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Preggers Tila Tequila Broke Up With Her Baby Daddy! Wanna Know The Truth Behind The Split?? Find Out HERE!

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expecting tila tequila broke up with baby daddy because why find out here

He's singing a different tune these days!

Only a week after praising Tila Tequila, the father of the lady's unborn child has dropped all of that sweetness!

And it's most likely because of the fact that Tila has left him!

Here's what Thomas Paxton Whitaker recently said:

“Even though I had nothing negative to say about Tila in my comment to you, and the two of us are soon to share a child with one another, Tila and I are not together as a couple and we are no longer pursuing a relationship with each other.”

What happened?!

Well, from what Thomas Paxton Whitaker is saying - it seems like Tila couldn't handle the whole financially unstable part of Mr. Whitaker, and left to seek "greener" pastures!

Or at least that's how he put it! He said:

“She definitely isn’t living with me. I was trying to remain cordial without adding to her already notorious past, and now I am now experiencing the fallout from my generosity. Somehow because I went through hard times like a lot of other people when the economy took a decline, and had to file for bankruptcy, I’m somehow unsuitable to be connected to in a relationship.”

Although he tried to remain "cordial", his comments definitely veered into un-cordial like territory when he said:

“If the media could only the hear the kinds of comments Miss Nguyen makes about them as individuals behind closed doors. I doubt she would ever get a drop of news coverage again for the rest of her days, but then Hollywood is a lot about deception and manipulation…isn’t it?”


He definitely does not seem like he wanted Tila to leave, but we guess she has other plans on her mind!

Meanwhile, Tila has NOT mentioned any of this breakup stuff, but IS doing lots of baby talk these days! So we wonder what her side of the story is!

Here's what she recently wrote along with a picture of her bump:

"Barely at 3 months and I'm already about to explode!! I wonder how many could be in there? Lol! When I laugh really hard I can feel the baby move! Awwww! #HappyMom"

We're not gonna lie — that's super cute!

Hopefully she'll keep up relations with the baby daddy just so her little one can at least get to know him!

That seems only fair, right?

Check out a picture of Tila's baby bump (below) !!!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Preggers Tila Tequila Broke Up With Her Baby Daddy! Wanna Know The Truth Behind The Split?? Find Out HERE!”

  1. TWang says – reply to this


    I feel for this baby, Tilas had one unstable life especially mentally. Hope this kid brings her more structure.

  2. Katie says – reply to this


    That is a 3 month baby? Explode? Seriously?

  3. 3

    Yeah… you can't feel a baby at only three months. I don't care how hard she laughs, the baby is barely the size of a small plum. Maybe she thinks her entire uterus is her baby because she could probably feel her uterus around now, that's about it.

  4. 4

    If her belly is that big and she can feel her baby move, she is NOT just three months pregnant. Maybe four or five. I can also tell this is going to get ugly… bad relationship with her bankrupt babydaddy, shady past… I hope she can turn her life around for this baby.

  5. 5

    she's MENTAL and that child is DOOMED.

  6. 6

    The best thing she could ever do for that poor baby is miscarry it.

  7. 7

    Re: TWang – If anything, the kid's just more than likely going to inherit its mother's bat-shit craziness. That baby has not chance.

  8. Yolo says – reply to this


    She's not pregnant.

  9. gwenalicious says – reply to this


    u can't feel the baby when ur only 3 months…ffs on my first and only pregnancy i ddidn't feel the baby before at least 5 months…and even then i thought i was only about to pass gas. lol what a dumb b*tch

  10. My sperm is good too says – reply to this


    Looks like someone was just a sperm donor. For some reason, every-time i see her.. i think "real asian barbie".

  11. misty says – reply to this


    Thomas is my ex brother in law and my nieces father. My niece lives with him full time. He is a good man. We were all stunned when tila showed up on Valentine's day but we were all accepting. For her to get pregnant and then just leave is ridiculous. She was here until the wk before she announced her pregnancy so shes had ample time to know his "financial situation" he goes to work every day. Hes a regular working man