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Awful! School Bus Driver CAUGHT On Tape Bullying Developmentally Disabled Child! Encouraged Other Students To Join Him!

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The scariest part of this story is that if he wasn't caught doing this, he most likely would've continued to do so for who knows how long!!!

A school bus driver in Olympia, Washington has been suspended after he was caught on tape bullying a developmentally disabled child.

Not only that, but he encouraged the other students on the bus to join him in making fun of her!

The girl's mother didn't believe her daughter about what happened when her child first brought it to her attention.

Here's what Louanne Bay said:

"She says 'Mommy, he's mean to me. He says things.' And I'm like 'Mariah, go into your room and take a breath.' I'm thinking she doesn't want to follow directions."

But when the school called the mother to discuss with her an "incident", the mother saw for himself on a videotape what happened.

And it broke her heart.

She said:

"The bus driver's supervisor let me see the video and it was hard. I started to cry when the bus driver was laughing saying he was going to bring a bee hive on the bus. You can see Mariah, she's at the back of the bus and she's saying ‘Bob, can you please turn down the radio?’ and he's sitting there laughing. Actually encouraging her peer students to bully her and just laughing about it.”

This is way past the limit we can handle from someone.

We hope this driver loses their job, and can never find employment around kids again! AWFUL!

Watch the shocking video (above)!

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12 comments to “Awful! School Bus Driver CAUGHT On Tape Bullying Developmentally Disabled Child! Encouraged Other Students To Join Him!”

  1. Louise says – reply to this


    I have a disabled sister and this is my worst nightmare, some people who are in positions of trust have a responsibility and very often fall short of what it takes to really fulfil these roles both emotionally and day to day. I get really angry every time I hear of these situations. I just wish that society in general would change.

  2. Jen allen says – reply to this


    This is despicable. What kind of person picks on any child let alone a disabled one. He's a hideous human being. How do people like that get jobs around children??

  3. teeter totter says – reply to this


    That is just awful, I feel so sorry for that girl and her mother.

  4. 4


  5. loriso says – reply to this


    I always see/hear about kids acting horribly and then I see this and say, ah, right, that's where these kids get it, they learned from adults! An adult bullying has no excuse. This man should be fired immediately.

  6. Maria says – reply to this


    I feel sorry for the girl, not the mother. She tried letting her mother know what was going on but she just dismissed her. If the sister is any indication on family life then I truly worry for her. I hope they fire the bus driver.

  7. Verbatim says – reply to this


    This guy should be publically shamed for his actions…good job posting this Mr. Perez!

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Louise – It's not just disabled children. I've heard many tales of regular teachers chronically bullying students over the years. If you child tells you about repeated upsetting scenarios, find a way to document or confront. It happens all over, but it's not overly prevalent.

  9. Tina says – reply to this


    This is HORRIBLE! Brings tears to my eyes just reading it. What a disgrace. I hope he never finds employment again.

  10. lorraine curran says – reply to this


    my grandson was so badly bullied by a busdriver–his only crime-a very beautiful girlfriend–I complained to the school-they did nothing-I took him to karate,other self defence-the kids at school started calling him moose and treating he and his girlfriend with respect and the driver never said another thing .however I started driving the kids in my area to school and they all had been bullied and pushed around by this jerk.

  11. Maria S says – reply to this


    When your child tells you he\she is being mistreated by someone, BELIEVE THEM! Why would this woman dismiss her child's clear message that she is being mistreated?

  12. madeleinefrancois says – reply to this


    Whoever a person is, everyone must be honored and respected. Bullying must be stopped. Yet, I found a safety service that helps victims keep safe from cyber bullying. With just a press on the panic button, call can be rejoin to your safety network or be immediately routed to the nearest 911. There is much more features you can ever find, just check this out: