surprise you. People are mostly assholes and you should prepare yourself for that. Besides, once you learn to Pirate, you'll never go to a movie theater again anyway. They basically rob you at those places anyway.

  9. Courtney says – reply to this


    Shame on all of you for coming down on this mother who wanted to give the theater a shot. Be thankful that you weren't stopped from doing all of the things you enjoy because you have a child with special needs. I'm sure the yelling from the patrons and comments were much more of a nuisance than giving her a minute to try and calm her son down. I get if it was 5 minutes into the movie but they said as soon as it started…come on!!! What's wrong with society is intolerance and ignorance. I would never side with a group of people that yelled at a mother and autistic son as they were trying to leave. Disgusting.

  10. Ben says – reply to this


    I'm glad I wasn't in that theater when this happened. I would have been arrested for beating the crap out of anyone who said a word about these people.

  11. VanillaBean says – reply to this


    Re: bardo

    Agreed…I have a VERY hard time believing this story. It sounds like total BS to get her 15 mins of fame. "And don't come back…he's retarded"?? Come on now… I highly doubt an entire movie audience would be screaming this.

  12. mary says – reply to this


    Ummm, I spent 4 years working at an afternoon program for kids with autism and we went to movies all the time… at the dollar theater, on Tuesdays, at 3pm when the theater was empty and it was just our group because stuff happen, kids have behaviors, stuff gets thrown, maybe someone is overwhelmed by the sound and you have to bring them in and out. You dont take a child with autism and sensory sensitivity to a packed theater on Christmas to try it out… its cruel, not just to the other patrons but to the child. He may have very little control over his reactions, but he can still feel humiliation because hes still human.

    I dont believe most of the story. Shes looking for attention and put her son in a bad situation to provoke a reaction. I however have never had people scream about the kids I worked with to not come back or that they were retarded if a behavior occurred in public. Most people just walk away or stare. I cant think of a single time the word retarded was used against one of the kids I worked with… not even when I had a child have a violent behavior in a parking lot and he kicked a dent in a car door. The man was gritting his teeth and obviously agitated, but he didn't use hate speech even though I was more than prepared for it.

  13. tacogirl says – reply to this


    ARE you Crazy. I totally Agree with theater goers that wanted them OUT!!
    They are in a Movie theater, Trying to watch a movie. Anything that disrupts that should
    go outside. Having an autistic son is not their problem and they shouldn't have to Sit
    while he's acting out. THe same if a baby starts screaming in a restaurant….GO outside
    till they calm down…YOU are Really An idiot. This has Nothing to do with being inssensitive
    to an autistic chile, you MORON.

  14. resa says – reply to this


    I blame the parent for these reasons:
    1. a crowded loud theater is not ideal for an autistic child
    2. people pay $15 a ticket to see movie and go to enjoy the movie
    3. I bet you SHE wanted to see the movie, an autistic person doesn't want to be around tons of people, its sensory overload.

  15. Scap321 says – reply to this


    I work with children with autism. I have two comments about this story.
    1. if your child has autism and as a result, has sensory "issues", (meaning his senses get overloaded or could be extremely hightened) going to the movies is probably traumatic for him, and it's not right to subject him to this.
    2. Perez should really use the term "max has autism" not saying he's autistic..semantics I know. haha