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Beyonce's Half Brother And His Mom Are Going To Live In A Homeless Shelter! What Will She Do?? Get The Details HERE!

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Beyonce's half brother and his mom are heading to a homeless shelter in LA! Oh no!! Will she help??

This is awful! Beyonce's half brother and his momma are heading to a homeless shelter… to live!

Alexsandra Wright, a former girlfriend of Queen Bey's dad Mathew Knowles, is going to take her and Mathew's 4-year-old son Nixon to an LA-area shelter.

Alexsandra has been struggling financially and apparently no one in the Knowles family is willing to help her out.

She said:

"Nixon deserves to know his family, and I hope one day he will meet his sister Beyoncé."

Back in March, a judge ruled that since Mathew, Beyonce's 63-year-old dad, lost his job as his famous daughter's manager back in 2011, his child support payments would be cut.

They were retroactively reduced from $12,000 a month to $2,400 a month. That means he won't have to pay any child support for the next two years!

So Alexsandra is going to be struggling, telling In Touch:

"I can't imagine how Beyoncé feels knowing she has a homeless brother. I know if I were in the same position, I would reach out. Maybe she is too busy."

This is tough, because what happened to that $12,000 a month? That's the equivalent of having a job that pays over $144,000 a year because it's not taxed!

How can they end up homeless??

Regardless of the situation, we feel awful for the 4-year-old! We wonder if Beyonce will help!

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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79 comments to “Beyonce's Half Brother And His Mom Are Going To Live In A Homeless Shelter! What Will She Do?? Get The Details HERE!”

  1. abi says – reply to this


    very beutiful beyonce

  2. jlbpr00 says – reply to this


    She still getting 2,400 a month. That can pay for rent and then she needs to get a JOB. As stated before not Beyonce concern, but her dad. Who created this problem.

  3. Kasssidy says – reply to this


    Why does she keep throwing shade at Beyonce, like it's her responsibilty to help? She was receiving $12,000/month, explain how that money finished so fast? Any woman with half a brain would know to save some for a rainy day. If I were Beyonce, I'd kindly ask that she keep my name out her mouth because she knew what she was getting herself into when she began an affair with a married man.

  4. MikeDaRemix says – reply to this


    Because she helped to conceive the baby? Her half brother is not her responsibility to raise or to provide, that would be Papa Knowles job.

    Don't be bringing baby's into the world that you're not prepared to raise.

    That child is innocent and I feel sorry for him, but Beyonce isn't responsible for him.

  5. chery says – reply to this


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  6. turanga says – reply to this


    I know no one is actually reading these comments, but seriously, Perez - this is not cool.

    This type of situation is hard on families. Monetary divides like this are often complicated matters. Some people might say well why doesn't Beyonce just help them? Some people might say Beyonce doesn't owe them anything. But NO ONE fully understands the complexities of the situation unless you're actually in it. All that could possibly stem from this situation is a bunch of strangers harassing Beyonce and saying thoughtless, mean things to her.. and trust me, when it comes to matters of family, these mean things sting deep.

    While I appreciate the fact that the blog post is fairly neutral, don't you think you owe Beyonce the right to keep these kinds of complex family matters private? This is the exact reason why stars don't like paparazzi.. like, report on her album success, her concerts, her charity work (does she do charity work? I don't know).. her relationship… but keep her family out of the tabloids. It's just no one's business.

  7. joshua says – reply to this


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  8. Mike says – reply to this


    I think the person who needs to step up to the plate for HIS son is Matthew, and the mother….this is their doing…this kid is going through something thousands of kids go through, and I hope they can keep out of those hard situations. Perez, how unfair is that, to put Beyoncé in the middle of this because she has money. Not fair, Beyoncé will do what she can, but Beyoncé is not an ATM.

  9. Salla says – reply to this


    i think not matter how busy you are, you can be the queen of England for all i care you should help the child out even if you have a rift between your dad its not the child fault it was born in that situation don't blame him. i just hope that Beyonce is not abandoning them on purpose i would lose a lot of respect for her if so. you don't have to be bff with the mother but at least try to build a relationship with boy.

  10. Lop lop says – reply to this


    How is this Beyoncé responsibility.

