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Teacher Uses Broom To Stop Seriously Violent Student Fistfight! Watch The Video HERE! You'll Never Believe What Happened To The Teacher!

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A teacher was fired for trying to break up a violent fistfight by hitting the kids with a broom!!

This is so crazzzzzy!

At a Detroit school, a seriously intense fight broke out in a classroom.

Two young men were throwing each other around, landing punches and smashing into desks.

The teacher was in the classroom but her walkie talkie was broken and security was nowhere to be seen. So, she did what she could… she grabbed a broom and started swinging away, hitting a brawling student in the back.

It was a move that got the teacher FIRED.

One of the students in the classroom was filming everything, so she was caught on camera — and because the state run school doesn't have a teacher's union, she was promptly fired because the school considers her using the broom "child abuse."

Umm… what?

Do U think she was abusive? Or trying to stop a SERIOUS fight??

Check out the video (below) and decide for yourself.

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23 comments to “Teacher Uses Broom To Stop Seriously Violent Student Fistfight! Watch The Video HERE! You'll Never Believe What Happened To The Teacher!”

  1. 1

    Those "children" should be in prison and that teacher/hero should get a medal!!!!! WTF????!!! and i'm a liberal!!!!

  2. ohmy says – reply to this


    That is why our children are learning nothing in school because the teachers command no respect and can do nothing to keep classrooms from erupting into chaos. I've had several friends stop teaching because they aren't even allowed to hug a child, even if they need a hug. That could be misconstrued as child abuse by being too overtly sexual…it's all a bunch of shit! Teachers need to be respected and students need to know they will suffer the consequences if they do wrong. We just let our children run crazy and they have no discipline. That teacher did the only thing she could do without harming the boys, but to keep them from harming themselves or others in the classroom.

  3. food stamp champ says – reply to this


    Of course they were black..

  4. Panda says – reply to this


    Sad to see a broken school district throw their own teacher under the bus before admitting their own faults. Why does this teacher go to class with a broken walkie talkie? Why was she not given the proper equipment to run her classroom successfully? If she allowed the fight to go on and left the classroom seeking assistance and one of these children were seriously injured, then they would probably of fired her too. What did they expect her to do? Both of these kids need to be placed in alternative programs and their parents should get them into some martial arts or boxing. It would help them learn discipline and how to use their fighting skills the right way.
    Also, these teachers need to unionize ASAP!!! I can't believe they don't have a teachers union, that is asinine.

  5. HELL NO says – reply to this


    You are all morons thinking that it is okay for this woman to pick up a weapon and start wacking the children with it. She did not help the situation by bringing the broom into it. That's why she lost her job. The student(?) in the light blue sweater deserves all of the credit for breaking up the fight. The teacher deserves an assault with a deadly weapon charge. She was NOT acting in self defense! She should have tried to break it up and if she was attacked, then it would have been perfectly acceptable for her to defend herself with a broom. Its the LAW people.

  6. You're an idiot says – reply to this


    Re: HELL NO – You're wrong. If it were 'assault' then the local police would be charging her. She barely tapped the kids and tried to use the broom to actually pry them apart. What if this woman would have stepped in the middle and just gotten the crap beat out of her? What would you suggest the woman to have done, oh mighty brilliant one?

  7. *You're an idiot says – reply to this


    I'm sure the police are reviewing the tape and we will find out what charges are made. "Barely tapped" the woman was swinging the broom around like she was at the batting cages. In ALL situations, especially when you work in a professional environment like a school, I've found, its best to follow the law. She was not in danger at her desk, you're telling me there is no phones anywhere to call 911 and wait it out?

  8. Daniel says – reply to this


    Child abuse??

    Those two pieces of ghetto trash were doing the fighting and the most harm to each other. Those two guys didn't even react to the broom or barely noticed it by the looks of it. They were just going at it.

  9. Daniel says – reply to this


    Re: food stamp champ – HAHAHA. YUP!

