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High School Band Teacher Did WHAT To A Student’s Ankles Because She Had Bad Posture?? Find Out The Shocking Tactic HERE!

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music teacher tapes a girl to her chair because of bad posture

These days, we’re pretty sure almost everyone has bad posture.

EXCEPT for Jefferson High School band teacher Brian Sullivan, apparently.

The music teacher has been put on paid administrative leave after he reportedly duct taped a student’s ankles to her chair because she wouldn’t keep her feet on the floor.

Even though the girl had on jeans and boots, she was obviously shaken and went and told the people in charge.

Some students are passing out fliers, however, telling people that Mr. Sullivan did nothing wrong and the student is overreacting!

What makes this even more complicated is that the band is all set to go on a field trip to Disney World to perform on April 9th!

As for what will happen to the educator, Jefferson Schools Supt. Craig A. Haugen said:

“The district is in the process of collecting information regarding the details to resolve the issue in a timely manner. The teacher is on paid administrative leave and may not have contact with any students in any manner or be on Jefferson Schools’ property.”

Thankfully the girl wasn’t hurt, but what an odd thing for someone to do!

Those kids are lugging around backpacks and hunched over desks all day. Of course they struggle with posture!

Taping someone to a chair won’t fix anything.

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34 comments to “High School Band Teacher Did WHAT To A Student’s Ankles Because She Had Bad Posture?? Find Out The Shocking Tactic HERE!”

  1. 1

    Totally over-reacting! Geesh, people are so sensitive. This should have been funny.

  2. tweet says – reply to this


    I've never commented on a perez post although I do read from the site frequently. However, for this post, I felt compelled to respond. As a teacher, "posture" in class can mean a lot of things. As someone who doesn't work in a school, judging a teacher and making excuses for students does not seem right. Should duck tape be inolved? No. Do we have the entire context? No. To write words like "shocking" just seems over the top and dramatic. I'd like to see this Perez writer teach in a high school for a week.

  3. Jeffersonhigh09 says – reply to this


    It wasn't in fact all about posture. It was about her feet needing to be flat on the floor and not crossed. Anyone who is serious about music knows you need to be sitting up straight with your feet on the floor. You do not have good musicality otherwise and therefore makes the rest of the band sound bad. She wasn't held against her will and maybe should have listened to mr. Sullivan all the other times he probably told her to fix her feet. Or get out of band.

  4. j.Lily says – reply to this


    Overacting a little bit. I was in band and drill team in Jr.High and HS. We would get yelled at, tape our feet together, do push ups and more if we were out of rank or did not perform together. My goodness. Kids these days want everything handed to them.

  5. Che14 says – reply to this


    I'm almost positive it wasn't the girl who got duct taped that told on Sullivan.
    Comete OVER REACTING! Mr.Sullivan is a fine teacher, this was also days before a concert, and I'm sure he repeatedly has asked her to sit straight up with her feet on the ground. If you know Sullivan, it was probably just a joke.

  6. Che14 says – reply to this


    Complete *

  7. Ash says – reply to this


    The thing is it wasn't even the girl who turned him in, it was someone else in the class, who a week early, turned in another teacher for something little and got them suspended. Also, when she went to tell she said the girl was in a short skirt and he taped her to her thighs, which is WRONG. If you knew Sullivan, you'd know it was 100% a joke. Especially since it was the day before a big concert!

  8. a says – reply to this


    i would just like to say this isn't what happened at all, if you knew the teacher in any way you would know that this wasn't meant to harm her. if you think this is "bizarre" then you have probably never been a band geek. everyone is over-reacting about this whole thing

  9. jess says – reply to this


    This is so stupid i know mr sullivan and get ur facts please it wasnt the actual student who went and complained it was some other stupid student who just likes to cause trouble.

  10. Mom of Jefferson high says – reply to this


    Completely overreacting!!! Sullivan is a phenomenal music teacher whom is very passionate about music and teaching his students the proper way to sing, perform, and play the instruments. He would do anything to help his students learn and the kids in his class are hurt, and livid over the way that this has been blown out of proportion. I really hope that Brians name gets cleared by this.

