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Murderous Mother Who Shot Her Teen Children To Death Finally On Trial! You Won't Believe What She Wrote In Her Journal!

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Hear the shocking journal entries from a mother who shot her teen children to death!

Julie Schenecker spent her Monday in court, at her trial for killing her own children.

Schenecker, 53, was a military vet of ten years and average soccer mom. She seemed like a normal wife and mother.

Until the day that she shot and killed her 13-year-old son Beau and her 16-year-old daughter Calyx.

In an opening statement by the prosecution in the Tampa, Florida courtroom, they read an excerpt from her journal, detailing the premeditated murder of her kids:

"I was planning a Saturday massacre, but had to wait on the waiting period… I offed Beau on the way to practice. There was a shot to his mouth, because he became so mouthy, just like Calyx. Calyx drove me to drink."

Omg… that's so horrible. She was referencing the mandatory waiting period of five days after she had purchased a .38 revolver.

This whole, awful court case is about whether or not this woman was a narcissist whose deteriorating marriage and contempt for her children (whom she had a strained relationship with) led her to plan their murder or not.

The other option seems to be the defense's plan of attack, claiming she was not only chronically depressed, but a bipolar woman who lost her battle with mental illness and did something she can never take back.

When driving Beau to soccer practice one day, she shot him twice in the head. She returned home to find Calyx doing her homework on the family computer. She shot her once in the back of the head then again in the mouth.

That's so horrendous, we can barely stand to read it.

Her defense attorney tries to paint her in a different light, saying life at home was rough dealing with her husband Parker and her debilitating depression. The lawyer said:

"This is a tale of two mothers. She was sick. She battled depression. The disease transformed Ms. Schenecker's life. She was molested at 6 years old, and she testified in the trial. She was again sexually assaulted at age 17. She left the military after 10 years because depression was kicking in and because she wanted to start a family. She wanted to have six children, but Parker wanted to have two. After Beau was born, Parker had a vasectomy; she always wanted to have more children. It tore her to her soul. A mother and former soldier lost her battle with chronic mental illness. It took everything from her, including her children."

It's going to be an uphill battle trying to prove insanity.

This was clearly premeditated, now it's all about proving whether or not she was too crazy to know right from wrong during the killings.

We hope justice is served.

[Image via AP Images.]

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12 comments to “Murderous Mother Who Shot Her Teen Children To Death Finally On Trial! You Won't Believe What She Wrote In Her Journal!”

  1. 1

    Thank god she only had two children.

  2. Ali says – reply to this


    Depression doesn't make you a murderer. Just pure evil.

  3. MGFunk says – reply to this


    Why can't SHE be shot in the mouth and head? I feel hate towards her. I hope she can feel my deep, deeeep fucking hatred. Fucking cock sucking pig bitch. Fuck you-

  4. Samuel Parada says – reply to this


    if she was say black, hispanic, or asian, they would just say she is a horrible murderer, not even try to prove some type of mental illness, just lock em up.
    They should do that with her, but no they will probably call her insane, and depressed, lock her in a asylum for a couple years, then some therapy.
    fuck it.

  5. Cod says – reply to this


    Can't insane people be insane? Have snapped? And be in a state of insanity? And in that insanity plan something out? Have lost themselves to insanity? That is why people go in places, isn't it? For prolonged stays?

  6. Cece says – reply to this


    As a person who has been diagnosed with depression in the past - depression makes you want to kill yourself. Not others. So, she killed her 2 children because she wasn't given the chance to have 6? All or nothing? As for being raped, sadly, I think that horrible act is just being used as an excuse by her lawyers. Why is she even on trial? Send her to the chair.

  7. s says – reply to this


    Yea, doesn't depression make you kill yourself not your children. Really, she wanted 7, but killed the 2 she did have. Sounds like an evil woman.

  8. oh mama says – reply to this


    She is possessed by demons of pride (by her own choice) and anger ( by her alleged rape?) and I am almost equally certain that she is possessed by the prince of lies himself… For pulling the trigger at point-blank range on her own children? This is the work of the prince of lies, the father of lies, the first murderer of all!

    I won't be suprised if one day we hear about her that she was a devil worshipper!

  9. 9

    I don't think her depression had anything to do w/her killing her kids, but the bipoloar disorder may have fueled her anger. It's obvious she was angry about her life and also angry w/her husband. What better way to hurt him than to kill the kids? Her husband may have expressed interest in divorce and she retaliated. She didn't have the courage to kill herself.

  10. Melissa says – reply to this


    this is absolutely disgusting. The thought of hurting a child, let alone murdering your own two kids. I am tried of hearing the bullshit excuses about depression and so forth. Being a mother is a choice - period! Not all days are unicorns and rainbows, but your children are a blessing. Animals like this lady should have never been able to get pregnant, these blessings should have been given to those experiencing pregnancy challenges. Hope no judge, jury or justice system will let her and her lawyer get away with an "insanity" plea. Rot in hell you murderous coward!

  11. yikes says – reply to this


    Well you know what they say, once you go to war, you never "come back"…

  12. Lala1987 says – reply to this


    Let this awful, piece of crap human being burn for what she did. To think of all the people who are unable to have children. And this monster kills her own. Absolutely disgusting.