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Family Finds Racist White Supremacist Easter Eggs In Their Front Yard!

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family finds racist easter eggs in their yard

Is it just us or are people striving to be as offensive as possible these days?!

In the Henrico County area of Virginia, people had some surprising Easter eggs pop up in their lawns.

RACIST Easter eggs!

The Smiths were having their usual Easter egg hunt, when their three-year-old son brought them an egg that had a startling message in it (above)!

Daddy Brandon Smith then went around the neighborhood, telling people about the eggs so that their children wouldn’t run across them too!

It’s still hard to believe that there are people out there who, in an educated society, would rather spread hate and segregation than love, and especially on a holiday!

Ch-ch-check out their entire story (below)!

ABC 8NEWS - WRIC | Richmond, Virginia News

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12 comments to “Family Finds Racist White Supremacist Easter Eggs In Their Front Yard!”

  1. The forward motion says – reply to this


    Diversity is beautiful (my sex life is proof of that) but the lowest homicide rate states and cities also seem to be the ones that are the least diverse. Thats a sad statistical observation. Whites are more likely to be victims of crime and violence in diverse cities and towns than in white ones. So i understand what they are thinking BUT…. blacks in africa proved that lack of diversity doesn't automatically equal peace and tranquility. The less diverse an african town is…. the more violent and dangerous it is. Diverse places like nairobi tend to be somewhat safer. Diversity is something africa needs more of. And black governments need to open their doors to non black participants. Pictures of african governmental bodies shouldnt contain 100% black faces. African governments shouldnt be 'all black". They should be diverse. But lets not forget there actually IS potential genocide against whites looming in Zimbabwe. Its being watched closely by watchdogs. Crimes against white zimbabweans doesnt make the western news like but eastern eggs do.

  2. 2

    Re: The forward motion – And the one common element, where there are blacks, there's violence.

  3. saly says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog
    And where there are idiots like you, there's violence.

  4. 4

    Sad. Personally I could not marry a black person as nice as they are, but I grew up in the 50's ande 60's when interracial was not common. Did have a couple of black friends I grew up surfing with. They were pretty good about giving me a ride to the beach cause I would not drive then.
    On topic I am really sorry for this family and sorry it somewhat spoiled your Easter.

  5. Makka says – reply to this


    troll: America is an educated society?

  6. the forward lotion says – reply to this


    I'm certainly no supremacist and I hate nobody. I can be seen criticizing anyone and anything.
    In fact, I'm not even opposed to being a white minority in, say, japan or hong kong or taiwan. Those places are not particularly diversity friendly but I have had the greatest time there and I LOVE low homicide rate cultures. I dont believe in God. To me… god is a low homicide rate man. I worship all cultures that have achieved the golden pinnacle of humanity: THE ACHIEVEMENT OF LOW HOMICIDE RATES.

    All I care about is statistics. They talk to me. They tell me the truths about life.
    I love statistics because they reveal nothing but irony after irony after irony like "money cant buy love and happiness… but the rich have the lowest divorce rates" etc. etc.

    Some people take hallucinogens to find "higher meaning". Statistics are my hallucin….uh…. they are my higher meaning.

  7. The forward locomotion says – reply to this


    These states are 90-97% white

    West Virginia has 3.9 murders/100,000 citizens/yr (this is higher than I'd like to see but still lower than much of the world)
    Iowa 1.5 (amazing!!!!!!)
    Wyoming, 2.5 (good enough. Could be better. Keep trying! )
    Idaho, 1.8 (awesome. Do you fight with spud guns?)
    Montana, 2.7 (good enough but aim lower)
    Kentucky 4.5 (FARRRRT. piece of shit. NOt acceptable)
    North Dakota. 4.0 (stupid dog. You make me look bad)
    Maine 1.9 (wtg bro! Brag about it)
    vermont 1.3 (WTG!!! here is you humanity badge)
    new hampshire 1.1 (WOWWOWOWOWWO!!!!!!!!)

    States with the least whites.
    Hawaii: 2.1 (wtg pacific people. Didnt surprise me)
    W. DC 13.9 (YUCK. Uncle sam wants you.. TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN)
    California, 5.0 (disgusting. Killifornia. You turn Hawaiian water red)
    georgia, 5.9 (way to disgrace a pretty lady's name).
    Maryland, 6.3 (way to disgrace Mary's name)
    Mississippi, 7.4 (WTF?? is mississippi the sound of you sucking blood and flesh thru a straw?)
    Louisiana, 10.4 (you are NOT coming to mars with us. You already have a red planet)
    Delaware 6.6 (what did Dela wear? I dunno but it probably wasnt bullet proof)
    Alaska, 4.1 (thank god the cold freezes your guns)
    Louisiana, 10.8 (Your name sounds like TWO women and you disgrace both but they are probably dead)
    Alabama 7.1 (bam. bambam. bam)

  8. The forward Commotion says – reply to this


    But none of those places are 0.3 like mother iceland. Proud of Iceland. As for racist eggs. I'm not racist. I'm proud of ALL cultures on earth who have achieved low homicide rates nomatter how tan or pale or dark their skin. I The world is becoming a global society. Some even think one day there will be a "world president" as borders erode. I however dont believe that. I dont want anybody making decisions for iceland but iceland or america but americans. But its a nice dream. Diversity is not genocide. I think Most REAL genocides are same race on same race, ironically. white on white. asian on asian. black on black etc.

  9. The Forward Notion says – reply to this


    Re: The forward locomotion – I forgot to delete one Louisiana as i was editing. Thank GOD there arent TWO Louisiana. Can you imagine the mudslide of blood bowling over barns? The proper figure is 10.8 (in 2012 at least). In 1996 it was 17.5.

  10. The Forward Shun says – reply to this


    Re: Makka – America is not a top ranking country in academic performance. American women are strong and independent and value her child nurturing role about as much as a cannibalistic hamster mother. Smart babies low homicide rate babies?? She doesn't do that. She's on strike.

    The top 10 countries in reading, math and science (15 year olds): South korea. Finland. Canada. New Zealand. Japan. Australia. Netherlands. Belgium. Norway. Estonia. Switzerland. Poland. (ok i cant count). Every chart differs. There is no consistent way of rating the education rankings of nations. Another list claims: australia, shanghai-china, hong kong, south korea, new zealand, canada, Finland, japan, netherlands, singapore. Still other lists conflict but i see some of the same culprits on most lists.

    The homicide rates of the top educated countries on the lists that I bothered with.

    South korea. 2.6
    Finland. 2.2
    Canada. 1.6
    New Zealand. 0.9
    Japan. 0.3
    Australia. 1.0
    Netherlands. 1.1
    Belgium. 1.7
    Norway. 2.2
    Estonia. 5.2 (pronounced: i'll stone ya)
    Switzerland. 0.7
    Poland. 1.1
    finland 2.2
    singapore 0.3

    American women do NOT produce these kinds of results. Her best talent is saying "i'm strong and independent. i'm strong and independent. I'm strong and independent"
    But if american males want strong independent low violence children.. we gotta move and diversify someplace.

  11. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: WHITE POWER – And fuck off you piece of white trash. We know it's you yeasty Yeezus aka Kornholio! Go educate yourself before posting stupid comments!

  12. 12

    Re: saly – The truth hurts, doesn't it?