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13-Year-Old Willow Smith Caught In Bed With A Half Naked 20-Year-Old Hannah Montana Star! Where Were Will & Jada?!

willow smith in bed 20 year old man 2

What in the world is going on here?!

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been super open about how they basically let their kids grow up themselves, but it might be time to step in.

Lately, 13-year-old Willow Smith has been spotted out with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias, dining together with a friend in Calabasas. You may know him better as Rico from Hannah Montana!

Well it turns out they also spent some time together in bed!

A picture surfaced (above) from a Tumblr account that is full of candid snaps of Willow, her brother Jaden Smith, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and the pic makes us feel a little bit uneasy.

Willow is lying on a shirtless Moises’ legs as he lounged in behind her (above and below)! What's even creepier is that during the first weekend of Coachella, Moises tweeted:

Luckily Willow was there the NEXT weekend, hopefully without him!

We get it, kids grow up fast in Hollywood — but they don’t have to! Not like this, anyway!

And besides, she’s THIRTEEN! That’s still three years younger than Kylie! Moises is a grown man!

Thoughts??? Is this harmless or sketch??

willow smith in bed 20 year old man 1

[Image via Tumblr.]

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105 comments to “13-Year-Old Willow Smith Caught In Bed With A Half Naked 20-Year-Old Hannah Montana Star! Where Were Will & Jada?!”

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  1. Joey says – reply to this


    why the fuck would a 20 year old want to hang out with a 13 year old

  2. lisa says – reply to this


    these little kids are desperately trying to personify that hipster lifestyle, yhall are just rich kids POINT BLANK> Moises what 20 YEAR OLD MAN hangs out with little kids, majority of his friends are younger than 16, weird!

  3. Amy says – reply to this


    Will and Jada think they're being original with how they raise their kids but honestly if you put it in simple terms they're just lazy or too busy to care. So they made up this "new" method, where they throw big words around and hope no one notices they're just neglectful…

  4. Jj says – reply to this


    Gross what man at that age wants to hang with a 13 year old?? It's wrong and it's on the perverted side if you ask me. And as a parent why allow it???

  5. Jenn says – reply to this


    I really don't get the Smith's. I get children has a mind of their own but you're only a child once, it is the one time in your life, if you're lucky enough to have both parents around, where you learn your values from them and have them there to nurture, teach and protect you. There is plenty of time to be a grown up later on… Why rush adulthood on them like this??

  6. 6

    It's a picture. But if they are having a sexual relationship, her mother and father aren't entitled to allow it, however amazing they thing they're being. It's against the law.

  7. 7

    Blacks being black. Get ready for black mama who's got five kids by five different guys by the time she's twenty.

  8. Thalia says – reply to this


    why is 20-YEAR-OLD man hanging out with a 13 year old??? If they weren't famous this would result in a lot of legal action and drama. They need to take more control over the world they live in.

  9. dylan says – reply to this


    Your a little slow on this one perez,And he is best friends with Jaden and is a part of the MSFT franchise which Jaden created.

  10. Lindsay says – reply to this


    SOOPA SKETCH. If this kid is friends with Jaden, mom and dad must regulate how Willow interacts with them. When I was little, my mother would have never allowed me to hang out with my bro's friends. Even if bro was around. Boys will be boys.

  11. 11

    Re: dylan
    It does not matter who he is friends with (even though at 20 he needs friends his own age). He is a 20 year old man who is sitting half naked on a bed with a 13 year old. It is even worse that she is laying on him like that. Her parents really need to wake up and take more of an interest in their children's lives.

  12. poosie says – reply to this


    If this is really the case that guy is a pedo.

    She is a little girl. Sad her parents don't treat her as such.
    Concerned of sexual abuse and rape. Her acting out in social media…an alarming video of her Mom and I think aunt loading adult concerns on her as she is overwhelmed and crying.
    Her shaving her hair seemingly to be unattractive, declaring she is a lesbian at age 9, piecing her tongue. Sad.

    Jaden being kisses on mouth by Will over and over on press tour in attempt to make it appear fun and acceptable. These idiot parents fail to allow these children BOUNDRIES respectively and that's an outrage as well as non stop abuse. No wonder, you can't blame Jaden for wanting to be emancipated. Poor kids. Really pisses me off the neglect of their rights as "children" thrown out the window. Is it Scientology? Call it stardom? Call it two parents who are bisexual following the ebb and flow of the Illuminati?

