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Crazy Students Try To Hire Hitman To Do WHAT So They Can Get Out Of Taking Final Exams?! This Is Nuts!!

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Crazy students try to hire a hitman so they can get out of exams... but it's not about killing anyone...

It's always impressive, and often crazy, at how far students will go to avoid taking exams.

Two students at the University of Georgia put up a crazy ad on Craigslist… looking for a hitman!! But that's not even the crazy part!

They weren't looking to hire someone to kill a teacher or something… They wanted to be run over by a car!!!

Seriously! The insane ad read:

"I am looking for someone to run my friend and I over with their car. We do not want to die, we just want to be injured enough to get out of taking our finals here at UGA. Please do not kill."

What. The. Hell.

Who would do this?? And what was the compensation for the "job?"

"Hitting two lovely ladies by vehicle w/permission."


The post (below) has since been removed from the website, obviously.

We can't believe these students so badly wanted to skip their exams they'd risk serious bodily injury just to avoid them. Just skip it like a normal person! Fake sick, draw on a black eye, something, anything else would be better.

The most ridiculous part of this was it was posted under the skilled trades/artisan jobs section. We guess you have to be a real skilled driver to specifically injure someone with your car without killing them.

Oh… we get it now! They wanted a "hit" man. Not a hitman. LOLz!

We're just glad the post was removed before some crazy person could answer!!

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