  11. YonceHasASisterToo says – reply to this


    the woman that has BEEN talking shit about Beyonce not wanting to meet "Her Brother?"
    its just like Lindsay Lohans situation with her dad. She doesn't want anything to do with "Those People" he has a different life with. A grown woman is not gonna have any emotional ties to a separate family their dad decides to start up. It sucks but beyonce doesn't owe them a thing. THE FATHER DOES
    and last time I checked Beyonce had a sister Solange, so why are shots only being fired at One of Mathews older kids?? THIRST is the reason.

  12. Jessica says – reply to this


    I feel bad for the 4 year old only because his mother can not manage her money and let depending on someone else fame be her only source of income. She is too blame. There is no reason for her not to have been saving money or have a job. She sounds like a gold digger and like she is using her sons relation to beyonce to get money. She should have been saving that 12,000 a month instead of trying to live like a celebrity.

  13. venneza says – reply to this


    GET a job woman!

  14. me says – reply to this


    Please i make that much money a month and me and my daughter are just fine no man or welfar. Get a job take care of ur responsibility. That man pays his c/s. He shouldnt have to do anymore but be a father to him. What did she do with all that money before. And y the hell is she goin after beyonce. Its not her job to take care of the kid. All that lady thought about was money when she did what she did. Grow up

  15. glowy says – reply to this


    What ever beyonce decides to do is her business…check out my shoe blog..

  16. ThirstyThursday says – reply to this


    if i didn't know any better…I'd think Solange was non existent. Why does this woman only call out Bey??

  17. vida says – reply to this


    Well beyonce if I were u I would help out y cuz u goddam rich who gives a flying fuck who ur daddy fucked…hes ur brother help out or at least take custody it wont hurt u or make u look bad u might even get richer

  18. 18

    I make a little less than she does and while it is hard I manage to do just fine, however I am a single senior so probably eat and spend a bit less than a two person household. Just paid my rent, $850 for a 1br in a security building with an elevator and secure parking garage.
    She needs to start looking in some nice working class neighborhoods and she can probably find something affordable. Try and find one with rent control, my rent has not been raised in almost 5 years.

  19. momof2gurlz says – reply to this


    I know I might sound harsh and for that I do apologize. However, that 4 year old is the result of her father's poor decision making, not Beyoncé brother that she grew up with or raised. For that child's mother to publicly call out Beyoncé is shameful. Last I checked, I believe the mother is allowed to work to provide for the child she chose to have. I have been a single mother for years and blame no one and look for no handouts. I don't receive child support and still provide for my children. I can attest it is not impossible. I just can't comprehend the mentality of that woman thinking that it is Beyoncé's responsibility to provide for her child.

  20. momof2gurlz says – reply to this


    And for those of you blasting Bey to "step up"
    How about this scenario…..
    Your dad treats your mom like crap, is unfaithful, eventually has a child with another woman, and because he was man enough to @&#! but not man enough to provide and that kids pathetic mother can't get off her ass to support herself or HER child, people expect YOU to step in and save them simply because you have money. Ha ha ha. That's some shi.

  21. amjxray says – reply to this


    This sad situation has nothing to do with Beyonce. The mother thinking she has a rich baby daddy and family is at fault. Seems like she was living on a $12,000 handout for quite some time and still expects a handout. If she truly cared for her son she would be self sufficient and not be the kind of woman who depends on a handout from a "man". Obviously that $$ she received wasnt tucked away in a trust or for a rainy day…no sympathy for her. I feel sorry for her poor son who deserves better.

  22. bunnyluv says – reply to this


    Re: ThirstyThursday – Amen! Clearly she is only after money.

  23. Lin says – reply to this


    This is Dads problem NOT his older daughters! How stupid is this. Seriously AND if I got 12,000 a month in child support HOLY HELL! We would be living the dream LOL.. I get 396 a month for two kids!!! Get real.. Not even a celebrity but oh man if we can try to associate our selves we will!

  24. Yesibaby says – reply to this


    Re: Kasssidy – My thoughts exactly!!

  25. ShaunAnthon says – reply to this


    1 thing has always stood out to me when there are reports of this woman, it's always beyonce this or beyonce that, when will it ever be Solange this? Desperation and money digging much!!!

  26. 26

    This has nothing to do with Beyonce!!! It is not her responsibility to take care of this woman who broke up her parents marriage. It is the responsibility of her cheating daddy. This woman probably thought she would be set for life once she had a baby by Beyonce's dad. Beyonce and her dad are two separate people. NOT her responsibility. She owe's this woman nothing!! As harsh as it may sound, she doesn't owe the child anything either!!!

