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Mother Saved Daughter From Pit-Bull's Vicious Attack By Biting Its EAR OFF! Get The Scary Details HERE!

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mother saved daughter from pit bulls vicious attack by biting its ear off get the scary details here

One mother-daughter couple from Alvin, Texas are both lucky to be alive.

And it's all thanks to momma Chelsi Camp's heroic maternal instincts.

The incident happened at the end of March when Chelsi and her daughter Mackenzi Plass were dog sitting a friend's pit bull. The dog had always been friendly, and yet on this day it ATTACKED Chelsi's daughter.

Here's what the mom said:

"The dog came up and he was just curious. When he smelled her, that's when you saw it flip because I think he smelled my dog on her."

As the dog mauled her daughter, the mother instinctively thrust her fists into the dog's mouth, bit its ear clean off, all while instructing her daughter to lie on her stomach so she wouldn't choke on any blood, AND managing to call 9-1-1.

Here's what the mother said of the terrifying ordeal:

"I only know to fight so how else do you get somebody to stop. I mean I would do the same thing with a human being."

When police showed up on the scene, the dog was still trying to attack the mother and the daughter. An officer shot the canine, and it was later euthanized.

As for Chelsi's daughter, she suffered severe head and facial injuries, but is slowly yet surely recovering.

The mother said:

"I can actually hold her again. I couldn't hold her for the first week that was the hardest part. She's a strong little girl and a fighter. She's meant to be here."

The incident shook up the whole community, and the League City Police Department wrote on their site:

"Rarely do we get to know what happens after the emergency response is over. And there are some calls that haunt us for the rest of our careers."

We're just glad this mother and daughter are OK.

Both could have easily died, and probably would've if it wasn't for this brave momma's amazing instincts to survive.

She's absolutely a hero.

Check out more information from this horrifying story (below) !

[Image via Facebook.]

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62 comments to “Mother Saved Daughter From Pit-Bull's Vicious Attack By Biting Its EAR OFF! Get The Scary Details HERE!”

  1. xploit says – reply to this


    The cop should of shot the mother too. What kind of mother thinks a pitbull should be anywhere near her children? PEOPLE ARE SOO STUPID!

  2. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: xploit – I do not care how "friendly" your pitbull is, those dogs are dangerous and should NEVER be trusted. I love dogs but pitbulls are BORN dangerous. It is just a matter of time before they attack. People need to wake up and stop defending these devilish dogs.

  3. 3

    Just because the dog was friendly when its owner was there, does not mean it will be the same without the owner. With the owner gone, this dog might have been resetting the heirarchy. I wouldn't trust ANY dog around a small child, but especially a powerful breed that can do a lot of damage very quickly.

  4. 4

    Re: xploit – Seriously?

  5. 5

    Such stupid comments from un-educated people. I also have a pitbull and he is great around my son. Pitbulls are not born dangerous, that is just ignorant to say. It is how you raise them. Also pits bites are far from the strongest, in fact unlike other breeds they bite and hold on compared to others who bite and bite and bite. MIke your a ignorant and uneducated person. Please dont comment on articles you have no clue talking or commenting about.

  6. 6

    Re: BrIaN1 – They are not born dangerous, but they are born inherently more territorial than some breeds. Just like some breeds naturally herd, or others naturally point. That alone makes them more dangerous. You say your dog is great around your son, but how is he when you are not there? What if it is just kids and the dog? ANd you say that a pit bull is less dangerous because then bite and hang on - then why is it that of all the deaths caused by dogs in the US, the vast majority are from pit bulls?

  7. Stephanie says – reply to this


    The woman saved her childs life and you people are ragging on her over a stupid mistake. Get your head out of your ass. She doesn’t sound like the type of mother that would knowingly let a vicious animal around her child. It was a fucking mistake and she shouldnt be ragged on for it.

  8. Jomary says – reply to this


    "….I think he smelled my dog on her." Sounds like even the mother felt that the SMELL of her dog, triggered the attack on her child. Also seems like the dog may have not been properly socialized with other dogs, if just the smell of another dog would trigger such a violent reaction. Terrible incident none the less. All I'm saying is get the details before you start making negative comments about the breed. Educate yourselves by gathering accurate data from proper sources before forming an opinion.

