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Taylor Swift Is An Absolute Angel As She Visits A Children's Hospital! These Pictures AND Vid Will Make You Go Awww!

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Taylor Swift is an angel, visits children's hospital in New York

Oh wow!

We're sure neither she or these will forget this visit anytime soon!

After seeing Britney Spears visit some beautiful children at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles last week, we thought our adorableness quota was filled.

But, Taylor Swift has upped the ante with her visit to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC over the weekend, where she saw some inspiring children that we're sure made her day and ours!

It all went down this past Saturday where Taylor spend the day taking selfies with patients, talking to their friends on computers, and overall just doing some amazing work!

One family, that was really touched by Taylor's efforts, wrote:

"We are still in awe, Taylor Swift is a class act all around, she was so sweet, compassionate, asked US questions, got on skype with my other daughter, stayed in our room and talked with us and was completely down to earth. She hung out with us for at least 15-20 minutes. She was "scheduled" to be on our floor for 1 hour, but was here for 4.5 hours instead. Thank you Taylor, you are a beautiful woman inside and out!!"

Taylor even spent some time drew doing some arts + crafts with the little amazing ones, and drew herself a hell of a paining, which you can see (below)!

This isn't the first time Taylor has taken time out to spend with sick kids, but it's obvious that if Taylor Swift wasn't in the music business, she would definitely still be doing something super artistic!

Oh, but the best part of the visit was seeing Swifty and a young patient Shelby, who is suffering from Severe Aplastic Anemia, bond in a heartwarming vid that you can see (below)!

See the rest of the pics and the AH-dorable patients that spent time with Taylor also (below)!

[Image via Shelby's Facebook & Twitter.]

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17 comments to “Taylor Swift Is An Absolute Angel As She Visits A Children's Hospital! These Pictures AND Vid Will Make You Go Awww!”

  1. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    I hear that his Nashville whore is begging for votes at ACM. Sniff is such a publicity hound and does nothing if it doesn't benefit herself.

  2. 2

    I really don't like her as a singer, her star/talent has faded and never really flourished. However, I give her credit for remaining grounded and stable in an industry frought with drugs and her compatriots who make poor decisions.

  3. paula says – reply to this


    she's the sweetest! I love her

  4. dana says – reply to this


    Fred1259 - you're crazy. you're so obsessed with her. if you cant stand her dont read all the articles about her

  5. factchecker says – reply to this


    Re: amazingman – you must have her confused with some else in saying her star has faded cuz in 2013 she earned more mon in music alone, not including endorsements the anyone else in music and thst includes all your favorite musicians, singers whatever you wanna dall them. She also had the number tournin north america, I would suggest you do your research before you proclaim the the number artist inthe world as having fsded. All this and she still finds time to spend over 4 hours with children and without mentioning a single word about it.

  6. QuietDanTN says – reply to this


    Ms Taylor visits desperately ill children ALL THE TIME and never takes personal credit for this; the videos and photos come from the families.

    Long Long Live Taylor Alison Swift, Princess of Nashville!

  7. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    -I love reading articles about Nashville Whore and commenting just to drive her anal
    fans nuts. Cannot stand this slut.

  8. Yuree says – reply to this


    I spoke with one of the nurses their, they said she was a complete moron and only turned it up for the recording. So please stop making that idiot look good. She isn't just making her self look good.

  9. Yureeanidiot says – reply to this


    Re: Yuree – Its funny because I have a group of friends that are all nurses there that I went to college with and they all said this was not the first time she's gone and she's always been very polite, engaing, and always stays longer than planned. I also work with Sloan at my job and in their HR department said the same thing so stop making up shit.

  10. Jennifer says – reply to this


    How about sharing a post that talks about how wonderful the nurses, physicians, and other health care workers that care for these patients every day are? They deserve recognition far more than a celebrity that spends a few hours with patients.

  11. Raider Nation says – reply to this


    Total Market strategy she's Fake !

  12. joice says – reply to this


    She's incredible.

  13. NM says – reply to this


    Re: Fred1259 – It's not about her fans being driven nuts. It's about your stupid psychotic comments. Most people will and do think that you are an idiot.

  14. NM says – reply to this


    Re: Yuree – And you are trying to make yourself sound intelligent. But you were not there, because it is highly likely that you are jealous and need to stir the boat to get your jealousy recognized. Well, if you can't accept Taylor's good-naturedness, then go to hell and wallow in your own sorrow.

  15. Angel says – reply to this


    This video has made me so happy. Taylor is such a genuinely sweet girl with such a big heart. I love her.

  16. Jess says – reply to this


    Why do people always have to take something good and twist it into something bad. It is lovely that Taylor takes time out of her busy schedule to make an unwell child's day that little bit better. Why do we have to be so cynical all the time, and assume the worst in people? Give people more credit, seriously.

  17. jenn says – reply to this


    Re: amazingman – YOU ARE EVERYWHERE Coconut Tree! Stop comment or read about taylor's news! WE LOVE TAYLOR. you just horrible hater plus stalker!!!!