  27. Teresa Andrews says – reply to this


    Re: TRAYVONS CORPSE – Fuck you, you ugly, ignorant moron.

  28. britbrat says – reply to this



  29. britbrat says – reply to this


    Hey its not Beys baby its matthews.. that is his responsibility. . Bey is not the only other knowles eiether..praying for the baby.. mommy needs a job duh what r u waiting for?..

  30. mel says – reply to this


    its NOT beyonce's problem its HER DAD'S he should be ashamed should have NEVER MADE A KID HE COULDNT TAKE CARE OF PERIOD!!! HER DAD IS A LAME-O typical dumb guy behavior had the wife the kids the money and still not happy! HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! $2400 A MONTH nothing compared to what he has saved for himself! rent In a decent aka safe part of la is $1900 so yea $2400 IS NOTHING thats NOTHING when u know he made millions of destinys child and beyonces solo career as being her manager

  31. 31

    Re: turanga – (post #6) I have to agree with absolutely everything you said. Re: Salla – (post #11) even though I absolutely agree with "turanga", I personally being in a position Beyonce found herself would help the little tot (if he was my half-brother). Perhaps appointing someone to manage the finances I was providing for the little boy where his mommy or deadbeat daddy can't lay their paws on it. It's not that the boy is guilty of any of the crap his family is entangled in. He is innocent.
    Yes, Beyonce doesn't owe them anything, but I think she does have a heart and a few dollars a month to help her little brother wouldn't make any dent on her wealth. Heck! She probably wouldn't even notice anything was missing! So, in this case, she should set her principles aside, and make her own brother a "charity" if that's where she like to send checks to.

  32. 32

    Re: teeter totter – (post #20) Totally! Awesome advice!
    I think the boy should be able to grow without all this money problem drama. He is 4 years old. All he cares about is one little toy to play with that's all his own, a roof over his head and a warm bed to snuggle in over night, and a little bit of plain food to fill his tiny tummy so he is not hungry. The love that his mom or even half-sister can offer to him will be to this poor kid like an icing on a cake which he actually can eat! He doesn't care whether he lives in a mansion, wears designer clothes, or has 350 toys in a huge toy room. But he needs love and security, which is denied to him because of the war of "principles" and greed on the part of his half-sis and mom; I just don't even bother to mention other adults involved.

  33. Nijliej says – reply to this


    Re: turanga – The woman is the one who reached out to the media and did an interview in Intouch magazine… That's not keeping it private either if you ask me

  34. Nijliej says – reply to this


    what I don't get from this post is that the woman only talks about Beyonce… She aint the only one in that family. It makes me feel like the only thing she is out for is money and since Bey earns the most she is talking about her. But I haven't read the whole interview so I can't say if thats the case. But it feels cheap to me to ask for help and/or money throughout an interview in a gossip magazine…. I could be wrong but thats what it looks like to me

  35. I.C says – reply to this


    How about getting a JOB? just because Beyonce is famous doesn't mean she is responsible to raise your child! however, I bet having 144K a year without doing a thing is a pretty was life, now you only get 2.4k still without doing a thing… tough life!

  36. aria says – reply to this


    I can't see how that's her problem.

  37. Maplewoody says – reply to this


    That girl needs to get a JOB like the millions of us!

  38. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Beyoncé is not responsible for her father's infidelity.

  39. stacy says – reply to this


    Re: Salla – first off the only people that should be responsible for the child is their parents second off if Beyonce was not successful and rich she would not be in this position and finally she was receiving 12 thousand dollars in child support a month thats equivalent to 4 months dollars per week if she choose to be irresponsible and use all her money on martial items i really don't think she is in the position to blame Beyonce for anything!

  40. waxxy says – reply to this


    This woman should just get a job what if Beyonce was not the step sister then what? their a lot of single moms out their working day in and out to provide for their children. She needs to grow up and stop acting like the victim.

  41. HalPint says – reply to this


    Seriously people! This is not Beyonce's problem! Just because she has money does not mean she is a cash register for some chick that screwed her father (while he was married, BTW). It's HIS problem, not Beyonce's! She has better thangs to do with her money so STOP including her in reports about her father's child as if she should "do something". It's BS!

  42. No Name says – reply to this


    This what happens when you sleep with a MARRIED MAN! Karma! It does not pay to do this ladies. Now not only is she paying for her dirty deed, her child is caught in the middle. Her being homeless and broke has nothing to do with the Knowles' family. She made the decision to continue in that relationship thinking she was going to get something out of it. Just because he chose to mess up his marriage, she did not have to participate. She should have thought better of herself. She did not know her self worth.

