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Courtney Love Talks Reuniting With Frances Bean Cobain! Will The Reconciliation Last???

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courtney love wants to reunite with frances bean cobain will the reconciliation happen

These two have had a very love-hate relationship with each other, but this momma wants to make it all love!

Well, so far so good!

Courtney Love recently had an interview where she talked about her relationship with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain, and how they're getting on these days.

She also talks about how it felt when these two were very publicly apart!

Here's what she said about the before and after:

“It was a really dark public humiliation. My own kid. Not fun. But without getting into her personal life, which she’s very private about, she saw people being dishonest and craven, and she eventually came back and said I need my mom. She inherited my big mouth and her dad’s temperament. She’s not someone who should be in the public eye, at this point. I’m glad she didn’t do all the kind of things she was offered because of her beauty and provenance, like to be in Twilight at 15. What she really needs, at this point in her life, is the next level of education.”

Sounds like a pretty good plan!

We have a feeling Frances will excel at school wherever she goes, if she decides to go.

Courtney also talked about how hard it's been since the death of her late husband Kurt Cobain, but also how much harder it's been on her daughter. She said:

“It’s hard for me, but I think it’s much harder for Frances. She has no memories of her father. Not one. So that sucks.”

We know it does. But we have a feeling that wherever Kurt is, he's super proud of his baby girl!

It's hard for anyone not to be! She's really grown into her own!

And somehow, in someway, Courtney Love did have a part in that!

[Image via HNW/iPhoto/WENN & Image via Twitter.]

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12 comments to “Courtney Love Talks Reuniting With Frances Bean Cobain! Will The Reconciliation Last???”

  1. Me says – reply to this


    Stay away Frances. That beeotch killed your father!

  2. CourtneySucks says – reply to this



  3. Bette says – reply to this


    Re: MeRe: CourtneySucks – I agree with you both. Courtney had Kurt killed to inherit his hundreds of millions of dollars before he could divorce her. She had signed a prenup and would've been cut off financially - money is, and has always been, the biggest motive for murder. Everyone should visit the "justiceforkurt" or "cobaincase" websites to research the evidence, and Frances should maintain her restraining order and stay far away from that sociopathic deludanoid.

  4. Emily says – reply to this


    Shut up, both of you, there's no proof that Courtney got Kurt killed.

  5. Bette says – reply to this


    Re: Emily – Wow, you clearly haven't researched the circumstances surrounding Kurt's death at all! Try looking at the evidence against her and shutting up yourself before insulting those who are educated regarding the case and know exactly what she done.

  6. ChainsawHandz says – reply to this


    Re: Bette

    LOL @ your armchair internet "research." If you're so convinced that justice was not done, then get your Law degree, and convince a jury.

  7. Bette says – reply to this


    Re: ChainsawHandz – LOL @ your pathetic ignorance!
    The research regarding this case came from Tom Grant, the private investigator Courtney hired to find Kurt before he died. She lied to him from the beginning and continued to do so at every turn, so after 8 months of investigating, he publicly accused her and Michael Dewitt of murdering Kurt so she could inherit his money. Try looking at the facts on his websites before acting like a child out of their playpen.
    Oh - and while you're at it - perhaps you can explain why Courtney has never sued Tom, despite his accusations for the past twenty years? She takes legal action against anyone for the slightest disrespect, yet he calls her a murderer and nothing? She told him that Kurt's death would make her rich and famous and be "good publicity" for her. SHE DID IT.

  8. You says – reply to this



  9. Lauryn says – reply to this


    as if she is off drugs. she did kill Kurt! And left Frances without her father! how does she live with herself? she is a Murderer!

  10. 10

    Courtney is a useless user. She will never have anything of value. She killed her husband, she estranged her daughter, she killed herself. Now the letter found in Curt's pocket will prove how awful a person Courtney love is. Stay away Frances. Hold on to your dignity and love yourself. You will only hurt with Courtney.

  11. FUCK YOU says – reply to this



  12. Emily is a dumb bitch says – reply to this


    Re: Emily – Actually, you fucking retarded imbecile, there is. Try taking Courtney's dick out of your mouth and doing some research fuck-knuckle.