  13. neenic says – reply to this


    Yikes!! My daughter is 13 I (along with her father) would be HIGHLY upset if she did this!!!

  14. tony says – reply to this


    no one in the family or the world cares that she is a ho in the making. Shameful at 13.

  15. poosie says – reply to this


    If that's the case this dude is a pedophile!

    She is a little girl. Sad her parents don't treat her as such.
    Concerned of sexual abuse RAPE, MOLESTATION. Her acting out in social media…an alarming video of her Mom and I think aunt loading adult concerns on her as she is overwhelmed and crying. Her shaving her hair seemingly to be unattractive, declaring she is a lesbian at age 9, piercing her TONGUE.

    Jaden being kisses on mouth by Will over and over on press tour in attempt to make it appear fun and acceptable. These idiot parents fail to allow these children BOUNDRIES respectively and that's an outrage as well as non stop abuse. No wonder, you can't blame Jaden for wanting to be emancipated. Poor kids. Really pisses me off the neglect of their rights as "children" thrown out the window. Is it Scientology? Call it stardom? Call it two parents who are bisexual following the ebb and flow of the Illuminati?

    Pinka and Will smith are nothing but arrogant, ignorant, despicable, unforgivable, discusting , pathetic lunatic bisexual idiots that grossly dismiss and disregard their children's rights and BOUNDRIES! Let's hope neither Willow nor Jaden end up committing suicide or end up in but house.

  16. poosie says – reply to this


    *NUT house

  17. DEE says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – Women having kids with multiple men isn't synonymous with black women DUMMY. Have you watched maury povich lately? Just another nut jealous of rich successful black people.

  18. Terry says – reply to this


    What the F*CK is a 20 year old, grown man doing hanging out with a 13 year old child? Whether they are having sexual relations or not, what does a grown man and a child have to talk about??

  19. Lauren says – reply to this


    Thats not even the worst of them…there one of kylie with Moises in his underwear with kylie bending over in front! She's only what 16…..

  20. Crystal says – reply to this


    STATUTORY RAPE! If they are getting it on, or even kissing, it's not legal. She's a child! This is not okay….

  21. Kay says – reply to this


    I want to say it's like a brother and sister friendship they have so it would be okay then.. but I don't that that is the case.

  22. Nicole says – reply to this


    If you're so concerned about her, why on earth would you repost the photo!?

  23. kerrie says – reply to this


    Honestly I'm not tripping over it because everybody in that crew are friends you'd notice if you follow them on instagram and moises and jaden are best friends…stop trying to make everybody so perverse ppl can be friends and I'm pretty sure will and jada know about their children's friends.

  24. cwm says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – you are clearly an uneducated simpleton…look it up

  25. . says – reply to this



  26. BLH says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – This has nothing to do with being black!

  27. 27

    Call the police. A 20 year old having sex with a minor is a CRIME in California. This picture should be forwarded to Child Protective Services. End of story.

  28. Daisy says – reply to this


    Even if it is purely consensual it's still weird. What 20 year old guy wants to hang out with a 13 year old?

  29. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    Re: poosie – Wait what? You're saying she declared she was a lesbian at age 9? Or are you interpreting this because of her hair style? I never heard anything like this before.

  30. Terri says – reply to this


    20? That guy looks at least 40…he must have had a hard life…

  31. RacistAsshole says – reply to this


    Re: Thalia – Mmm all races have the Trifolin Parents so um….shutup

  32. jill says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – Seriously?! WTF was that about you racist goof. This has nothing to do with the color of her skin. Her age is the problem, well that and your comment!!

  33. Sarah says – reply to this


    Everybody raises their children differently..and we don't know who took the picture? They could have a bro and sis relationship..this picture doesn't mean he is into her. She may be 13 but she is really mature for her age so you cant compare her to a normal sheltered 13 year old girl

  34. Jas says – reply to this


    It's not illegal for a 20 year old to hang out with a 13 year old. There is no indication that this situation is sexual at all. People are overreacting.

  35. Jas says – reply to this


    Re: Terry – Are you saying people aren't allowed to talk to people of different ages? That's ridiculous.

