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Just Awful! An 11-Year-Old Girl Was Shot And Killed By Her 2-Year-Old Brother!

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just awful an 11 year old girl was shot and killed by her 2 year old brother

Just a nightmare.

An 11-year-old girl from Philadelphia was accidentally shot and killed by her two-year-old brother in their family home.

Jamara Stevens and her baby brother were alone in the room on Saturday when the tragic event happened. Police believe the handgun was left in reach of the baby by the mother's boyfriend. The mother Tiffany Goldwire had gone to the bathroom when she heard the shot fired.

Shockingly, it is believed the gun was cocked and ready to fire. The 2-year-old picked up the gun, and pointed it in his sister's direction - the .357 caliber handgun then went off and hit Jamara in her arm.

Investigators believe the bullet went through her arm into her chest, and struck her heart. Police attempted to bring her to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but by the time she arrived - she was pronounced dead.

Investigators later determined it was the two-year-old brother who shot her by finding gun powder and a burn mark on the young child's hand.

Our condolences to Jamara's grieving family. This definitely seems like it was an avoidable accident, but an accident nonetheless. Still, that gun should've never been in reach of the extremely young child in the first place.

So sad.

Get more information about this tragic story (below).

[Image via NBC Philadelphia.]

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3 comments to “Just Awful! An 11-Year-Old Girl Was Shot And Killed By Her 2-Year-Old Brother!”

  1. bfg666 says – reply to this


    If only these too numerous tragedies would knock some sense into the thick skulls of 'Muricans on the subject of gun proliferation…

  2. Adi says – reply to this


    How can American government & people be so crazy . Why can't they ban the gun use ?

  3. beth says – reply to this


    The mother and boyfriend should be sent to jail for this. Just disgusting.