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Been Wondering Who Tila Tequila's Baby Daddy Is?? Solved: It's THIS Guy!

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tila tequilas baby daddy is this guy

When we heard she was preggers, this was one of our first questions!

We're so glad it's finally been answered!

Tila Tequila recently shared a selfie that showed her tiny baby bump (check her out HERE), but who gave her that precious pregnant belly?

Why it's Thomas Paxton Whitaker!!

Who is that you ask?

Well, he's a 42-year-old struggling musician living in Whitesburg, Georgia, and a self described:

“American Songwriter, Musician, Rapper, and Music Producer."

Thomas recently spoke about his future baby momma, her relationship with his own children Sierra, Jenna, and Brianna, and how excited he is for Tila!

Here's what he said:

“Tila is right around 10 weeks into her pregnancy, and yes ma’am I am the father of her/our baby. Tila has a wonderful relationship with my daughters Sierra, Jenna, and Brianna…and they love each other very much! We are all very happy about the arrival of a new edition to our family, and about the blessing of the birth of a child into the world."

We're not sure how long he's known Tila, but he seems to have a great positive attitude about the former reality star! He said:

“Personally…it has been very rewarding to see how happy Tila is about being a mom. For me, there’s a deep satisfaction which comes along with seeing someone reach that kind of a place within themselves. Most especially for someone who has been waiting for that release in and from life, but has had yet to experience it. I get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing people make it to that point because many never do. Tila has finally reached that place in her life which will define her as the person she truly is…a strong but fragile woman with a purpose in this world who deserves to be loved just as much as any of the rest of us.”

We DEFINITELY agree that everyone in this world deserves to be loved just as much as anyone else! Otherwise what's the point?

Love makes the world go round!

And this guy definitely seems to love Tila, which is fantastic given the situation they're in!!!

Check out the future father of Tila's child shred on the guitar (below) !!!

[Image via WENN & Image via YouTube.]

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13 comments to “Been Wondering Who Tila Tequila's Baby Daddy Is?? Solved: It's THIS Guy!”

  1. 1

    Ten weeks? With the photo she posted she is at least a few more months than that, or a big fat liar and not even pregnant, again. I call bullshiz…

  2. 2

    It should be against the law for her to reproduce. She is a walking sperm bank!

  3. lexxi says – reply to this


    What a loser she has hooked up with.

  4. 4

    Oh boy, she hooked up with a doozy!! Can we say "loser"??

  5. blueness says – reply to this



    also - that is not a 10 week belly. also


  6. The truth says – reply to this


    Wow she picked a real winner there. The next k-fed but there kind of both " winners" anyway

  7. Stacey says – reply to this


    I am from Georgia and whitesburg is a shit hole town with only a four way stop, not even a traffic light. Most people would call him a looser, but I feel she might have found someone right up her alley.

  8. LoLz says – reply to this


    Yup. That's about what what we all thought she would wind up with.

  9. the bear do says – reply to this


    And this is why girls should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS gold dig. If you dont chase wealthy successful men… other girls will say behind your back "what a loser she has hooked up with" and then, as if thats not enough, they will rephrase it for enhanced emphasis.. "Oh boy, she hooked up with a doozy!! Can we say "loser"??" and maybe even a long pronounced "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" will follow. Its better to be called a gold digger than hear all that noise.
    On the other hand, he has impregnated what i presume to be a 7 digit woman (unless she drugged her money away or something). Nothing loser about knockin up a rich girl.

  10. Janice Goldberg says – reply to this


    Why don't you ask Tila about the Canadian kid she taped. AND ASK HER ABOUT THE ABORTION SHE HAD IN 2010

  11. Janice Goldberg says – reply to this


    Why don't you ask Tila about the Canadian kid she raped. AND ASK HER ABOUT THE ABORTION SHE HAD IN 2010

  12. Janice Goldberg says – reply to this


    The kids names is Devin. Google Tila Tequila and Devin.

  13. stephanie says – reply to this


    Re: lexxiRe: blueness
    Y'all talking ish like u know him!! He has done some wonderful things for his country and his community! You Just sound like your hating but in all reality.. your probably just jealous!
    From one soldier to another: keep your head up, we fought for their stupid ass comments.. almost seems worth it, said NO soldier! LMAO
    people will ALWAYS have their opinions even as stupid as they are!