  9. BrIaN1 says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Once again another uneducated comment from the gallery! I have worked with many dog groups and have looked into pit bull history. Every decade there has been a breed that is discriminated against, german shepards, rots, dobermans, etc. You only hear about the attacks of pit bulls because that is what makes the news. This is a proven fact from different cities. There are over 7 breeds of dogs that are commonly mistaken for pit bulls. We have other dogs in our house and guess what, he plays with them, eats with them, and even cuddles with them. please quit commenting on shit you have no clue about

  10. Stacy says – reply to this


    Let's get something straight off the bat, if you all would simply google pit bulls you'd find that when they originally were bred it was for English housewives to have around their children. Shocker right?! No pits are the most loyal and protective (which can cause some confusion for some) breed out there. Because of their loyal nature and strong jaw muscles sick f@$#s started breeding to fight. Pits will fight to the death for their owner to get the gratification of a job well done. Now as many of you want to argue they are naturally aggressive or it's how you raise them I call bullshit. Now I have said that they are protective of loved ones so if that is threatened they will go on the defensive. As for many dogs out there a 2 year old can be quite the handful especially if the dog isn't around children. I have a 2 year old daughter who has been bitten by 2 different small breed dogs while just trying to pet them. I have been bitten by a poodle and Dalmation. Now for all the haters I do own 2 blue nose pit bulls. One male and one female. And just so we're clear here my dogs are constantly around my child. She rides them hand feeds them pulls on their tails jumps on them kisses them right in the face. I have never once thought that they might hurt her. The most they've done is knock her down because they are much bigger than her, but you better believe it they felt terrible and put themselves in time out.

  11. BrIaN1 says – reply to this


    A pit bull bite is also far more likely to draw media attention. Many dogs of other breeds bite people, but these incidents almost always go unreported. They’re just not exciting enough fodder for television and print.

  12. PitBullAdvocate says – reply to this


    This is tragic and I applaud the mother for reacting so quickly and diligently to the attack in order to save her daughter. However, I must admit that I am disappointed in the intentional use of "vicious pit bull" in the headline. Pit bulls are no more inherently dangerous than any other breed. (Are there even any inherently dangerous breeds? I think not.) This dog obviously was triggered by something in the child/environment. Instead of blaming the breed, why don't you question the treatment of the dog by the owner? Or maybe even look into this PARTICULAR dog's temperament or history?

    Shame on you, Perez, for supporting a discriminating stereotype that has no merit. Had this been a German Shepard, Lab, or Golden Retriever, I highly doubt that information would have been included in the headline.

  13. L says – reply to this


    Re: PitBullAdvocate – he didn't call the pit bull vicious, he called the attack vicious.

  14. 14

    I don't give a shit about animal lovers!!!! No F>>> PIT BULL should be around a child period end of story! no matter how mild they seem to be they can and will turn on a dime!!!!!

  15. BrIaN1 says – reply to this


    Re: Franidani123 – Franidani please dont provide your uneducated comments your a moron

  16. 16

    Re: BrIaN1 – You are right - I don't know enough about this subject. So I did some reading. I agree with you that certain breeds have taken their turn at notoriety, and media attention is often unfair. But one of the interesting things I read was that once a breed has a reputation of being vicious, the unfortunate side effect is that the breed becomes coveted by assholes who want a vicious animal and they train it to be vicious. I am sure there are a lot of responsible pet owners (like you) who socialize your dog properly, but there are way more who do not. As a consequence, there are more dangerous dogs of the pit bull type breeds than there should be.

  17. Shannon says – reply to this


    PITBULLS ARE NOT BORN DANGEROUS!!!! chiwawas scare the crap out of me though

  18. Shannon says – reply to this


    do any of you who are commenting that pitbulls are dangerous actually have one or are your heads just up your asses

  19. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: BrIaN1 – See folks…case and point. It's "idiots" like BriaN1 over here that leave their kids unattended with these dogs. The reason I say this is because I personally have a close friend that raised such a great pitbull and it attacked him years later. He was just like you…kept saying that people were so uneducated when they talked about pitbulls. Ask him what he thinks of his "loyal" doggy today. And why do you keep telling people to stop commenting when you're the idiot (as you refer to people) arguing with anyone that has a different opinion than you. Looks like the only thing you're educated on is dog breeds. Pitbulls are dangerous and I would never get one. Have a good one BriaN1!

