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High School Martyr Student Arrested After Mailing POOP To Vice Principal MULTIPLE TIMES!!

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high schooler mails poop to vice principal

A lot of high school seniors stop really trying that last year, and are solely waiting to enter those glorious years of college.

Well, this high school senior was NOT satisfied with resting on his laurels!

The unknown student was arrested on Monday for his actions - which included sending three separate packages of cow and dog poop to his high school vice principal in Worcester County, Maryland!


Stephen Decatur High School vice principal Mark Flynn first told police about one poopy package on April 30th. The police notified the postal office who took note of two similar smelly packages marked for the Vice Principal, and wrote down the perp's car license number.

Once the police had this number, they tracked the car down, and found the student in a nearby McDonald's parking lot. The student admitted to his crimes, and revealed which animal(s) the excrement was from.

He was arrested and charged with "three counts of disturbing activities at school and three counts of molesting a school administrator". He also possessed at the time some alcohol and was charged with underage alcohol possession as well.

The school has since suspended the student for the maximum amount of time - ten days - and a spokesperson for the school said:

"We do promote a respectful and positive learning environment. Any inappropriate or disruptive or illegal activity is not acceptable."

Luckily for the kid he won't face federal charges from the Postal Service, but we do hope that his future college, if he got into one, won't hold this against him — or he may lose his spot in that school next year!

Especially if they don't have a sense of humor, and enough empathy to realize that kids do a lot of dumb things — but in the end, a prank like this is harmless. Although totally frickin' gross!

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One comment to “High School Martyr Student Arrested After Mailing POOP To Vice Principal MULTIPLE TIMES!!”

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    What law was broken exactly?