  36. Maya says – reply to this


    That's just wrong ,,!where 's her parents
    Too busy make in million $$

  37. poosie says – reply to this


    Will Smith delivered his daughter, Willow, to be turned into Monarch asset with the same mind programming of Rihanna. Willow Smith actually is quickly becoming a mini-Rihanna. It's blatant!!! Guess who's her handler: Jay-Z.

  38. poosie says – reply to this


    Will his wife all up in Illuminati sacrificing Willow for sure.
    Will Smith delivered his daughter, Willow, to be turned into Monarch asset with the same mind programming of Rihanna. Willow Smith actually is quickly becoming a mini-Rihanna. It's blatant!!! Guess who's her handler: Jay-Z.

    Will kissing Jaden on lips another sacrifice. Sick ass parents.

  39. poosie says – reply to this


    All Illuminati sacrifices. Will Smith delivered his daughter, Willow, to be turned into Monarch asset with the same mind programming of Rihanna. Willow Smith actually is quickly becoming a mini-Rihanna. It's blatant!!! Guess who's her handler: Jay-Z.

    Will kissing Jaden another sacrific. Illuminati into kids having sex , being sexualized for adult consumption.

    Sick ass parents will and pinka. Hate em.

  40. poosie says – reply to this


    Re: poosie – sorry for multiple postings. Having tech issues not realizing its posted.

  41. meka says – reply to this


    Oh no…not cool.

  42. Lily says – reply to this


    People behave like pre-teens/teens/young adults aren't able to have mature and intelligent conversations with their older peers. It's very demeaning to most of us who aren't trying to do what the adults think we are. I just think it's unfair. We should be allowed to speak with who we want to. It's not like every kid/adult/teen out there likes the similar things we do. I'm literally tired of "Adults" who are actually grown children. Thinking they know what's best for us when they always undermine us. It's very mean and wrong. Get to know your generation before you put the stereotypical labels on them. But, we know we can't have an intelligent conversation with the Adults because they restrict just about everything we do.
    I'm sorry, this is coming from a Young Adult whom have been speaking to people in their 20's for a long time. It's very stimulating to have a conversation with someone who's on my level. Instead of talking about materialistic things and who has a bigger ass.
    Pay attention to your generation. We are CULTURALLY BORED! Age is really just a number to us when we have to find somebody else to have a conversation with.
    And yet, you "Adults" are so stuck in your ways; while we try to progress you will just oppress us.
    Look at the Man in the Mirror.

  43. kali says – reply to this


    In my opinion ; they are both so ugly that they think that they can't have girl or boyfriend

  44. @v@ says – reply to this


    Gawd. She's with her buds, (who do you think is snapping the pics) and she could be tired. There could be zero sex happening, but you're all having him 'arrested' already.

  45. You suck says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – Will smith is the Biggest Hypocrite He Failed as parent Thats's Clear to me

  46. Dick Without conscious says – reply to this


    Re: dylan – Are you Naive Or just plain stupid _ ?

  47. 47

    Ewww. Why would any parent want her 13 yr old kid hanging out with a 20 yr old man?

  48. lwk says – reply to this


    Re: MAD DOG Jr

    Fuck off pathetic, racist shit for brains. Quite a chip on your shoulder, must be hard carrying the weight of needless hate.

  49. Msg says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog

    Okay so only black people do those things? Please don't go there.

  50. Misty says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – Amen!

  51. nunya says – reply to this


    oh cmon people this is crazy
    i am 20 years old and i hang out with people younger than me. some of em are mature enough. i mean wtf is wrong in hanging out with people younger than you ? aint like he gon fuck her. jaden is best friends with moises. Gee

  52. harleymutt says – reply to this


    Willow wasn't "caught" in bed she had someone take a picture and post, willow is desperate to remain revelant and that's sad because she should never have been put in the spotlight at such a young age and truthfully her voice isn't that great, she would never have gotten a record id it wasn't for her parents.

  53. harleymutt says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah – And you know she is mature how? she's thirteen and they are not known for being mature and at that age you just aren't it's a process.

  54. silver says – reply to this


    if there parents is ok with it then no one can say nothing about it does not matter who else says anything about it if there not your kids n no harm is done to her or any of them then its no ones concern.take care of your kids n make sure there doing fine dont worry about others kids n what they doing in the world and if you dont have kids why are you concerned about other peoples kids for????

