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High School Girl Put Semen, Pubic Hairs, Pills, & Rotten Food Into Cupcakes… And Then Fed Them To Her Bullies!

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High School student tricks classmates into thinking they ate semen

This is freaking disgusting and crazy.

A 10th grader from Centennial High School in Bakersfield, CA reportedly gave her classmates cupcakes last Thursday, which she said had semen, rotten food, pills, and pubic hair in them.

Apparently she had been bullied and this was her revenge.

The health department couldn’t inspect the food, because it had all been eaten/destroyed, but the cops somehow figured out that NONE of those things were actually in the cupcakes.

Instead, she just used some mayo, soy sauce, and barbeque sauce… which is close to being worse, and absolutely make a disgusting cupcake!


The school hasn’t commented, but the very next day they made a new policy that kids couldn’t bring in outside food.

This is disturbing, and extreme. Thank goodness the teen was bluffing about her nasty ingredients, but hopefully the kids who bullied her learned a lesson too.

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4 comments to “High School Girl Put Semen, Pubic Hairs, Pills, & Rotten Food Into Cupcakes… And Then Fed Them To Her Bullies!”

  1. 1

    I am sorry, but that "revenge" might come back to bite her in the ass. I am sure the rest of the school is not going to be thrilled with the new policy. She now has 2 more years at that school, and this is what she will be remembered for.

  2. DKW says – reply to this


    First, I like that no one address the fact that she was bullied. Secondly, she fed someone pubes versus harming herself and/or seriously harming her classmates. Finally, I hope the bullies learned and lesson and she changes schools so she isn't tormented through her next two years.

  3. Angelica says – reply to this


    This kid I grew up with who was almost my step brother actually received one of those cupcakes. Yes it's disgusting but at least there was no actual bodily fluids. I went to Jr. High with the girl who handed them out and she was always nice but an outcast. Sad to see her be bullied and just shows how bad bullying is but at least nobody was hurt

  4. Metiche76 says – reply to this


    and everyone else is bummed because they can no longer bring in outside food. She'll be the target of ire for every student around her. Bullies included.