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Homeless Mother's POWERFUL Mug Shot Captures People's Hearts! She Gets $88,000 From Folks Who Want Her To Get Her Kids Back!!

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mothers powerful mug shot captures peeps hearts shes 88000 from folks who want mom to get her kids back

Kind of a catch-22 situation for this woman at the time.

A 35-year-old mother named Shanesha Taylor was homeless with two children - a 6-month-old and a 2-year-old - when she had a job interview on March 21st.

Obviously the mommy couldn't afford a babysitter, and had to leave her kids in her car for about 45 minutes.

Well, when some saw two children in a car parked under the hot sun with the doors closed and the windows only cracked, they thought something must be wrong and called the police.

The Arizona police subsequently arrived and arrested Shanesha, and took her kids away from her. Something which deeply hurt her — especially since she didn't land the job.

Even the police felt bad when they originally arrested her. Here's what Scottsdale Police Sergeant Mark Clark said at the time:

"She was upset. This is a sad situation all around. She said she was homeless. She needed the job. Obviously not getting the job. So it's just a sad situation."

Shanesha's mug shot featured the mother visibly and deeply upset, and that photo has caused support to rain down from across the country!

Someone started a charity fund-raising site set up for her on her behalf. The momma has raised over $88,000 since it appeared online — which is about $6,200 per day!!!

Although police placed her children in Child Protective Services after the arrest, something which happened because Shanesha was charged and booked for child abuse, the donation website has since proclaimed her children are with family now.

The money was supposed to only cover Shanesha's $9,000 bail money, but since the money has obviously exceeded that amount - the homeless momma is hoping to use the dough to enrich her kids' lives!

And it's all thanks to that mug shot! Here's what Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Brian Smith said:

"It's an extremely powerful photograph, one of the most striking booking mugs I've ever seen."

Here's what Shanesha Taylor said on the YouCaring website recently:

"Thank you to all who love and support me. I am home and safe… I appreciate everyone who felt move(d) enough to help a complete stranger."

Who knew that getting arrested could ever lead to such amazing changes in your life?!

[Image via YouCaring.]

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25 comments to “Homeless Mother's POWERFUL Mug Shot Captures People's Hearts! She Gets $88,000 From Folks Who Want Her To Get Her Kids Back!!”

  1. Theresa says – reply to this


    She really should have brought her young children into the interview with her. There is no excuse for leaving children THAT young in a vehicle alone. Ever.

  2. 2

    It's a lesson in what is wrong with our society. We do very little to help the poor and homeless, and we do far too much to keep them down and to even punish them for their poverty.

    If you don't go get the job, you are considered a leech on society, if you do and have to bring your kids along, you wont get the job, and if you leave them in the car it is child abuse. It is one of MANY no win scenarios we create for the poor.

    People don't like to admit it, but all too often WE create the monsters and criminals of our society (NOT saying this woman is either). We love to kick people when they are down, and HATE to help anyone up on their feet again.

  3. 3

    Re: Lady Amalthea – AGREED!!! i COULDNT HAVE SAID IT BETTER!

  4. mzzz tsss ShUp! says – reply to this


    Re: Theresa – U cold-hearted!

  5. Whatever says – reply to this


    Yes I applaud her for trying to turn her life around and get a job and I hope she does. But there is NEVER EVER an excuse to leave your children in a hot car for that long. Perez if it were any other situation you would be bashing the parent for doing the same thing.

  6. nunya says – reply to this


    Arizona privides FREE Daycare to Homeless/Low income parents. No excuse for leaving babies ALONE in this HEAT. It KILLS. Its called Acountability.

  7. 7

    Re: Theresa – She really should have been more responsible than allowing herself to get knocked up two times within two years.

  8. 8

    Re: Lady Amalthea – Why should we go to all the effort of helping those who refuse to help themselves?f Where's the personal responsibility? This woman had not one but TWO children she obviously couldn't afford. I might have been able to let one pass as an accident but TWO within two years?!?! Birth control is free at Planned Parenthood and if you don't live near one then you can guarantee you don't end up with children you can't afford by just simply keeping your legs closed.

    If she had kept her legs closed she may have gotten the job and saved enough money to get a place of her own and become a contributing member of society. I have a real hard time helping those people who refuse to learn from their mistakes and continue to make terrible decisions.

  9. 9

    Re: ToleratingYou

    You act as if you know her WHOLE life story just from the tiny bit of information we have been given. How do you know she was poor when she had her children? Just because someone is poor/homeless now doesn't mean they have always been that way. That is your first mistake, assuming to know something you can't possibly know.

    Furthermore, nobody is perfect. Don't pretend you have never made a mistake, but I BET someone was there to help you if you needed it regardless of the fact that you are not perfect. The difference is that clearly she doesn't HAVE people to be there for her.