  11. Moose says – reply to this


    First jefferson doesn't allow students to carry backpacks
    Second the girl who was taped had nothing to do with reporting brian to "the people in charge"
    Get your facts right

  12. Jessica says – reply to this


    I know of Mr.Sullivan because he was my brothers teacher. From what I gathered from being around him at school functions and what I've heard from my brother he is the type of guy to play around and make jokes. I doubt that he meant any harm in the action he did but used the situation as a funny lesson that got blown way out of proportion by others who cant mind their own business. As long as the girl wasn't hurt and she wasn't offended by the incident he should have just gotten a warning and then it should have been forgotten. This whole thing is ruining a good mans reputation and that's really the most harmful part of this whole ordeal.

  13. bear1234 says – reply to this


    Perez, you should really get your facts straight before you decide to tarnish a good man and a wonderful schools name. What you said isn't even what happened, and the young lady that this happened to didn't tell on Mr. Sullivan. It was another student who did.You do know that sending out false information is illegal, right?

  14. kaynbee says – reply to this


    You know what else is tacky and true? False reporting. Perhaps you might actually want to do your job as a journalist and get all of the facts correct before you open your mouth. No wonder our country has been reduced to the state it's in. People get their information from ignorant sources such as this.

  15. Scott says – reply to this


    Maybe you should get your facts straight, the girl didn't go to the people in charge, it was the parents, the girl actually didn't want anything to happen. Do your job as a journalist and get your damn facts straight

  16. Annonymous says – reply to this


    Guys, okay, This whole thing is blown out or proportion. First of all, it wasn't the girl who told the Vice Principal, it was someone else from across the room. The girl DID NOT WANT to tell because SHE UNDERSTOOD THE JOKE. He didn't do it to be mean, he's done things like this before, he's a real fun guy. Second, what does a bad posture from a BACK PACK have to do with your feet. She's been told countless times to keep her feet on the floor but everyday crosses them WHILE she plays, so he jokingly did that. She wasn't shaken up, only embarrassed.When you think about it, it isn't that odd, you guys have all known worse teachers, am I right? He is a good man, with good intentions, he only does what could help us.

  17. irritated01 says – reply to this


    Mr. Sullivan is the a wonderful teacher who would do anything for these kids. This man has gone above and beyond for his students and doesn't deserve any of this. He makes sure kids who can't afford the band trips can go. He is the type of teacher that likes to bring humor into his lessons. The girl that complained had nothing to do with this and apparently has a grude with the man. Unfortunately because of this I imagine he will never be the same. He didn't deserve this. This band "family" is hurting for him and want him back. Please don't comment unless you know what happened!

  18. Ray Dull says – reply to this


    This actually has a few facts wrong. It wasn't duct tape it was clear scotch tape that she could've easily broken, and she wasn't the one that turned him in, it was another student in the class that is constantly looking for attention.

  19. Student says – reply to this


    Re: Ray Dull

    your actually wrong. it WAS duct tape. But it was only wrapped around twice. and yes the girl did not tell. the girl that is trying to get sully fired did.

  20. Nigha burge says – reply to this


    We aren't even allowed to carry backpacks in school this schools a prison we can't do anything fun like a senior prank this was blown WAY out of proportion.

  21. Irishone says – reply to this


    Wow. I am so sorry for the band students. I was in color guard, marching band, jazz and symphonic band. We traveled to the Rose Bowl and Disneyland parades and I continued to study music in college. I can see if one hasn't been in band and doesn't understand the culture how this situation could be misunderstood. Kids, someone please start an online petition and post the link here. I am so sorry for Mr. Sullivan. He sounds like a wonderful teacher. I cherish my band days and if something like this had happened to my wonderful teacher I would have been devistated too. Tell him to stand strong for all us "band kids".

