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Kylie Jenner, Willow Smith & Jaden Under The Spell Of A CULT?? Get The Strange Details HERE!

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these hollywood teens are reading some controversial books these days find out which guru theyve become interested in here

We wonder how their parents feel about this!

Willow Smith, Jaden Smith, and Kylie Jenner all have some new reading material these days, and it was the controversial Moises Arias who got them into it in the first place!

The former Hannah Montana star first showed them the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also known as Osho, and his philosophy has had an effect on the teens.

So much so that they call themselves the Orgonite Society??

But why would kids be interested in some obscure guru's teachings? Well, one source speculates:

“Because they are vulnerable and looking for something to believe in, they find the cult’s ideals intriguing.”

Jaden and Willow are especially interested in the teachings, with one source saying:

“Jaden has really dived headfirst into this radical movement. He thinks he is a ‘philosopher’ and Willow is just as into it.”

We're not sure if the young ones know this, but the writer of these books - some of his followers were involved in an extremely terrifying incident. A source said:

“Members of his cult were convicted of a bioterror attack after infecting 751 people in Dalles with salmonella.”

The teens have expressed their interest in these learnings and teachings through social media recently.

Pictures of "orgonite" pyramids and pucks are all over some of their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

However we hope this is just a case of teenagers becoming interested in something right before dropping it for something else in a few weeks. And just because these things are popping up in their 'artsy' selfies doesn't mean they're anything more than props!

Or at least we hope that's the case! We just don't buy it quite yet!!

Check out some of the pics they've posted (below) !!!

[Image via Instagram.]

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29 comments to “Kylie Jenner, Willow Smith & Jaden Under The Spell Of A CULT?? Get The Strange Details HERE!”

  1. Anna says – reply to this


    What fucking cult? They're smoking weed and it's evident in all their pictures. They look like stoners…not members of a cult. Who makes up this shit?

  2. Tami says – reply to this


    Really? Now I'm not one to back these kids up. But the media should just stop. Kylie Jenner is only interested in selfies and nails. Orgonite has nothing to do with Osho and Osho actually has good books. Anyways, they'll move into something else next week.! This is so reaching. They just want to seem enlightened. Like they actually read. Right

  3. 3

    Fake source, fake quote, so you can easily argue : fake story.

  4. Lina_Bella says – reply to this


    nothing new.. they down with the Illuminati, thats a part of their life…. Kylie Jenner been wearing the all seeing eye necklace on almost every epsiode of Keeping up with kardashian… nobody notice ?

  5. Lina_Bella says – reply to this


    nothing new.. they down with the Illuminati, thats a part of their life…. Kylie Jenner been wearing the all seeing eye necklace on almost every epsiode of Keeping up with kardashian… nobody notice ? …

  6. Normal Person says – reply to this


    I understand you have to make something from nothing if possible but orgonites are extremely positive stuff that you should know about. It is really important that people find out about them so they can do something about their environment and improve their community. Osho actually has something good to say and he is light years away from any type of cult. You have tried to promote healthy life so please inform yourself before you post these kinds of "news". After all, it is your responsibility. Thanks and best regards.

  7. Canadian122 says – reply to this


    Typical ignorant American blog post. Read up on Osho yourself to make an opinion on his teachings.

  8. Madisong says – reply to this


    You should make it when 'the pics shown below' are visible for the mobile users. Very frustrating

  9. LOL says – reply to this


    Osho is a well-respected late Indian mystic and philosopher who teaches how to be zen and live through love. This site has just lost all cred. There's nothing even remotely spooky about Osho's teachings. He and Deepak Chopra would get along well if Osho was alive…

  10. corey says – reply to this


    the OSHO food poisoning scandal was attributed to a few rouge followers that did things
    behind OSHOs back. OSHO's teachings are a blend of eastern philosophy and humor. our children would be worse off reading the holy Bible.

  11. ella says – reply to this



  12. corey says – reply to this


    This is very close to calling children interested in Buddhism or human enlightenment "cultist" Perez. Osho taught love for all unconditionally and helped bring eastern ideas to more people of the world by adding humor.