  20. Shannon says – reply to this


    Re: xploit – you are incredibly ignorant

  21. Dana says – reply to this


    It was totally unnecessary to report that the dog was a pitbull. I'm assuming the Perez Hilton brand cares somewhat about dogs if there is a Teddy Hilton page. All you're doing Perez is feeding into a stereotype. I have a 10 year old pitbull who I adopted when she was 8 years old. She was found on the street in a poor white trash neighborhood and her back legs were paralyzed. She has several bebe pellets embedded in her body. My friend rescued her, restored her to health and she is as sweet as can be. There is not one aggressive bone in her body. Other breeds attack people as well, but for some reason the media loves to pick on pitbulls.

  22. Sarah says – reply to this


    I cant believe people are still using the "Its not the breed its how they're raised" excuse. There is a reason pits have a bad rap, they earned it!

  23. K says – reply to this


    I really hate that they just killed the dog, there is something called rehabilition a rescue could've taken the animal and worked with it. I'm glad the mother handled it well. Not cool the way your article is written it sounds like you support this & of course it's only news because it was a pit bull. Rip I'm sorry humanity failed you. So sad.

  24. erikaa says – reply to this


    Wow, some of you are complete IDIOTS! I've personally witnessed a pit bull attack another dog and then latch on to a 17year old that tried to help the other dog, that pit was over bred and not properly socialized. I have seen more small dogs, German Shepards & Dobermans attack. Yes, pit bulls can be aggressive, as can any other dog!!! ,I rescued a pit/lab mix and she is the kindest, most loving, gentale dog in the world! Every dog is different, just because some attack doesn't mean they all do! That's like saying because some men are abusive that all men are, get your heads outta your a$$es!

  25. Erin says – reply to this


    Perez shame on you for having a negative pit bull article.

  26. Ben says – reply to this


    You are silly the dog did probably smell something else but your the dumbass for not taking everything in consideration regardless how trained your pet is it's still a animal damn it

  27. Anonymom says – reply to this


    People are confusing anecdotes for statistics. Just because you have a pitbull that's never attacked anyone doesn't mean that the breed it safe for children. I have a neighbor that lets her toddler run in the street, and the kid has never been run over, but I'm certainly not going to let my kid run in the street.

    If you are comfortable putting yourself and your family at risk, good for you. But I'm really over this pro-pit nonsense. They were never "nanny dogs". That's a myth.

  28. marie says – reply to this


    Re: Franidani123 – Really i have a pitbull as sweet as pie !! Raised with my kids as well as my grand kids !! highly social with babies !! However Shes still a dog and she has boundaries and places she is not allowed as well as my kids and grandkids !! Makes me sick on all you people that want a PITBULL GENOCIDE

  29. 29

    I don't care what anyone says, I do not and will never trust a pit bull– especially around children.

  30. PitBullAdvocate says – reply to this


    Wow I'd really love to see your extensive research and findings on the topic. It sounds like you've spent years exploring the breed. You must be an expert

  31. PitBullAdvocate says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah

    Wow I'd really love to see your extensive research and findings on the topic. It sounds like you've spent years exploring the breed. You must be an expert.

  32. Really? says – reply to this


    1.Perez this is a typical story we only hear about bc of media scrutiny of one type of dog.
    2. Pit bull is not a breed!
    3. The American Temperament Society tests all breeds of dogs. The American Staffordshire Terrier scored in the 90th percentile 2nd to the Labrador Retriever and scored higher than the Golden Retriever…both family friendly dogs.
    4. I have two dogs both 50% Staffordshire Terrier and other breeds. They are both very calm and friendly pets. They don't even bark when there is a knock on the door or at people walking down the street. My children love them and ARE safe with them. One is 9 months and the older one will be 8 this year.
    5. If the media would stop entertaining these stories many of you wouldn't have your negative opinions or find the need to insult others. Do some more research and find all the local articles about dog bites by other animals. There are plenty out there. A "pit bull" bite is no different than any other bull terrier breed.