    The mere fact that she was trying to get a job SHOWS that she WAS trying to help herself. If she was someone who didn't want to do better for herself she wouldn't have bothered trying to get a job in the first place. But you glossed over that fact, because your more interested in judging people and condemning them than helping them.

    You are exactly the kind of person I was referring to in my previous post. I truly hope you never find YOURSELF in a situation where you are struggling suddenly, and turn around to see everyone abandon YOU.

    It must be nice living so high up on your pedestal.

  10. lissafaith says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Amalthea – You are EXACTLY right! No one - certainly not those of us reading this sad story - know at all what's exactly happened to this woman, and these judgmental posters have no clue of the backstory of this woman. Though I don't agree with her leaving the kids in the car, I do understand the dilemma she found herself in and the "catch-22" of trying to find a job while homeless, no day care, etc. I'm glad her kids are all right, that she is all right, and again - you were right on the money.

  11. 11

    Re: lissafaith – I'm certainly not in support of leaving your children in cars either. I think it is wonderful though that there were people that cared enough to raise that money for her, and I hope she can use it to turn her situation around for her and her kids, so that she never ends up in that situation again.

  12. Reds says – reply to this


    It scares me that she lacked good judgement and left children that young in a car. Let's stop and think if the story turned into the children dying in the car or being abducted. I'm sure she wasn't on a job interview for a job where it would have been unacceptable to bring the children in with her. It would have made me give her the job a lot quicker to see that she had two small children depending on her. I am very happy the kids are ok and that people are reacting positively and sending her money

  13. Monstro says – reply to this


    Prime example of what it means when someone says, "God works in mysterious ways".

  14. KC says – reply to this


    " I might have been able to let one pass"
    You might have let one pass? And who are you supposed to be? Looks like people have been letting your arrogance and stupidity pass for years.

  15. phyl says – reply to this


    I'm not trying to be mean, but if she is homeless, how is she home and safe?

  16. Rea says – reply to this


    I think it's great that she is trying to turn her life around and find a job. But the fact of the matter is that she could have probably left her kids in the waiting room or even brought them in with her, instead of leaving them in the car. Sje probably would have gotten more sympathy from the employer. She deserved to be arrested because that is child endangerment. Although she does not need to be praised for her actions it's lovely that people want to help her out in this difficult situation but there is no need to glorify her. It will only try to insinuate that if another homeless mother tries to one up her story they might get even more money from the public.

  17. *** says – reply to this


    Re: ToleratingYou
    Where in the world do you get the implication that she’s refusing to help herself? I would think going on a job interview is just one way of trying to do such. While I don’t agree with her leaving her kids unattended, it’s not up to you to morale police people and their sexual activities, but let’s just hope for the sake of humanity and that you don’t or can’t breed

  18. Jackie says – reply to this


    I would feel better if the car was parked under shade and the windows were a little more open..but just do you know to the people judging,you can become homeless at anytime in your life no matter who you are..you could be rich one day and then poor the next.you don't know the whole story and neither do I which I why I don't judge

  19. Magut248 says – reply to this


    The article stated that the children were placed with family meaning that there was available support that she wasn't utilizing. If she had attempted to use this help to care for the children while she went to interview she wouldn't have found herself charged with child endangerment. The problem with people is that they take stupid risks that affect the people around them with no thought as to the consequences. She should be held accountable because she did place her children at risk for harm. Period. She shouldn't be rewarded with free money. If people wanted to help they would offer her a job so she can make her own money. At this point society is awarding her for bad behavior.

  20. Kim says – reply to this


    Re: Theresa – well if I was lookin to hire someone and they brought their kids to an interview I would find that terribly unproffessional i think she did the right thing. the windows were open enough so they could get but not enough so that anything dangerous could happen. americans are just busy bodies. things are not always the way they appear.

  21. Loving D new tax codes says – reply to this


    she's national treasure lets reward her

  22. Her says – reply to this


    Re: Magut248 – Maybe all of her family was working during the time of the interview and had no way of taking off without risking their own jobs.

    We don't know her whole story. I do know the desperate feeling of being close to losing my home, having a job interview and no one to watch the baby. I was very lucky to find the neighbor of a family friend who was available for a couple of hours. This woman wasn't. Unless you have lived her life, you can't know exactly what she was going through. No one can.

  23. Glamslinky says – reply to this


    So she gets $88,000.00 for leaving her children in a HOT car, and not bringing them inside? Makes sense.

  24. Glamslinky says – reply to this


    Re: Glamslinky – Okay…I hear the "me-me-me" in your comment, but what about "them"? Children in a car with the windows rolled up, in the Arizona HEAT? C'mon.


  25. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Magut248 – Or that she has family out of state (or quite some distance away) that were contacted after the arrest..