  22. Irishone says – reply to this


    P.S. If someone does start a petition, I have hundreds of people in my online marching band alumni group that would gladly sign it.

  23. 2k12 says – reply to this


    A gay kid brought a dick shaped cake into school and was handing out pieses and that never went to the press

  24. Jefferson13 says – reply to this


    For one Jefferson hasn't allowed backpacks in like 10 years.. He was just fixing her posture she was laughing about it. It was another student who told because that student wants to get Brian fired. I had him as a teacher for 3 years and a marching band director for 4 years. He is the only one in that school that actually cares about his students going somewhere in life. That's why he did it. No other teacher in that school cares about your future about how successful your going to be. He does. I don't care what anyone says Brian Sullivan is the best teacher ever. I have no clue why he got suspense because other teachers have done a lot worse. One of the teachers had porn on the overhead and didn't get in trouble another teacher is basically a bully to everyone in class except the popular kids and one that makes kids stay after and clean her classroom from the labs she does. . More teachers don't care about the band kids in that school it's all about the preps with all the teachers. So if something happens in that band room they report it immediately this was blown way out of proportion. He is an amazing person.

  25. Hayley Black says – reply to this


    You have all of the facts wrong. I attend this school and the press is making a huge deal about it. The news is constantly at our school and stalking the students involved. at their own homes! First of all, the girl who was taped to her chair didn't tell, it was someone else. Just leave the "story" alone since you obviously do not know the facts. I wouldn't be surprised if you are not even sure of where this school is. The person involved is a phenomenal teacher and did not mean any harm to the student. Everyone needs to calm down and stop spreading false information.

  26. 26

    I do think people overreacting a bit, I mean there are some serious things happening in schools across the world and especially here in America everyday. However, I do think the teacher took it too far as well. If she doesn't want to follow the rules then kick her out of the band, (it obviously wasn't that important to her to begin with), instead of resorting to such a drastic measure to make a point.

  27. moose72211 says – reply to this


    Re: Jeffersonhigh09 – He knew what he was doing and he knew it could get him into trouble, yet he did it anyway. Serves him right.

  28. 28

    oh good heavens - a teacher in my art class once did this to a classmate cause he was always talking with the people in the row behind him - no thing to tell someone - we only laughed it off and he did the same - with arms taped to his desk - forced to finally paint

  29. wtf says – reply to this


    What the fuck.. if this happened to my child at school, I would send her to a new school.

  30. Chuck says – reply to this


    Well, you know it's getting bad when this scum bag sorry excuse for a homo gets wind of it. Way to make us look proud Perez, you lousy piece of shit. Get your facts straight before you trying stepping into the world of journalism.

  31. 31

    Re: tweet – In terms of playing a musical instrument, posture means everything- especially with brass and woodwind instruments. The teacher was clearly at his wits end- one student can bring down an entire ensemble- and took a light-hearted approach to this girl consistently not listening. She's clearly being a drama queen. My music teacher used to stick textbooks on our heads and tie our shoulders to the chairs to make us sit upright but it was a great learning tool and now I have the best posture and my music playing has never been better.

  32. Michelle Heflin says – reply to this


    You and your company are a disgrace to good journalism. This is not what happened, she did not complain. It was another student, and their meddling patents, who held a grudge. Have you no shame? Well shame on you. We completely stand behind and support this amazing teacher.

  33. Richard Hunt says – reply to this


    What on earth does the video clip of someone pulling an a chair, resulting in the male sitting in the chair to slide dangerously under the table in front of the chair, have to do with the picture captioned, "High School Band Teacher Did WHAT to a Student's Ankles Because She Had Bad Posture??

  34. Stephanie says – reply to this


    Well, first of all the writer wasn't overreacting because in my school, our band teacher doesn't even yell at us. He's honest with us and he jokes around with us. Overall, were one of the best bands in Nevada and band teachers need to get their facts straight, WERE IN AMERICA PEOPLE!!!!!>_<