  43. Turanga says – reply to this


    Re: Nijliej – grr! This is true. I hate tabloids that would jump on this story. "SHAAAME ON BEYONCE FOR NOT JUST BAAILLIN THEM OUT" well then why don't we just.. shame every other rich person for not bailing all the poor people out. I hate to say it, welcome to capitalism. There are poor people, there are rich people.. and while I help people the best I can when I have it to give, the reality is that there is nothing wrong with being poor and absolutely NOTHING wrong with having to work hard to make things better. In fact, it builds character and you appreciate everything more when you work hard for it. Yeah, this family is probably like… oh man, we just blew through all this money how do we make more… being accustomed to the lifestyle that money provided. But wouldn't you just thank your blessings that you had that fortune and move on back to reality? You gotta work to provide, or go on social assistance I guess if you can't for whatever reason… money doesn't fall from trees.

  44. 44

    The one who suffers in this game is the little boy. His mom is playing around and obviously not being smart about spending the $s she did get. The child support change was "retroactive", so she probably is not getting $s for awhile if he already paid out any of his $12k payments. You would think she would have SAVED $s!
    This is not Beyoncé's fault or problem. She is putting it on her because she knows B has $s when her dad no longer does. She is trying to guilt trip B. I am not a Beyoncé fan, but it is wrong to drag her into this. This situation is not like her dad divorced her mom, got remarried and had a kid. He had an affair that produced the child. Yes, technically it is her step-brother, but of course the Knowles family does not acknowledge him under the circumstances. Poor kid.

  45. Blah says – reply to this


    She is not getting the 2400 a month… She will not be getting anything, right now she owes the father basically for the over amount that he was paying. She won't get a penny until that is over with.

  46. Cheap Queen says – reply to this


    She can afford it, she's worth several hundred million..

  47. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    WHORES JUSTICE!! If you can't afford kids, don't have unprotected sex with a jobless married man.. idiot!

  48. Jezabelzebuth says – reply to this


    Re: kikikiwi – I'm a bit confused.. Do you say this to all the poor, unemployed women from the third world?

  49. Shhh says – reply to this


    Re: vida – Honey, brush up on your grammar and then come back and comment.

    K byeeeee

  50. Please says – reply to this


    I make a hell of a lot less than she has been given (not earned has been given, she should also me working to make her own money), yet I still manage to pay my bills, pay my mortgage and make sure my child always has food and clothing and shelter. She is just being a irresponsible parent. If you aren't willing to put your child's needs before your own you should not have children

  51. ms.p says – reply to this


    I don't feel sorry for home wreckers even though matthew Knowles played a big part n I will say I don't like whore monger men either the only victim is this boy she brought into the world for a meal ticket

  52. ms.p says – reply to this


    and further more Perez its not Beyoncé problem. i'm sure they are still feeling the pain of what their family went thru… the embarrassment of your dad doing such a thing in the public eye and then you turn around and say she should pay money are you kidding me. that girl needs to get her tail up and work i'm sure she got paid for those pictures she took for the magazine there goes some money right there

  53. Mike says – reply to this


    It is obvious this woman has no self worth….first sleeping with a married man, and now pimping out her son to get out of her money issues…and publicly going to a magazine and calling out Beyonce, who I know has a good heart and will do anything for her family, but how can you help out, when the reason your parents split is because of that woman. It is a hard postion for Beyonce and her half-brother to be in. So sad that adults can't just resolve these issues on their own. It is so unfair to Beyonce and the little boy, Matthew and the mother need to be adults and work it out. If I were Matthew, as uncomfortable as it may be, I would ask them to live with Matthew. Be a man, step up.

  54. Joel says – reply to this


    What a great role model for Julis (Solange's son), Blue, and his son….teaching them that a man does not have to step up to the plate….and that all you have to do to get some money is ask for some attention using your celebrity status….how sad. Shame on them.

  55. cc says – reply to this


    Ummm why should she have to give that woman anything. She didn't have that baby, and she didn't tell that woman to sleep with a married man. $12,000 a month tax free, how is she broke? See this is what happens when ppl do fucked up shit to get ahead in life. If anything I feel sorry for the little boy because his mama is using him like a paycheck. Well I guess she has tob like most single mothers. Get a job and stop using your kid to "live that life" beyounce doesn't owe this haffa anything.

