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AWFUL! Sandy Hook Memorial Gets Vandalized By Conspiracy Theorist Who Then TAUNTED The Mother Of The Victim!

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A Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist vandalized a park built in honor of one of the victims!

This is just so wrong on so many levels.

A conspiracy theorist has stolen a sign from Grace McDonnell playground in Mystic, Connecticut which was built in honor of one of the children who was shot and killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting.

If that wasn't bad enough, the victim's mother Lynn received a phone from a man who claims he was responsible for the theft because he believed the shooting was a hoax.

The Where Angels Play Foundation has been building 26 playgrounds to honor the victims of the horrible shooting and has already ordered a replacement sign for Grace McDonnell playground.

Another park called Ana Marquez Greene Memorial playground in Hartford was also vandalized less than a week ago when someone spray-painted "Peace 2 Sandy Hook" on the playground.

Surprisingly, Ana's mother Nelba Marquez Greene was NOT upset with the tagging and actually says she wants to add a graffiti wall to the park so others can leave encouraging messages without ruining the park.

To claim the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax is already incredibly insulting to the family and friends of the victims of that horrific shooting, but to rub salt in the wound by vandalizing their memorials and taunting their parents is just downright disgusting!

[Image via Where Angels Play.]

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17 comments to “AWFUL! Sandy Hook Memorial Gets Vandalized By Conspiracy Theorist Who Then TAUNTED The Mother Of The Victim!”

  1. namers says – reply to this


    Why don't you 'entertainment' sites stick to what's entertaining and not true crime? Leave that for the big boys.

  2. Re'al Ehtay says – reply to this


    There have been some pretty bad & obvious pre-produced news stories over the years, but Sandy Hook was the worst of the worst. Pure fiction. And sloppy at that! Actors identified & called out. Pure rubbish. Don't believe these FEMA drills. TV & cable news stories are mostly pre-produced. It's been that way for a long time. Just ask Buzz Aldrin. Or JFK. (Ahem… I mean Jimmy Carter)

  3. MixedGirlNYC says – reply to this


    It was indeed a hoax. Too much to get into for comments. If folks took a look at the details and footage, the oddities will be enough to spark your curiosity. It is very important that preparations for a police state are not interrupted. Our rights are dwindling because of "events" such as this. Very soon there will be tanks rolling down your street and you will be asked to show your "papers". This will occur in OUR lifetime, not in the future. Just remove your emotions and look at things objectively and you will see many things about these "events" differently. Emotions and fear are what keep us all in line.

  4. Samantha says – reply to this


    Ah.. it was a hoax. Common knowledge now. Investigate it yourself Perez…or just stay up beyonces ass all day. =)

  5. Amy says – reply to this


    Wow, no more covering of these types of stories Perez. Just gives these nut-bag conspiracy theorists a platform to spew their nonsense.

  6. M says – reply to this


    The above posters are all just the same person right? You're going to bleat on about being "spoon-fed" media coverage, being told what "we" "want" to hear and what the government wants us to hear, but you are only hearing what some ill-thought up propaganda-fueled, drug-incured, mis-informed, crazy-talking conspiracy website is raving on about. Why don't you go sit down with the people who lost someone they love - see the real tears in their eyes, watch the sadness in the lines on their face, then come back and say they are faking it. Really, because that grief would go beynd the best actors repitore. The sad sack who stole the sign and the crazy *expletives* above (although I'm sure ypu're just one person) you are heartless crazy tinfoil wearing nunnies, please state your reals names and addresses so I can cross the street to avoid you should I be in your vicinity.

  7. My...arss!! says – reply to this


    If there is anyone left in the WORLD that still believed this Sandy Hoax crap then plain and simple your are but ass dumb…..My goodness what a pitiful excuse of a cover-up …I mean this was so terribly staged even a 6 year old (supposed average of SH victims) could see through it!!