  33. CanadianEH says – reply to this


    Re: Shannon – First…learn how to spell please. Second….pro-pitbull advocates are all the same, just like any of other breed advocate. Some breeds are more unpredictable then others FACT. If a Chihuahua scares you, you have bigger problems.

  34. Jared says – reply to this


    Fu*#kin' dogs!! Terrible.

  35. Sondra Brakeville says – reply to this


    Im so glad the little girl and the mother are okay BUT I've only owned pit bull's and they are great dogs. I've been attacked by "vicious" labs and "vicious" chihuahuas. Don't bully a particular breed! Dogs are animals, this could have happened with any breed of dog.

  36. Al says – reply to this


    I'm so tired of all this pit bull hate. Every breed has the ability to attack, and it depends on much more than just the breed. My dog (not a pit bull) has been attacked TWICE by two different GOLDEN RETRIEVERS, there was no provoking on my dogs end. Both times we were just walking down the street and the dog came charging at us. By the way, golden retrievers are the 3rd most popular family dog. If your kid isn't familiar with dogs, or are unaware of a dogs warnings to be left alone, it's not the dogs fault for attacking. I wouldn't be too surprised if the media routinely leaves out the part that the child wouldn't stop pulling on the dogs tail. Dogs more often than not, give several warnings before they attack humans. I'm not saying a random attack on a child NEVER happens, but it's the owners fault for not training or socializing the dog properly.

  37. Lee says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99

    I agree with rosebud99, I am and always will be afraid of pit-bulls. My daughter isn't allowed around that breed, better safe than sorry. Anyone that takes up for the breed never been through what this heroic mother went through; it's usually a pit owner that takes up for them.

  38. Lee says – reply to this


    Re: Franidani123

    Yeah! If pits are so this and that, why is it that this breed almost always kills a child. There is no damn justified answer for attacks on children, this breed is scary and I don't give a f&$@ what any advocate says about pits; I will always be an ignorant f@&! towards pits….

  39. Lee says – reply to this


    Re: Mike

    EXACTLY! Pits are feared my me….. My kids are not allowed to be around pits. I am an ignorant ass and I DO HAVE my head up my ass….this breed will never get my respect. HOW IS "YOUR ANGEL, SMILING, PIT" AROUND OTHER KIDS? OTHER THAN YOUR OWN….

  40. koolyg says – reply to this


    I'll just leave this here. Take a look at the actual stats for dog bite fatalities over the last 10 years. Calling your pit bull sweet won't bring back all of the people killed by pit bulls. You and your dog are a ticking time bomb.

  41. koolyg says – reply to this


    Go to Wikipedia and look up fatal dog attacks. It wouldn't let me post a direct link to the page. Straight up statistics don't lie. Pit bulls are dangerous. Biting Chihuahuas are not.

  42. JeepGirl says – reply to this


    Saying that any breed of dog is inherently dangerous is exactly the same as saying a certain race of people are inherently dangerous or that gays are inherently flambouyont or all have aids. Those are not facts, they are stereotypes. Some dogs are dangerous just as some people are dangerous but each case is different and factored on environment, socialization, physical and mental health, etc. I have 3 pits and a deaf boxer who I trust completely but I would never leave them with children unsupervised AND for the two that are more hyper I don't let them around small children at all because they could accidently knock them over or hurt them by jumping on them. It's common sense. Just as I have taken self defense to protect myself against human attacks - everyone should educate themselves about animal body language and how to properly prevent/stop a dog fight or mauling (garden hose to the nose). Most of us will be lucky enough to never have to encounter these things, but if we do it's always best to be prepared.

  43. reality says – reply to this


    Re: koolyg – while you are at it, why don't you look up statistic for how many people ni55ers have killed. Far surpasses pit bulls. In fact ni55ers are one of the main reasons pit bulls get such a bad rap because THEY abuse them and fight them and over/in breed them.

  44. reality says – reply to this


    Re: reality – oh and further more wikipidea is not a reliable source. Try the CDC which is reliable based on the information they receive.

