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Taylor Swift Makes Special Group Of Kids' Day At The Hasbro Children's Hospital! See The Incredible Pics HERE!

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taylor swift makes special kids day at the hasbro childrens hospital(1)

This lady is amazing! We hope she knows how much these visits mean to these precious kids!

Taylor Swift made another visit to a group of special littles ones - this time at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island - and it looks EVERYONE was moved by it!

One youngster was super excited by Taylor's visit and tweeted:

"Taylor swift just came to the hospital to meet everyone! Epic! @taylorswift13"

Aww! We love to see Taylor bringing smiles to kids who definitely deserve it!

We hope she keeps it up. It's such a wonderful thing to see! What a lady!!

Check out this heartwarming video of Taylor and a brave youngster named Nathan (below)!!! And even MORE photos also further (below)!!!

[Image via Ryan Degnan/Twitter.]

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21 comments to “Taylor Swift Makes Special Group Of Kids' Day At The Hasbro Children's Hospital! See The Incredible Pics HERE!”

  1. paula says – reply to this


    I love this girl. She's fuckin awesome

  2. danielle says – reply to this


    The world needs more people like Taylor Swift.

  3. 3

    What a great thing for her to do - really like her for this.

  4. jny says – reply to this


    I love how she does things like paint guitars for sick kids and visit them in a hospital on her days off. She's a genuinely good person. lovely. :)

  5. Steph says – reply to this


    what an Angel… #proud

  6. sally says – reply to this


    i'm 30years old mom, i love this girl soo much, she just lovely young lady with the big heart,love u t.swift.

  7. Market strategy says – reply to this


    I love selling ppls misery so i can sell my self as hero ,sell my brand and be more famous IM the next mother teresa Y'all ,

  8. Josh says – reply to this


    you got our Validation Girl .

  9. is part of the Show says – reply to this


    She makes Mother teresa look like Fame whore ,what saint .

  10. Fame is good for Ya ! says – reply to this


    who cares About the kids name they are not important what is really important and the main focal point of this strategy is ,Shes the saint

  11. Smile is show time ! says – reply to this


    What True Leader ,the country needs more true Honest leaders like her

  12. karim says – reply to this


    the nurses are the true heroes not this wanna be model that cant stop taking pictures of her self .

  13. Nurse at the hospital says – reply to this


    She is such a Fake . Everything is opportunism with her!

  14. Guardian says – reply to this


    To the naysayers - When was the last time YOU went to cheer up the infirmed ? Real caregivers appreciate the help from others - anyone. Walk your talk.

  15. not that easy says – reply to this


    Re: Guardian – It isn't that easy for a non famous person to visit and help in hospitals. I went and talked to someone about it and you get put on a list for volunteers. They won't let a 'stranger' just go and play music or hang out with patients. I know I would singing to them every week if it was that easy.

  16. underlying intentions says – reply to this


    As much as I think Taylor actually does care and wants to cheer these kids up, I feel there are underlying intentions. I don't want to see it that way but that is how she is. She walks around NYC with her Diet Coke in hand because she is the spokesperson for it. She probably hasn't even researched it to know that it causes cancer. I bet this whole 'going to the hospitals' thing she has been doing is directly related to the fact that she just bought a TWENTY ONE MILLION DOLLAR home in NYC. She feels like shit and she is really trying to cheer her selfish self up. Imagine how many people she could help with even a fraction of what she paid for that place? She knows it. It's screwing with her brain.

  17. sally says – reply to this


    t.swift not fake i believe she is really care about the childrens,she spent 5hours in the other hospital,if she just want publicity ,she can just spent 1/2 hours instead 5hours, and remember this picture coming from the childrens account not her,soo i believe that she lovely young lady . please take the positif and be nice to other people!!

  18. me says – reply to this


    To all the negatif people say this market strategy,fake or whatever, believe what you believed ,,but if childrens in that hospital happy to see her,so what? is all the matter. but i do believe that she really care ,she great person.

  19. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    -Nashville whore doesn't do anything without publicity.

  20. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Sniff is such a fake slut. FAKE, FAKE, FAKE

  21. rie says – reply to this


    @fred1259,,your so funny ,,why you so obsesed to hate her,,whats wrong with u life man ? LoL