  56. Key says – reply to this


    And why is this Beyoncé's problem? She did NOT lay down and create life with this woman. This lady clearly went into this whole affair with the intentions of getting some of Bey's dinero… SMH She really needs to stop making mention of Beyoncé who may feel very betrayed by her father and focus on getting help from her baby daddy. Please have several seats ma'am in front of a computer and find a job. $2400 is enough to provide for the child.

  57. @v@ says – reply to this


    The mom needs to step up herself. It's not Bey's child. Where's the baby's father? He's one who also needs to step up. He co-created this child. He can't have blown through it all. Where is the baby momma's family? Then there's the father's birth family separate from Bey and her mom. This sounds like a possible play for cashola.

  58. fafa says – reply to this


    she can do something, she got the money, moral it's something that nobody carers about, she never should fired her father in first place, he raised her !!! she knows the situation, no inocence here !

  59. Ashleigh Smith says – reply to this


    Re: Salla – Shouldn't that little boys mother get a job or go to college?. Or is she all of a sudden too good for that?. Have that thought ever a curd to you?.

  60. Ashleigh Smith says – reply to this


    Yeah I guess Solange dosent exist anymore?. She only called out Beyoncé. SMH.

  61. Windy Cat says – reply to this


    How is this Beyonce's responsibility??? I don't give a damn HOW MUCH Beyonce has…she did not bring that little boy into the world under THOSE conditions! Her dad better MAN UP and start supporting that little boy even if it means that he has to raise him. Now how about THAT???? Hell, Beyonce is NOT an ATM. Her father made this mess…clean it up. Sorry but true story!!

  62. mrs.breeding says – reply to this


    Beyonce don't owe her nor should she give her anything that bitch had an sexual relationship withva married man she was getting 12 thousand a month 3 years that's over 400 thousand wtf is her problem I can't even front I could care less about the fact she have a kid cause she clearly was not saving that money she needs to be a women she wanted to lay down ohhhhing and ahhhing and now she's going to be homeless cry me a rivet if I was Beyonce I woilild rather flush the money down the toilet and he need to know hos sister what about solonge you Petty nasty gold digging bitch just mad cause they got millions and she a poor botch who used her baby like a lottery ticket and Beyonce don't have to welcome that boy in her life her mom did not have him who the hell told this nasty bitch that #teambeyoncealltheway that Alyssa bitch need to get a JOB DUMB BITCH AND BEYONCE NOT GIVING YOU NOTHING BYE IRRELVANT ASS HOE

  63. 63

    $2400 a month is enough for a small apartment, and I'm sure she is more than able to look for employment. I like how all she does is try to put this all on beyonce and in so many words is calling out beyonce in public so she'll have no choice but to help, or face the public's backlash. By the way, he has TWO half Sisters. However that was clever to only call out the more famous one, rather than also mention Solange. Thirsty ass people. Lady, take your 2400 a month and find yourself a job and an apartment. People do it every day. Say what you want about me but I'm NOT saying I don't feel bad for her because they're going to a homeless shelter. I'm saying that with that amount of money a month, she isn't exactly destitute and in need of going to a shelter. I think if anything, Bey should get her an apartment and then let her work with what she's got.

  64. jaded says – reply to this


    You know what would happen to that money if Beyonce did give it to her "half-brother?" Hint, it wouldn't be going to the kid. I do feel bad for the boy but what is Beyonce expected to do Perez, support him for the rest of his life? Or should I say, support his mother for the rest of HER life?

  65. Mell says – reply to this


    Re: Lop lop
    I totally disagree. There is not reason that this woman can't get a job. I can't believe people have the audacity to think Bey should pay one red cent to this woman. Why don't you send her some money? Or why not ask Donald Trump to send her some cash? Because they are just as responsible for helping this woman as Bey is… which NOT AT ALL. I won't respect her any less if she doesn't give this woman any money. This woman made a choice and she had to live with it and come up with a solution, pure and simple.

  66. rere702 says – reply to this


    Family is family…. with all her millions there should be no reason anyone in her family should be without. People get rich and forget where they come from. That's not cool. It's not Beyonce's fault but there's still no reason she shouldn't help come on putting them in a cool apartment will cost less than one of her dresses.