  45. 45

    Re: BrIaN1 – You're the idiot jackass - just because your dog hasn't attacked anyone, blah, blah, blah. We hear this time and time again, and pitbull attacks happen every god damn day, and in 90% of the cases the dog never showed any signs of aggression beforehand. They are one of the most, if not the most, dangerous canine breed out there, and yet moronic dog owners always try to spread bullshit by blaming other dog owners. Enough already - do us all a favor and don't leave your dog alone with a kid, jackass. Do some actual research, and I'm not referring to quoting your redneck friends as expert testimony. Every time this happens a whole bunch of you come out of the woodwork spreading the same thing, over and over. Has it occured to you that maybe you're just plain fucking wrong?

  46. 46

    Tigers and other "wild" animals can also be loving, friendly, etc. - but you'd be labelled and idiot if your kid was bit by one, and rightfully so. Sure many are loving pets, but many have also turned on THEIR OWNERS FOR NO APPARENT REASON WHATSOEVER. Go ahead and keep defending them as a breed, just like republicans - you will never learn from past mistakes, you just keep quoting the same bullshit every time. Are they the only dangerous breed? Of course not - Rotts, Dobermans - hell even chihuahuas can probably "lose it". The difference is a pitt can do some serious damage when it attacks, and devotion won't always save you.

  47. Abbey says – reply to this


    Do you know why you hear about pit bull attacks more often than attacks by any other breed? Because when any other breed attacks, it is more likely to just be reported as a dog attack. But when it's a bully breed, it's reported as a pit bull attack. Also, you never see the good pit bull stories on the news. Do a quick google search for heroic pitbull and you'll read so many stories that the media doesn't report, because god forbid pit bulls get good press. I have never been bit by any of the pitties i've known. I have, however, been bit by a golden retriever, a german shepherd, and a chihuahua. Before people open their mouths, or put their fingers to the keyboard, they should do some research. Any breed of dog can be a weapon in the wrong hands. Any breed of dog can be bred or raised to be vicious. If people would stop breeding and buying dogs on a whim, the world would be a better place. We need responsible dogs owners.

  48. 48

    DO you think that the owners in this case were "bad owners"? How about in some of these cases:

  49. 49

    Re: Abbey – So, simply because YOU have never had a dangerous encounter with a pit bull - everyone else is just misinformed? Great logic - sounds like you're a real responsible pet owner

  50. 50

    Re: Dubguy – Apparently I can't post links here, but a quick search of "Pitt Bull attacks owner" should suffice. Including the pregnant owner in California who was a loving owner. Try telling the husband that found her how safe of a breed they are…

  51. Abbey says – reply to this


    Re: Dubguy – Did i say that? Or did I say ANY breed can be dangerous? And would pit bull be included in ANY breed? Using your logic, i could ask you just because you've had a bad experience with a pitbull, anyone who defensds the pit is misinformed? Use your brain before you type. All dogs (including pits) should be owned by responsible people who will train their dog and do whatever they can to keep it and people safe.

  52. Wonderer says – reply to this


    Such a sad story. I wonder if: (A) This male was altered. (B) If the dog was properly socialized . (C) If the dog was taught manners toward guests (no jumping and a command approach to sniff things out and properly greet people into the house). All are important (regardless of breed). As a mother, I'd have done the same (AKA biting the dog and doing what must be done). That being said (and as pittie owner — who follows the steps above) I supervise (AKA leash) my dog to guests, let them mingle, then I generally (if children are involved) put the dog in my bedroom in the event a child "might" not be supervised. My children are older and raised with our pooch, but when guests visit there are solid rules. Why? I love people and my pet. You have to respect both and understand things do happen. It's all about owning your space and setting solid, safe rules.

  53. Wonderer says – reply to this


    Re: DubguyRe: Dubguy

    It's very hard to take your argument seriously when you respond with blah, blah, blah and compare Pit Bulls (which are many breeds clumped together — there is only one American Pit Bull Terrier) to Republicans. Just saying.

  54. Kina says – reply to this


    So many ignorant people in todays society that choose to believe what the media portrays. Im soo tired of these stories. The only time you hear about the "breed" of the dog in the attack is when its a pit, rottie, dobie, german shepard but not of its a lab, retriever etc. If everyone is soooo concerned about dogs attacking we should just get rid of them all. They will all do damage to a child.

