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Paul Walker's Mom Continues Her Nasty Legal Fight With Meadow's Mother! Now Claims She Has Damaging Evidence That Will Prove Her Case In The Battle For Custody!

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paul walker momma legal battle

This looks like it's going to get ugly.

Paul Walker's accidental death was terrible for so many reasons, we wouldn't even know where to begin.

One of the things that's happening now because of his sudden demise is a legal battle between the actor's mom and his daughter Meadow's mom over who gets custody of Paul's 15-year-old daughter.

Meadow has been living with the grandmother Cheryl Walker since August 3rd, and it seems to have definitely been Paul's wish that she raise the teen in case anything happened to him. Meadow's mom Rebecca Soteros had also been living in California with the daughter and her mother-in-law since Paul's death on November 30th.

But when Cheryl Walker went to court last week and filed to become Meadow's legal guardian — well, all hell broke loose.

Rebecca swept Meadow away with her to live with a friend a mile away from Cheryl Walker. Cheryl has apparently gone to court TODAY to try and become Meadow's temporary guardian, but Rebecca does not plan to go gently into that good night.

The reason Meadow left her mother to live with Paul Walker two years ago is because of the mother's drinking problems. Rebecca's had two DUIs, and the drinking apparently was getting out of control.

Cheryl Walker apparently has evidence that Rebecca is still off the wagon, and hopes to use that to win the guardianship case.

It won't be easy though. Usually parents are given guardianship even if they're not the best fit for a child.

Whatever happens — we just hope it's in Meadow's best interests. She's gone through so much, and the last thing she needs right now is more chaos in her life.

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Paul Walker's Mom Continues Her Nasty Legal Fight With Meadow's Mother! Now Claims She Has Damaging Evidence That Will Prove Her Case In The Battle For Custody!”

  1. 1

    Seriously!! Does this child need this after her father is killed? Selfish people. I hope it's not because they want money from a trust to take care of her. They should settle this outside court.

  2. pinkaboo says – reply to this


    Its obvious he wanted his daughter in a safe environment with her grandmother. 2 DUIs!!??…not a fit mother to be raising a teenager to begin with. Its sad this is happening and so soon after his death :(

  3. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    So sad and painful for everybody involved. Wish them all the best, especially the daughter.

  4. AmberLily says – reply to this


    Meadow should be with her fathers grand-mother as to her dads wishes. Not with her mothers friend for crying out loud. I hope that they ask Meadow where she wants to go, as at the end of the day she is the one that should have the finial say that the Judge should take full consideration for what he/she does for the final verdict.

  5. joe bedeau says – reply to this


    'On the wagon' where I come from, that means they are still sober. Thats where the term 'fell off the wagon' comes from, meaning they started drinking again. If shes still sober, why shouldn't she get her.

  6. TT says – reply to this


    Dig deeper Paris…that's not her married name and she's been arrested for more then a DUI…so has her step son. Totally support Paul ' s mom in this one. Paul knew the truth…there's a reason he wanted his daughter protected and why she was living with him.

  7. MARTHA says – reply to this


    my understanding when Paul Walker pass he left in his will that he wanted his 15 year-old daughter with his mother. now all of the sudden he dies and the his daughter gets all the estate now because she has money, ladies forget about the money Meadow needs love and care remember she lost her father . the mother and grandmother need to sit down and talk to much media at least do it for Meadow.

  8. Linda Pow says – reply to this


    Hi Cheryl, I am very sad to hear after losing your wonderful son you are now subjected to a battle to care for your grand daughter…

    I hope that you can all work together as a family………It's a very emotional time. Sending you positive vibes. Warm Wishes Linda

  9. annamarie says – reply to this


    I miss paul walker

  10. Sharon says – reply to this


    I think she should raise her if it was Paul wish

  11. Jody says – reply to this


    I think Paul's daughter should be aload and is old enought to choose who she wants to live with. And obviously her dad thought his mothers was the safest enviromant for her to be brought up by. I believe at sertan age teenagers should get a say… It's only fair!!

  12. Cathy says – reply to this


    Why cant she say whete she wants to live , her thoughts and wishes should be taken into account and then it should go by what her father wanted

  13. judy says – reply to this


    Re: TT – it says she is off the wagon still

  14. Sharron Scotland says – reply to this


    Nasty? How can this be classed as Nasty, when all The grandmother is doing, is carrying out her Son's last wishes in his Will. The article headline is misleading, making Paul Walker's mother out to be the bad one here.

  15. Seven Layer Burrito says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa Andrews – The mother may have had DUI's but don't you think he lived his life just as dangerous? Driving fast cars, doing stunts etc? His risk of mortality was higher than the mother's. His lifestyle, though it legal, wasn't in the best interest of his child either. The mother obviously has an addiction problem.. Walker's addiction was different as he has stated in numerous interviews. His addiction was thrill. He was just as selfish about his lifestyle considering the future of his child.

    As for the Grandmother seeking full custody.. this is a normal morning response for a mother to go through when losing her adult son. Grandparents often get more involved with their grandchildren after a loss of their own children. The stakes are just a bit higher with this situation.

    In the end.. the mother should come together with the child's mother and try to heal and become a family that has resolved it's problems. It will be most beneficial for the child, the grandparents and healing the addiction of the mother.

  16. Jamie says – reply to this


    Seven Layer Burrito, no Paul was not just as selfish. Because, Paul wasn't putting his addiction before his daughter. Everyone who knew Paul has said that as a CERTIFIED RACE CAR DRIVER, he was actually a very responsible driver. Meadow's mother was arrested for the same charge (DUI) twice in two different states in only ten years. She was a lot more selfish than he was and he provided a more stable environment than she ever did. Paul stated in his will that his mother was to become legal guardian if anything happened to him, he trusted his mother over his ex for a reason. Her alcohol issues were a recurring issue and it is said that he fought with her constantly over it for several years. In no way was he JUST as selfish as Rebecca, let's not exaggerate and make her out to be better than she is and him out to be a selfish, irresponsible father when he was known for making drastic sacrifices for his daughter. His mother is not 'reacting,' she is carrying out her son's final wish as she should.