  10. 10

    IF THEY ACT LIKE ANIMALS they dont have repect for no one..so …a brawl? Thats NOTHING …

  11. 11

    IF THEY ACT LIKE ANIMALS they dont have repect for no one..so …a brawl? Thats NOTHING …theyre are the ones shopuld b out

  12. 12

    Re: HELL NO – u r the moron. those are not kids… those 2 are delinquents, criminals and abusers

  13. 13

    To the people that are saying the teacher should have just stepped back and sat at her desk. Is that what you would have done? Let them destroy the classroom, hurt each other, potentially hurt other students? The focus should be on the two teenagers that can't use their mouths and brains to settle a disagreement and have to resort to attacking each other - not the teacher who tried to break it up. The teacher did what she could to stop it. Phones typically are readily available but as proof from this video, they were being used for other uses other than calling for help. Those children were a danger to each other and a danger to those around them. Maybe if those kids were more intelligent they could have avoided the fight and this situation would have never escalated to the teacher needed to get involved. Also, saying that she should have thrown herself into the mix trying to stop them is such an idiotic statement. She'd have been seriously hurt. From the looks of the video, neither of those kids were hurt by the use of her broom. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

  14. Shannon R says – reply to this


    Thats Bull shitttttt. That is NOT child abuse. These touchy laws are bull shittttt. Its not a big deal at all. If she tried smacking them both on their heads and knocked them out, that would be messed up. But this? Um…… ok. People saying that the teacher should go to prison for deadly assault with weapon are really dismantled in the head. Be realistic…. those kids barely felt the broom on their backs. She was acting in the moment to help the kids. If you can't give someone like that any second chance then you are F***** up in the head. These laws/rules are bullshit sometimes. Makes no sense. Stupid stupid stupid.

  15. It's Ridiculous says – reply to this


    I'm a future educator. We're taught to use restraintment as our very last option. Her walkie talkie did not work (administration's problem) and security was no where near her classroom. She did not physically lay her hands on them because that would have been an even bigger issue. I think she did what she could to keep her other students safe. That is what should be focused on. Had she and the students left the room, the two fighting could have possibly killed one another. Again, that would have been an even bigger mess. Teachers do everything they can to keep their students safe. We become the second parent, the nurse, etc. I think people need to get over themselves and stop picking at every little thing a teacher does.

  16. Tricia says – reply to this


    Once again the media is making an example of a teacher. Why aren't those kids held accountable for their horrific behavior? Better yet, why aren't the parents held accountable for the actions of their children? We live in a degenerate society…always pointing the finger and blaming the wrong people. Raise your kids with morals and teach them respect. There you go. Simple.

  17. brenda says – reply to this


    WTF !!! was the teacher to do just stand there and let it happen or try and stop with her hands and get hurt .The students should get expelled the teacher should not lose her job .This is the world today parents cant disapline there kids they think they are suppose to be there kids friend wrong parents get a grip kids need a good boot in the ass .My kids and I get along great and they no the rules

  18. Robyn Mendoza says – reply to this


    Ridiculous!! She should not be fired! If they had a weapon other than her fists she would have been applauded!

  19. chillax62 says – reply to this


    Re: food stamp champ – Stupid count there were not blacks! And even if how dare you make this a color issue? Ma fois go educate yourself if you can't make a constructive comment!

  20. for realzies says – reply to this


    Re: HELL NO – The same "children" that were at each others throat? You call a broom a weapon? Duh? Dude, don't know what you're smoking but it must be some serious shit to have damaged your thinking faculty!

  21. psycho says – reply to this


    Re: HELL NO – it was a broom you psychotic freak!!! Where the fuck do you come from to think it's a deadly weapon?? Why would she have to put her security in jeopardy because two animals are fighting in the middle of her class? It's also against the law to fight with someone else so why the fuck is the teacher being punished and not them student? I hope you get in the same situation one day we'll see how you're gonna react… idiot!

  22. STAHP says – reply to this


    Re: food stamp champRe: Daniel – I take it you guys haven't seen the recent video of the two white girls fighting? theres a shovel involved O_O

  23. Milo says – reply to this


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