  13. corey says – reply to this


    Intelligence is dangerous. Intelligence means you will start thinking on your own;you will start looking around on your own. You will not believe in the scriptures;you will believe only in your own experience.


  14. Pole says – reply to this


    That guy who started it aka osho if u read about him on Wikipedia had horrible views on Jewish people, Hitler, people with HIV Among other things. read the whole page. Its horriffic. The place that is open today does not allow people with HIV in to stay.

  15. Pop says – reply to this


    Re: Pole – terrible things about people who are gay as well.

  16. Oh says – reply to this


    Orgonites don't stem from this man and his thingy they come from a scientist. I suppose this belief system is based upon borrowed beliefs. Like orgonites, some proven wrong?

  17. lol says – reply to this


    since when OSHO is cult!? hahahhahahaha

  18. Anant says – reply to this


    How retarded are you? You dont understand anything about OSHO, and you think its wrong to learn from OSHO. The writer of this article is plainly Very very stupid. I hope he can grow from his 2 year old brin to atleast 20 year old brain. Osho Quit his job, wrote 600 books, he had Millions of followers, desciples.. He is no ordinary person.. He is Better than Jesus..

  19. Osho says – reply to this


    Re: Anant – it's over 600 books. Most were just his talks written down. And the others were written down through other people while he was on drugs. It was said he had addiction issues.

  20. reana says – reply to this


    What an ignorant load of bull. Do some research. .even if you are a tabloid this is too much. This is unethical even for tabloid.

  21. Kid wolly says – reply to this


    Re: reana – it's cool he did this. They have followers. They r posting n b/c of that promoting his stuff. Kids have already started buying the same things. There was a lot to osho, which left his group with the term of cult to describe them. It brings awareness to what was posted and let's kids know its something to stay away from. And hopefully they'll listen. Also, maybe it will bring attention to those kids that they should probably spend their time reading things that will actually be worth their time. There are plenty of books out there. Ad Hollywood is supposed to be a pretty dangerous thing for children to grow up in. So, this article isn't off base. It's possibly overreacting, but all in all if you have a pedestal in HWood and are promoting something even by posting its picture, at least an article like this can shed light on what it really is and lead people to research the background before blindly being led into it.

  22. Lisbeth says – reply to this


    Re: reana – and definitely have parents check this out, too. Hopefully they read this. So, if they see their children reading this, they know to research it and Osho thoroughly before allowing their child to read these things. Children are naive and need guidance.

  23. 23

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  24. Donna says – reply to this


    I don't think they are "down with illuminati". If you knew what they were you would not reference them in a bad way. By "know" I mean you have studied or know someone who has studied to become one.
    As far as them being in a "cult" I would be more worried as to why these teens aren't getting proper parenting.

  25. 25

    Osho is not a cult…god whoever wrote this is ignorant as fuck..

  26. 26

    Orgonite cuts down EMFs which are all over the place through wireless routers, Smart Meters and mobile phones. Your ignorance is embarrassing. I'd be more worried about children of Scientologists, IMHO…and they managed to avoid that, thanks to Mommy & Daddy not becoming a Scientologist.

  27. Makka says – reply to this


    eeem, sorry, but anyone who guides their life by the book based on the "teachings" of a "leader" is sick.

  28. Michael says – reply to this


    What is wrong with the media?! Making orgonite and reading philosophy books makes you a member of a CULT?

  29. Carlos G says – reply to this


    Ok, I only received this news awhile ago and I just have to leave a comment.
    I'm afraid these kids are only giving Osho and his teachings a bad name/reputation. I read Osho books and I have no clue what this Orgonite Society is about. To other people, Osho's Commune looks like a Cult and his teachings strange but to others it's the Truth. It's Esoteric and that's the real secret. What is the difference between a religion and a cult? Is it because the founders of religions died a long time ago while cult leaders only started their movement in more recent times?