  8. My....Arss says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB…….I not sure why but it still amazes me how truly ignorant and in some cases actually stupid ppl really are. Have you done one ounce of research into the hoax??? I know you didn't or you would not be making such a stupid statement….my advice to you Amy….go back and get an education…and if you already have some piece of paper that states you achieved some level of higher education then let me know what institution issued it to you and for what so I can make sure I don't send my kids to that school….what a dumbass u r…:P

  9. Gizmo Johnson says – reply to this


    IT WAS A HOAX!!!! Who doesn't know that by now?!!!!

  10. hoax says – reply to this



  11. BobbyT says – reply to this


    Um, perez - that joint WAS a hoax aight?
    ain't nobody in my hood believe dem Parkers, Pozners, Sotos, or the "Time to bust out the Sharpies" McDonnells

  12. WakeUp says – reply to this


    Sandy Hook was a Hoax! Anyone doubting that needs to wake up and do some research!!

  13. RJ says – reply to this


    Re: M
    Really? And u know that every person who is questioning this event got their info from a conspiracy website? Wow. How did you get that information? If you have done any research, you would realize the vandalism of these parks was done to make people, like you, group everyone questioning sandy hook into one group - the "crazy" conspiracists…looks like it's working. Even if it wasn't done for that reason, are you saying that you are so ignorant that you judge all people by the actions of one? So you are saying all white people are racists? All children with Asperger's syndrome are crazy and will definitely kill children? I find this very offensive as my nephew, has Asperger's. I'm thankful I have the ability to think without being narrow minded. Hey, if you want to spin things with manipulative language, then u must be the crazy one for wanting the death of 20 children to be true. You want it to be true so badly that you will even defend it with out any research…and you think conspiracy theorists are crazy? At least they aren't wishing for real dead kids like u. See? It's all in the language.

  14. RJ says – reply to this


    Re: M – Oh, and one more thing, The sad part is, I cried when I saw the shooting pop up on the news, but after meeting with one of the parents thinking I was going to donate, she rubbed me the wrong way wnd had zero emotion…something in my conscience told me to not donate…so in reality I believed this whole event for months…until that day…and after that I started looking into her personally and then I started looking into all the conflicting reports myself…so I feel you, I understand the natural urge to "trust", but look into it, and then tell me what your gut tells you. I know it's hard, I didn't want to believe it…it's a lot to swallow, but at the same time, I almost feel relieved not being duped anymore. Maybe part of u does realize, which makes u angrily lash out at people just asking questions and call them names…name calling is usually a sign that you have nothing pertinent to say, or again, maybe part of you does realize but are not ready to accept it yet…it's ok. When u are ready, there are a lot of people out here to support you.

  15. RJ says – reply to this


    Re: Amy
    Wow! Where is your proof that all people questioning this event are conspiracy theorist nut bags wearing tin foil hats? Was there a study done to prove this? I must have not read it. So you are saying that you group people into one group all because of one person's actions. That is the definition of ignorance. I would love to watch you tell every mother of a child with Asperger's that their son/daughter will definitely kill other children. That's what your way of thinking states. If all conspiracy theorists are crazy nut bags, then all white people are racists. All Germans are Nazi's. The sad thing is, this vandalism event was done to try and convince people that all conspiracy theorists are crazy…you are proof it's working. You are the crazy one for wanting the death of kids to be real. If there was a chance those kids are alive, are u saying that you would rather still want it believe they are dead because u r too lazy to research? If dead kids hurt your heart so badly, then imagine how much better u would feel if u researched and felt that this was all a hoax…again, if u like the thought of shot up kids, then I think u r crazier than a nut bag.

  16. Pierre-Luc says – reply to this


    Re: Samantha
    It was not staged and hoaxed this kids are dead for real why are so heartless and stupids to think that was fake is a insult for the memories of the victims you're nothing but troll.

  17. Lalni Alverez says – reply to this


    It absolutely happened but some things were changed in the media. Newtown happened and children were killed by nuns in purple vans. Real Adam Lanza is Adam Greene. Look him up! Scary creepy guy!