  67. netty says – reply to this


    Re: Bella2u2

    "greedy sister" umm….last I checked Beyoncé didn't knock this heffa up! She made the decision to have an affair with a married man. She thought that she was going to get $$$$$ but karma is a *itch! Child support takes both parents financial background into consideration. 12k a month is 1/2 of what some people make a year! If she got a job an lived within her means, she would be A -O-K!! Homewrecker just wants to keep up with the Jonses! I feel bad for this poor kid, but it's not Beyoncé's problem. That's absurd!

  68. Netty says – reply to this


    Re: Key – LMAO @ have a seat in front of a computer! Very well said! Amen! haha!

  69. 69

    Re: netty – (post #69) I am sorry. I should have written the word "respectfully" (in order of appearance) "But he needs love and security, which is denied to him because of the war of "principles" and greed on the part of his half-sis and mom; I just don't even bother to mention other adults involved." The "greed" was meant to label the mom of the boy. Beyonce is just stubborn. Once again, sorry for not being clear about that. I was in a hurry to spew my disappointment in adult behaviour in which this little boy is involved.

  70. ChaCha says – reply to this


    ARE YOU SERIOUS? SHE BLEW CLOSE TO $576,000 IN FOUR YEARS AND NOW SHE WANTS HELP FROM A WOMAN SHE HAS NEVER MET AND WHOSE LIFE SHE TURNED UPSIDE DOWN? Most single mothers won't even see that amount in their life times. She has absolutely no right to drag Beyonce's name into the mess when she helped break up Beyonce's family. This woman and her brother keep throwing shade at the Knowles family through the media so where the hell is her brother now when she claims she no longer has the funds for rent. I don't see her bringing any of their names into the conversation nor do I see them stepping in. She's a gold digger and using the fact that she opened up her legs to a married man as a way to gain access to Beyonce's money. This woman needs to stop all her non sense and re-evaluate the choices she made in life that got her to this point.

  71. shebmoore says – reply to this


    Why is Beyonce responsible for this jumpoffs situation? She could have easily sold this story to one of the tabloids… Better yet, she was just dating a celebrity from one of the reality fitness shows… Why didn't he help her? Beyonce owes this woman and her child nothing. She laid down thinking she was going to get a ticket to an easy life… Sorry!!!

  72. LLY says – reply to this


    Beyonce doesn't owe her a penny. Why was she sleeping with a married man? She needs to get a JOB and move in to an affordable apartment. SMH

  73. Minique says – reply to this


    Re: Jessica – Soo true. I never thought about it that way. She surely ain't crying for him to know Solange. She needs to get kicked like a bad habit. Looking for Beyonce to make her somebody. If B wants to rare another child, her and Jay Z would go and have another one. Now poof be gone lil mistress.

  74. kendally says – reply to this


    beyonce shouldn lift one fingerr. its not her mother, and its that womans effin problem if she didnt save when she was gettin 12,000.
    she should learn to work nd work hard. what does she expect, to live of beyonce

  75. lol says – reply to this


    why should beyonce care about the mother yeh i get that she would care about her brother but seriously that other woman is taking the piss maybe she should have left a good marridge alone and kept her legs closed

  76. 76

    Sounds like the gravy train ended for her. $2400. a month is enough money to live on…..also, she can always get a job like real people. What a bitch!

  77. landon says – reply to this


    Let me see-sleep with my father who is married to my mother and come up with a baby. That's you and daddy's problem.

  78. landon says – reply to this


    Re: Bella2u2 – She and her father disrespected her mother. Give them nothing.

  79. Mike says – reply to this


    She should have had a job THE WHOLE TIME!! Thats what is wrong with the child support system, often the paying parent is blatantly over-charged and the parent with the kid just lives and parties on the money. I've seen it a million times out here in the real world.

    The money should be accounted for, showing HOW it was spent ON THE CHILD and the custodial parent should be working, just like every OTHER parent out here in the world has to work! If it doesn't cost as much to take care of the child then the money should be adjusted, or put into an escrow account for years (todfler/teen/whatever) when needed and when the kid grows up the remainder can be given back to the parent or shifted to a trust fund if the parent wishes.

    $12,000 a month for child support is crazy, hell $2400 is crazy too, it does NOT cost that much extra to feed/house one extra mouth, the ONLY possible exception being child-care while the parent is at work! Me and my wife together dont make 12k a month (well, we dont live in Cali where costs/income are inflated compared to other states either), we make a good bit less and we live very comfortably, eat out often, buy toys/things when we want.
    If shes still getting 2400 a month she could easily move to a state/location where the cost of living is lower and get by just fine till she found a job to improve things.