    As a child i was bit by a beagle. I have owned pits and rotties. The dogs i have been bit by? Beagle, chihuahua, and an akita.

  55. hogsmead2 says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – sooo the case of your friend clearly not raising the dog the best in certain areas and getting attacked by it years later is a clear piece of proof that all pit bulls are like that? lmao thats like saying if your friend had raised a black cat and it bit him that means every black cat ever is evil and dangerous. You are clearly an ignorant idiot who most likely stereotypes and judges groups of people because of something some of those people do

  56. Jenny90210 says – reply to this


    Perez, when it comes to a topic like this, I would expect you to do some research before you force an opinion on a group of weak minded people. A pitbull is no more dangerous than any breed of dog, in any situation. This dog like any dog is not born dangerous, but it can be brought up to be dangerous. But who's fault is that, not the breed, the owner. The thing that I hate most about people ragging on the breed is the fact that they have no actual experience with the breed. All you people calling them dangerous etc. have you actually been around these dogs before. Have you ACTUALLY experienced being in the same room as them. Or are you opinions of them based off of OTHER people's opinions. Don't lie because that just shows how weak and WRONG you are. And I bet you would hate to admit your wrong. You are so weak minded that you cannot think for yourself without society holding your hand and telling you what you should think of this breed. And this whole thing about statistics about the number of pit bull attacks. HA! Really!? You actually believe that. God, how can one person be so stupid? This article is an example. Today a 5 yr old child was bit by a cocker spaniel. And guess what makes the front page. "The Vicious Pitbull". I rest my case. For all the ignorant comments, I give you one big F' YOU because I hate that there are people in the world like you. You are the people who will pass down ignorance and weak mindedness to your children and the cycle will continue.

  57. Jenny 90210 says – reply to this


    Re: Kina

    Preach it!!!

  58. Nunya says – reply to this


    Have any of you seen the list of dog-bite related fatalities so far this year? There have been 16; 14 of which were the result of a pit bull attack. The other two were bull mastiffs (a bully breed as well) and rottweiler. If other breeds are capable of killing people, then why haven't they done it? Pit bulls aren't hyped up in the media just because they are pit bulls, they are hyped up in media because they are the ones killing people. FACT: A Chihuahua might be "more vicious", but it has a very low chance of killing when it bites. Stop comparing a teeny little ankle biter to something that will rip out your spinal cord. And another thing, where the fuck is your humanity?? A little girl was nearly killed, and all you are worried about is protecting the breed of dog that did it to her! Get a grip!

  59. 59

    Re: Nunya – Thanks for the statistics. Some commenters here are right when they say that it is more about how the dog is raised than the breed, but to ignore the inherent differences between breeds is foolish.

  60. Amazed says – reply to this


    Re: Nunya – it's amazing how stupid people will cling to their ideals. Yes pitbulls can be loving protective pets that never do any harm. So can a Siberian tiger. The problem is they have an inherent chance of going off the handle and attacking you. Yes other breeds are just/more vicious. But a little ankle biter isn't going to do any serious damage. An 80+ lbs pitbull with powerful jaws will tear you apart. And no it's not about "raising it right". People with pit bulls are like people that drive without a seat belt. Sure you may never get in an accident. But the day that your lovely properly maintain car crashes. Your still fucked.

  61. Alyssa says – reply to this


    Perez, I really wish you wouldn't reiterate that this dog happened to be a pit bull. If it was any other breed, it would simply be referred to as a dog attack. The more stories like this that make them out to be an innately dangerous breed, the more people with bad intentions (rather than loving families) will own them, and the more aggressive pit bulls there will be. It's a self fulfilling prophecy :( Please promote breed equality! <3

  62. friendoffamily says – reply to this


    Re: Stephanie – The mother new the dog was violent. the animal had killed another dog and she was very aware. the media spin that she has helped put out there is of a loving mother who didnt know the dog was violent . she knew and did not care– she took an unnecessary risk with her daughters life. her actions during the attack may have saved her daughter but her actions put her daughter at risk