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Ultra Rich Du Pont Heir Gets Only PROBATION After Raping 3-Year-Old Daughter

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Robert H. Richards IV is a du Pont heir and a rapist who abused his 3-year-old daughter! That's absolutely despicable!

This is absolutely disgusting on so many levels.

Robert H. Richards IV, a du Pont family heir, pleaded guilty to raping his 3-year-old daughter almost six years ago.

This horrible monster, who helped build the du Pont chemical empire, was only given eight years of probation and ordered to seek treatment as punishment.

He was convicted of fourth-degree rape in 2008, and he hasn't served any jail time at all. It's a class C felony, yet he gets to ride it out in his $1.8 million mansion.

That is an abomination!

Officials kept the case away from the public until his ex-wife Tracy Richards filed a lawsuit looking to get money from him to help pay for her children's lifetime of therapy — something she desperately needs.

Apparently he raped BOTH his daughter and his son, though he was never formally convicted of raping his son, several times before the daughter eventually told her grandmother.

The grandmother told Tracy and Tracy confronted Richards and had him arrested.

Richards used his wealth to hire a super expensive legal team and denied the charges… until he failed a lie detector test and admitted to abusing his daughter.

So this convicted child-abusing rapist avoided jail by pleading guilty and accepting a deal where he'd get eight years probation instead of jail because the judge thought he wouldn't "fare well" in prison.

The judge did it because they thought he needed "help" more than punishment. We disagree.

He should've been thrown into jail with the general population. Prison is not meant to be fun, prison is a PUNISHMENT and a DETERRENT. Child rapists should 100% be in prison, and they should have an extremely hard time with it.

If you can still get thrown into the slammer for a little bit of weed, you should absolutely be locked away for destroying a child's life through rape.

We hope Tracy wins her suit and strips him of every cent.

[Image via Mugshot.]

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