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8 comments to “Louis C.K. Thinks His Kids' Homework SUCKS! Find Out Why He's Fed Up With That Bullsh*t HERE!”

  1. Janae says – reply to this


    Seriously, Perez look up common core on YouTube, it's seriously scary. They want to teach sexual education to 2nd graders. Even planned parenthood has come out with a how to masturbate book for kindergarteners. So sad.

  2. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: Janae – Are you kidding me? we did not get taught about that stuff until we were about 13 in Health Class.
    My late mother was a teacher and they used to have a lot more homework in those days and less emphasize on tests. I didn't do well in algebra in high school but took a refresher course in junior college and aced it.

  3. Joyce says – reply to this


    Re: Janae – Actually, sex ed is something that MUST be taught as early as possible. Too many teenagers get STDs and many get pregnant. The more they know, the better they'll be ready to either postpone sex or incurr in safer sex practices.

  4. hana says – reply to this


    should see Asia's or Singapore's tests & homework! this is easy peasy!

  5. stepy67 says – reply to this


    Re: Joyce – I agree that Sex Ed should be taught before puberty….but Kindergartners learning how to masturbate?! Sex ed in the 1st grade? no way. That is just teaching these kids about things they should have no idea about. It's introducing it at a VERY inappropriate age. Tween kids - yes, they should have sex ed for sure. I had it when I was in the 5th grade, I was 10. but shit. 5 years old? no way.

  6. RealTVCritics says – reply to this


    Oh boo hoo!!!

    No wonder why America's graduation rates keep falling behind third world nations. Parents keep complaining about attempts to help their kids get smarter by whining about a tough math problem. This is what George Carlin used to call the pu#@$fication of America.

    Stupid parents create stupid children. Why did this moron help his kid rather than creating an excuse to not work on the problem? What a wuss.

  7. Nicole says – reply to this


    I am in High school and i can honestly say that homework that poor child has shows up on algebra 1. And from there is gets worse my homework makes me cry I get so frustrated common core is making my life a living hell. We need to boycott the standards.

  8. aj says – reply to this


    Re: RealTVCritics – Hard is fine. Ridiculously backward methods is not fine. My 4th grader is jumping through endless hoops to get to an answer which she is told can only be arrived at ONE WAY, their way, which they claim is based in concept but is really only pressuring kids to sort through crazy new wording and phrases about plain math. Math itself is pretty black and white.. Let kids extrapolate from the basics to formulate their own ways to solve problems based on how their minds work, not how the govt says their minds should work. Common core is not teaching conceptual thinking, it is teaching how to memorize extraneous and arbitrarily biased rules about how to approch a solution. The end result is not that the child has a better grasp on the concept, it is that they are left wondering which approach is right and not to trust their own logical instincts. They are marked wrong even when they find the right answer on their own. Individual thinking is what America is all about….