  55. silver says – reply to this


    if there parents are ok with it then it does not matter what others think about it.if the children or teens are not harmed n the parents dont see no wrong in it then no one else can say or do nothing about it.and if you have kids then worry about your own kids not someone else kids n if you dont have kids why would you even bother to comment on this for isnt that creepy that you paying attention to another couples children lol

  56. silver says – reply to this


    Re: RdRydngHd – depends where they at in other countries they dont give a shit about americas laws lol

  57. Meagan says – reply to this


    This is kind of really creepy. No matter how famous or how mature Willow is, this is still really not okay in my opinion. I wouldn't care with my daughter was with 12 friends, if she was 13 and in the bed with a shirtless 20-year-old, I'm calling the police.

  58. DallasJim says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – racists being racist jackass

  59. Marva says – reply to this


    Hell No that's not a harmless pic! It's known that celebs do things to cause controversy However, sexually explicit controversy of a child is distasteful, concerning and makes the parents look very bad. This will effect fans of The Smith Family

  60. Gessenia says – reply to this


    First of all… She has on jeans and you can clearly see she also has on tights underneath the jeans,,, and you can clearly see she has on a shirt and it's sleeveless … Why do you guys say she is naked I see no boobs or ass!… Stop talking about people's kids and assuming you see things that are clearly not real! Who cares who she hangs out with their friends! They were probably just chilling!.. People she's laying on the blanket ! There is no blanket on her… She's fully dressed!!!! Wtf is wrong with ya?… Are you guys blind?..

  61. whickidd says – reply to this


    Re: Joey – sex?

  62. Gessenia says – reply to this


    [Re: RdRydngHd – she is fully dressed! You guys put in ya opinion with out even taking a second look !.. Study the picture first! She's fully dressed!

  63. Gessenia says – reply to this


    Re: poosie – she's fully dressed take time out to look at the picture before commenting!… He's not even touching her wtf is wrong with ya people! She's fully dressed smh!

  64. Gessenia says – reply to this


    Re: lisa – she's fully dressed take time out to look at the picture before you comment! My goodness!!!… How dare all of you judge someone with out looking at the picture first !!.. Ya are all gullible she's fully dressed .. She has on to pair of pants to top it off!.. And no blanket is on her. She has on a sleeveless pretty fowler shirt on with no shoulders wtf is wrong with that? Nothing people just love to assume and talk shit! Smh!

  65. Gessenia says – reply to this


    What guy doesn't go shirtless now we calling shirtless guys half naked??? Really??.. Smh … You could find better gossip than this Perez!!! Shame on you for picking on insolent kids he is still not even considered an adult he can't even have a drink at a bar!… Smh! Really Perez? You don't have anything better?

  66. Shan says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog
    So this is the 13 yr old's fault and not the 20 year old's? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

  67. amber says – reply to this


    it was different when michael jackson was doing it!

  68. Ann says – reply to this


    No , it doesn't look good! But before anyone goes to judging Will & jada's parenting skills , I would advise you take a look in your own closet at your own parenting skills. How many times a day we see thing and Thayer are not always as they seem? Ijs. They may be a care free and open family but I do believe they have morals and values!

  69. Liz says – reply to this


    Re: RdRydngHd – I was just thinking this exact thing. I also said "it's a picture". We have no idea what was going on at this point. This young man could actually be like a brother to Willow. And I say this because the picture itself is not a sexual picture. The guy is laughing in one picture and not in another. While Willow maintains a blank face. That indicates to me that there may have been other people in the room/house. Maybe even her parents. Because, what or who is he laughing at? I mean this photo could be interpreted and misinterpreted on so many levels. However, like you stated, if indeed they are sexually active, then her parents most definitely need to step in.

  70. liz says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – Could you be any more racist in your remarks? No.

  71. Ana Julia Bellini says – reply to this


    Here, in Brazil, 11-year-old girls are getting pregnant every single day, like it was normal. Unfortunately, Willow and Moises' photo doesn't surprise me.

  72. Ann says – reply to this


    I know it does not look good but before anyone goes judging Jada and Will's parenting skills take a long hard look at your own life. I know they are a care and open family but I do believe they have morals and values. Ijs. How many time do we see thing s and they are not always as they seem?

  73. olive says – reply to this


    its not harmless - who even asks that question?

    what is the explanation? they are friends? what kind of 20 year old is 'friends' with a 13 year old girl such that he will be with her on her bed, half naked (him)? and she looks so unhappy. and why is he laughing (in one of the pics) and she isn't - I find that a bit creepy too.

