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Teen Is Kicked Out Of A High School Prom Because The FATHERS Couldn’t Control Their Impure Thoughts!

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girl turned away homeshool too short dress 1

This is disgusting.

A story has been making its way around the web about a 17-year-old homeschooled girl, Clare Schlaudt, who was kicked out of the Richmond Homeschool Prom for no real reason other than that she looked fabulous and skeevy dads couldn’t contain themselves.

Clare detailed her story on sister Hännah Ettinger’s blog, Wine and Marble, and explained everything from the beginning.

First, she looked everywhere for the perfect dress that fit within the fingertip-length dress code requirement. She found an adorable, sparkly, form-fitting number that was 100% within their fingertip rule.

Clare was so excited to get to the prom with her boyfriend, but was told at the door that she couldn’t go inside. After proving her dress was within the dress code, “Mrs. D” finally let the 5’9 leggy teen inside, cautioning her to keep it pulled down.

At the dance, there were around 500 people, some of which had dresses much shorter than Clare’s, she notes. There were also a bunch of dads chaperoning from the balcony, aka looking down at all of the girls.

Since some of the kids there were only 13-15 years old, Clare’s 5’9 17-year-old self stood out and it wasn’t 15 minutes before Mrs. D was back, telling her that she had to leave.

Mrs. D's reason: The dads were complaining that Clare was making the young men there think IMPURE THOUGHTS. They also said that she was dancing provocatively, but she’d just been standing with her friends!

In fact, when Clare’s friends came to affirm that she hadn’t been dancing, they were told to go away too!

So, they asked Clare to leave, and after some respectful (on Clare’s side anyway) back-and-forth, they told Clare she could get a refund but not her date or her friends who rode there with her. Then, after the group was finally promised refunds, they left, only to receive a message later that no one would get their money back.

Oh, and when Clare asked to talk to the woman in charge of it all, they just said no.

At the end of her story, Clare explained the things that were the most insulting from this whole ordeal, and she said it best here:

“I was told that the way I dressed and moved my body was causing men to think inappropriately about me, implying that it is my responsibility to control other people’s thoughts and drives… Enough with the slut shaming. Please. Goddamn I’m not responsible for some perverted 45 year old dad lusting after me because I have a sparkly dress on and a big ass for a teenager. And if you think I am, then maybe you’re part of the problem.”


Since then, the Richmond Homeschool Prom has deleted their Facebook page, but haven’t commented on the situation.

What can they really say? Sorry that we let men’s uncontrollable minds dictate what young ladies can wear?

Puh-lease! Learn about equality sometime!

And Clare, we just love your stand on this issue, and you and your date looked fantastic!

[Image via Wine and Marble.]

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29 comments to “Teen Is Kicked Out Of A High School Prom Because The FATHERS Couldn’t Control Their Impure Thoughts!”

  1. 1

    Whaaaatttt! WTF is wrong with these moronic fathers! I see nothing wrong with that dress, she's a petite girl with a short dress period! it's the MINDS of the pig perverted fathers that we should be asked to leave!!

  2. 2

    That dress is entirely appropriate for her age! Nothing wrong with it at all. But I love her attitude, se's right that women shouldn't be forced to cover up their bodies just so men won't stare, men should be taught to stare. I generally question the whole practice of home schooling but clearly her parents are doing well with it :)

  3. Um says – reply to this


    Not cool, but… She's a little… ? It wasn't the dads, it was the teen boys. It's like ok back off, ur angry, but ur making a perversion when there is just a horrible incident that's unfair. Obvi the fathers are from an area where it's more traditional or wutev, even with the dress code and whatnot and want their children staying young for as long as possible. If no one thought certain parents would be against an adult going to a children's prom, you'd be crazy. It would make a lot of parents uncomfortable and many would most likely want their children to maintain young more innocent minds. However, she's still a child, just closer very much so to adulthood and should be able to enjoy this as well. Yet, as unfair as it was, turning it into something perverted and doing that to adults who are innocent of that, well that I feel is wrong. She has no control over how little boys view her as a young woman. It isn't fair.

  4. nina says – reply to this


    Wth is wrong with her foot? Is it photo shopped?

  5. Texas Jeannie says – reply to this


    Excuse me but I'm thinking that the snarky woman who kept coming at Clare was part of he problem, also!
    It's people like her and those men who believe the "victim" is at fault for being assaulted!! That way of insecure, jealous, and judgmental thinking has made a woman feel guilty for other people's actions.
    Her dress met the school's requirements, yet she's hammered with tests and threats of being told to leave from the moment she arrives to the dance…
    Shame on you Teacher woman for not coming to the aid of a young woman!

  6. Sam says – reply to this


    Re: nina – The mirror is broken, so it's showing a double reflection of her foot.

  7. Tammy says – reply to this


    Hot 99.5's morning show, The Kane Show, out of DC and Danni in particular, is putting together a prom for this girl. They were talking about it on the radio this morning.

  8. cameron says – reply to this


    I'm actually from Richmond and know people who were at this prom, and Clare's story is not exactly the truth… The fathers who were watching the prom are not "perverts" - she was NOT kicked out because she looked "hot" and has a "curvy" body, and the men there couldn't handle it. The people who actually attended the prom said that she was hiking her dress WAY up her legs and dancing extremely provocatively, and she was NOT the only one kicked out for those reasons (though she claims to be). Eight people were asked to leave. The difference with Clare is that she and her group of friends made a huge scene full of cussing and flipping off the volunteer chaperones, and then she wrote an extremely misleading blogpost called "F*** the Patriarchy." I mean, really?? This is causing a very negative reaction toward the homeschooling community in Richmond and unnecessarily so - in order to get kicked out of prom, you have to act INCREDIBLY risque, and for Clare to say that she did nothing wrong is obviously untrue. I was also told that prior to attending this prom, you have to sign a contract saying that you'll follow all of the rules or you risk getting kicked out. Clearly, she didn't follow the rules, and it had nothing to do with dads acting like "perverts."

