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U.S. Senator Wants Bars To Test Women For WHAT Before They're Served Drinks???

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This Alaskan state senator must be out of his mind!

State Sen. Pete Kelly apparently wants women to take PREGNANCY TESTS before they drink at bars to try and curb the amount of babies with fetal alcohol syndrome. He wants the state to fund these bar administered pregnancy tests, too!

It's like he has no idea when April Fool's Day is, because this HAS to be a joke!

Here's what he said:

"If you have people who are binge drinking or chronic drinkers, we're hesitant to say 'use birth control as your protection against fetal alcohol syndrome,' because again, as I say, binge drinking is a problem. If you think you can take birth control and then binge drink and hope not to produce a fetal alcohol syndrome baby, you may be very wrong. Sometimes these things don't work. Sometimes people forget. Sometimes they administer birth control improperly, and you might produce a fetal alcohol syndrome baby."

Uh what?! We're pretty sure no one takes birth control to fight fetal alcohol syndrome — they take birth control to not get pregnant to begin with.

Even though Kelly seems so intent on testing for pregnancy in bars, the dude is totally AGAINST birth control being handed out for free in bars. When asked if he'd support that option last week, he answered:

"No. Because the thinking is a little opposite.

This assumes that if you know (you are pregnant) you’ll act responsibly. Birth control is for people who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly."

Um, wow. We're confused. People who take birth control aren't responsible? We're pretty sure that's about as responsible as one can be. Scratch that — we're positive that's a total responsible move!

So basically to this senator, testing for pregnancy in a bar is good, and taking birth control is bad.

Anyone else have a problem with this kind of logic???

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10 comments to “U.S. Senator Wants Bars To Test Women For WHAT Before They're Served Drinks???”

  1. gmk8 says – reply to this


    There are some terrifying people in office. This is simply a desire to control the behavior of women. And he's wrong.

    1. Is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome a big problem in Alaska?
    2. For the first several weeks, binge drinking will likely not harm a developing baby. The baby does not start absorbing nutrients from the placenta until about 10weeks pregnant. By then, most woman know they are pregnant.
    3. Forcing woman to have a pregnancy test before drinking is humiliating and deeply invasive
    4. This senator is clearly labeling sex as irresponsible. He thinks that woman having sex is irresponsible unless they are married- which is why he is against birth control. HOWEVER- who do you think the women are having sex with?? MEN! How are men being held responsible for their decisions??

  2. texasannie says – reply to this


    yes because they could never drink at home. alone. good call.

  3. AMS says – reply to this


    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a problem though, so while his method might be over the top, his intentions are in the right place. We still don't know "how many" drinks can cause the syndrome, but we do know that the best way to prevent FAS is to abstain from drinking. Why would you want to put an unborn baby's life in danger?

  4. :þ@ says – reply to this


    Re: gmk8 – To be able to give birth to a child, it is somehow a gift from mother nature and it is also a sort of power of life!
    And as they say: With great power comes great responsibility! I was simply joking guuurls! XD

  5. Panda says – reply to this


    Fetal alcohol syndrome is a huge problem in Alaska, with the Inuits. This is ridiculous. A lot of towns have alcohol bans but the families are still able to get their hands on alcohol. I worked in a very small town outside of Bethel, many of the local children had learning disabilities and or fetal alcohol syndrome due to the heavy binge drinking by the mothers during pregnancy. (Men and woman both binge drink constantly. Natives or not, bit sadly there isn't a lot to do in most parts) Making some villages dry still hasn't kept the alcohol out and in my option, this is where fetal alcohol syndrome is at it's worse in the state of Alaska.

  6. Jlis says – reply to this


    I just looked up this news article. While I still don't agree with this nut-job Senator, he is not proposing mandatory pregnancy testing prior to being served alcohol at a bar. The real news article claims he is pushing for gov. funded pregnancy tests in bar washrooms to allow women to check for themselves if they are uncertain. Still crazy, but at least he isn't imposing on womens' rights and freedoms (though I'm sure he'd love to!)

  7. Ellie says – reply to this


    Once again, another man thinking just because he's a Senator that he has some form of control of women.

  8. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Yes, let's let the public be responsible for making sure that a pregnant woman is taking care of her baby correctly. And while we're at it, how about before sleeping with someone, you make sure they're not dating someone so they don't cheat.

  9. Gabby says – reply to this


    Wow. Can we ask this Alaskan State senator if he's going to make bars administer a piss test for male idiocracy? That is crazy!

  10. 10

    You know what's a lot higher than the rate of babies born with FAS, the rate of women who've experienced men being predatory after drinking. So why not push for all bars to have those paper coasters that test for date-rape drugs…
    Essentially he's calling women who enjoy drinking and enjoy sex, too stupid to remember to take their birth control.
    Is there no line these crazy, tea-party, back woods people, who have somehow landed in positions of power, won't cross.