  74. olive says – reply to this


    Re: Lily – yes, lily, to respect your ability to talk to others well is important, you are right - however, not in your bedroom on your bed when he is half naked, 20 years old and you are 13: its just not right, because a man and a 13 year old shouldn't be given a sexually charged situation to be in, and beds and nudity (nakedness) are sexually charged.

    in raising children it is important that they understand what good boundaries are and what respectful behaviour is, because there is paedophilia, sadly, and there is rape, and there is grooming and there is sexual inappropriateness. it is to protect her that she know she is in no way sexual or sexually connected to an adult man or woman, because she is her own person and she is a protected and important child (young person). 20 year old men and 13 year old girls in a potentially sexual setting is confusing to the young person involved, to say the least, and is irresponsible, again, to say the least, of the 20 year old man. it compromises her and introduces sexuality, which is a broken boundary, no matter what the friendship, or how well she talks to him.

  75. Donna Z. says – reply to this


    OMG!!!!….This just shows how closed mined some people are. You all act as if they were caught kissing or f******…..This picture is clearly HARMLESS. I'd like to think that Will and Jada havent loss their minds!!!!!!!!!

  76. Donna Z. says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – RACIST ASSHOLE!!!

  77. 77

    I'm sure the Smiths are gonna say "they were born with brains we're sure they will figure out a way to raise themselves " and than label it "new age parenting". This is how rich people get away with neglecting their kids….

  78. Rich says – reply to this


    Re: dylan – So, you accept it is just normal for a 20 yo dude to be hanging out with 16 yo boys and 13 yo girls. Sorry - NOT!

  79. Mane says – reply to this


    It's just a matter of time that she will be faceplant in a hotel lobby in Beverly Hills.

    I wonder if Will and Jada will be bragging about how they get their "superior" parenting "skills" from their spiritual adviser Danu the Magnificent, when their 14 year-old daughter is strung out on cocaine and spending the majority of her nights getting drunk in nightclubs and having anonymous sex. Will they still be going on about how they "celebrate" their children's "individuality" and "manumission"?

  80. Stacey says – reply to this


    There seems to be no discipline in the smith household at all. I don't think it's healthy that they let the kids do whatever the fuck they want. They should have structure and rules. If I had a 13 year old daughter and she was taking pictures with a topless 20 year old man I would be freaking the fuck out. Why is a 20 year old male hanging around with a 13 year old girl in the first place? She should be around people her own age. I think Will and Jada are lazy parents and should take time from their work to make sure their children are living healthy lives.

  81. Michelle says – reply to this


    This picture is very disturbing, it may have been a harmless moment, but it's a harmful pose. I would have to definitely question my daughter about this comfortability as if she has been in this pose before

  82. valenchia_2 says – reply to this


    Re: operagirl – who said they had sex???

  83. fuckinig idiot says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – the ignorant remain ignorant, why race has to do with this comments like this make my crazy. Parents like the Smith and people like you have this world fuck up, fucking idiot

  84. amc says – reply to this


    The picture originated on Moises Arias' Tumblr 490tx.tumblr.com and all of the pictures he posts have captions.

    This one was captioned "Simba & Nala"
    As in the two cartoon lions from The Lion King who were romantically involved.

    She is 13 and he is 20. If Willow was as "grown up" and "mature" as people gave her credit for, she should have realized the age difference alone is disturbing. What 20 year old male WANTS to hang around with a 13 year old. Let alone lie around on a bed with one & then put it on the Internet. Very mature.

    That is like a college kid hanging out with an 8th grader. Just wierd.

  85. poosie says – reply to this


    Re: Gessenia – THIS with the TOTALITY of past record of how WILL and his god for nothing wife have dismissed these children's RIGHTS and BOUNDRIES is CRIMINAL. We don't give a *uck how successful the parents have been on TV because it does not give them a pass to neglect their kids. The fact they are close friends with pedophiles like Tom Cruise does not help. That whole circle of adults is DISCUSTING all in the name of fame power and money. No family values here folks.

  86. Brooklyn says – reply to this


    This article is stupid.

  87. Leahe129 says – reply to this


    Re: Gessenia – but is he fully dressed under the blanket.