  9. One-sided says – reply to this


    "aka looking down at all of the girls" and the boys and the teachers and other chaperons…

  10. cameron says – reply to this


    Re: One-sided – THANK YOU.

  11. Saiii says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with slut shaming. People didn't call this girl out for the dress but for acting like a whore on the dance floor. They should have warned her but the headline is a lie

  12. Tara says – reply to this


    Re: cameron – I could tell there was more to this story by her quote. She doesn't sound like a classy girl … by any means.

  13. kendally says – reply to this


    her dress is perfectly fine! i don't see anything wrong with her choice of dress.
    its those stupid men!

  14. grimmer says – reply to this


    Stupid fricken americans..
    no wonder the rest of the world hates them.

  15. CherrieLovebottom says – reply to this


    I am SO sick of this type of thing happening! The schools are teaching our young girls to be ashamed of themselves! My 14 year old daughter just brought home a permission slip for a field trip her class is taking. Swimming will be apart of the trip. All the GIRLS no matter what their swim suit looks like must wear a BLACK T-shirt over their suit to swim in.
    Since when is a one piece swim suit inappropriate? It just really pisses me off.

  16. Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: CherrieLovebottom – You're seeing this concept in the completely wrong light. The point is not for girls to feel ashamed about their bodies, it's about learning to respect them !!! Respect means not to flaunt, to make eyes wander. Teaching girls to be modest actually gives them a BOOST in self confidence. We should NOT be teaching our daughters that showing off skin, is the way to build confidence, because that is encouraging inevitable destruction, to base how one feels about her body by comparing to others, and having "rated" by men. NO. Modesty, and understanding our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to remain modest, OUT OF COURTESY for fellow men to control lustful thoughts. I have come from this society, to now being a member of the church with the restored gospel, The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I have learned so much about good and evil, and it is GOOD to be modest. Choosing modesty will usher in blessings from our Heavenly Father.

  17. Jordan says – reply to this


    Re: cameron – I was there. Her dress was in fact riding up to the point where her underwear was almost visible. I don't think the dress was the main issue though, it was mainly her dancing. The claim that she wasn't dancing is just a lie. She was dancing, and dancing provocatively. The fact that it's a homeschool prom is irrelevant, I've been to public school proms with stricter rules than this prom and she would have been kicked out of a public school prom also. The claim that she was the only one kicked out is also a lie. 9 people were kicked out. I know one of them, and that person was also kicked out for dancing provocatively. You won't hear her story, because she knows she was wrong. Or I should say, she accepts it. Clare knows she's wrong, but refuses to accept it. This whole story is mostly fabricated and at the very least greatly exaggerated. There is an increasing number of people, myself included, who saw it happen and have stated that this story is false.

    There were men AND women on the balcony all doing their assigned jobs for which they volunteered their time such as lighting and photography. She said somewhere that she knows what they were talking about. I've been in that venue many times, both on the floor and on the balcony, and there is literally no humanly possible way that with 600 people in the room she could know what the adults up there were saying.

  18. Jordan says – reply to this


    Re: cameron – And lastly, her reputation precedes her. In a comment on another blog, a longtime friend of Clare's said that Clare has often over-dramatized things and tried to make little things big issues and all about herself, regardless of how it will affect others.

  19. Don't race-bait says – reply to this


    I'll be the one to go ahead and get this out of the way, because it's only a matter of time before someone brings it up, and you know someone will anyway: This has nothing to do with race. Every time this story is re-posted, somebody sees the picture of her and her black boyfriend and based on that alone, say that that's why she was kicked out. Her boyfriend shut down that claim in the blog's update post, so don't start with that.

  20. Tammy says – reply to this


    Re: nina – Nothing is wrong with her foot, she is standing with a slight inversion of the right foot in addition to a crack in her mirror makes it appear weird looking.

  21. aric says – reply to this


    “My daughter and son were at the prom,” one attendee explained. “What you can’t see by the picture posted here was that [Schlaudt’s] dress was tight and kept riding up and she refused to pull it back down. Homeschoolers aren’t the prudes and creeps portrayed here. … This is unfair sensationalism at its best.”

  22. aric says – reply to this


    “My daughter and son were at the prom,” one attendee explained. “What you can’t see by the picture posted here was that [Schlaudt’s] dress was tight and kept riding up and she refused to pull it back down. … This is unfair sensationalism at its best.”

  23. Julia says – reply to this


    They should have and still should get there money back if anything they got embarrassed because of this stupid lady kicking them out like that, also they need to get there rules straight enough where they treat people all equal, considering there were other girls in there with shorter dresses but nooooooo they didn't get the boot stupid fucking people!

  24. A says – reply to this


    Read the truth here:

  25. 25

    Re: grimmer – Yeah we're so stupid that's why people flock in numbers to come to our country!!! You're just a bitter hack who probably doesn't know any americans personally. Just like everyone else in every other country around the world, we are all different but your small minded and are going to put us all under one umbrella. It's too bad, we have a lot of good smart ppl here too but you'd never know that.

  26. Tianna says – reply to this


    Re: cameron – That probably true. The comment the girl said sounded a bit… much

  27. fafa says – reply to this


    the thing is that girl look so fine in that dress that those men were having a big "fucking" dick and when they were looking at their wifes, they were sad thinking they were going back home with that ! "depressing" much !!!

  28. 28

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  29. allura says – reply to this


    Re: Texas JeannieRe: Texas Jeannie – I believe the mirror is cracked at the bottom if u look careful