  88. Lena says – reply to this


    And Im here wondering what couldve been so funny to him cause shes dead serious.

  89. LOL says – reply to this


    Lol at all the commenting thinking they had sex :/ its just a picture!

  90. ella says – reply to this


    He's probably hanging out with her because he's friends with her brother! Wow. Similar friend group. They hang out. End of story. A girl resting her head in a shirtless guy's lap does not equal sex. Does not equal him being a pedophile. Does not equal Will and Jada being bad parents.

    So everyone calm the hell down.

  91. jamie says – reply to this


    i have a daughter & she is 7. in six yrs from now, if some 20 yr old man thinks he can date my child, i will have him locked up. n i wouldn't allow my daughter to believe it's okay. i was wild in my earlier yrs but i didn't date or sleep with guys 7 or more yrs older than me. if u have the means then yea, spoil ur child; but at 13 a girl should have crushes, not going to plan parenthood!!

  92. margie says – reply to this


    For free publicity !

  93. poosie says – reply to this


    The Seer psychic prediction on Willow check it out. He as a psychic even knows what's going on…Jada and will put 100% more into sexual orgies and letting their children being exposed to predators of the industry ( giving them more power) and that beautiful 25,000 ft home than protecting their kids. They have sacrificed not only themselves sexually (will getting fucked in ass etc to big wigs of Hollywood as well as Jada) but to maintain their star power status/opportunities, to obey the perversion of Hollywood they do the same to willow and jayden. The kids have no one because of who their parents are, in protecting them and guiding them. Hollywood will go to all lengths to protect this perversion. So Jada and Will, you Tom Cruise Clooney Charley Sheen who are all sick and Pedophiles can take a flying leap. When the truth is absorbed into society let's hope no one will pay another movie ticket to watch these assholes. If Will and Jada did not obey and go along with the perversion in Hollywood do you think they would be as successful as they are now??? No. Plain and simple.

  94. nurse says – reply to this


    Re: DEE – Good response regarding the ignorant response from Mad Dog. I guess he or she is living up to the name (Mad Dog).

  95. IQ full of bean farts says – reply to this


    The guy has a worth of $140mil. If i had a 13yro daughter… i'd most DEFINITELY let her date a 20 year old guy that rich (my sisters and future daughters are only allowed to date upperclass guys or, at least, upper middle class at the very least. In my family tree there are only two kinds of females: gold diggers and shit diggers and you DONT want to be a shit digger in my family. Thats HELLA taboo to us). What? I'm gonna stop a guy that rich from dating my daughter so she can date…. broke 16 year old white trash from a house of nobodies? NAAAH. Not this future dad. Willow has better taste in men at 13 than most women EVER have. Most cougars date 20 year old white trash (thats why they never get called gold diggers). But SHE scored an elite male with more money than 200 70 year olds combined. (IFFF they are dating. I dunno). Good score kid but… its illegal.

  96. solace says – reply to this


    mad dog u went to far with that comment. i think if they have more than a friendly relationship then her parents should step in of there jet hanging out than thats not bad maybe a friend had just out the room it even aid that she was hanging out with him with a friend included. GOD people don't be so dramatic

  97. CSH says – reply to this


    There is no such thing as an innocent relationship between a 20 year old man and a 13 year old girl. Race is irrelevant. The parents, regardless of who they are have failed at their basic duty to protect their child.

  98. chachi says – reply to this


    But he does have friends his own age. Willow, like Kylie, hangs out with her older sibling, who has, what? OLDER FRIENDS! They all hang out together. Fun fact, they also hang out with Moises' older brother who is OLDER THAN ALL OF THEM! Think about it, they're kids who have a lot of money and notoriety. They like to hang out with their siblings because they can relate and they hang out with other kids who hang out with their siblings. I'm sure they're not having a sexual relationship, he's probably more like another older brother to her. I had an 83 year old best friend when I was 7. I think she'll be fine.

  99. Kev says – reply to this


    It's just a picture of 2 friends on a bed and the dud happens to be shirtless, her brother posted a picture just like it and hasn't had the same affect? The pic doesn't look sexual or perverted, you think it is and start assuming it is because of the exaggerated title of this seriously too much fuss about this little pic when there's thousands if not millions of pedofiles out there.

  100. Ebowen says – reply to this


    Re: Mad Dog – blacks being black …? Tf

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