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GoPro + Adorable Baby + Swing = PURE HAPPINESS! See The Video & GIFs That Are Going To Turn Your Day Into The Best One EVER!

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baby swing 6 edit

STAAAAHHP IT!!! This is off the charts cute!

A tech savvy parent strapped their GoPro camera to their absolutely precious baby’s head and then took them to the playground.

We mean, seriously:

baby swing 1 edit

What ensued is now officially the greatest use of this technology that we’ve EVER seen!

Because a baby enjoying a swing…

baby swing 2 edit

Is just about as good as it gets!!!


baby swing 3 edit

Now lean back! Lean back!

baby swing 4 edit

Hands up!

baby swing 5 edit

Who cares if you’re drooling all over yourself! You’re a baby on a swing loving life!

baby swing 6 edit

Ch-ch-check out the complete video (below)!

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4 comments to “GoPro + Adorable Baby + Swing = PURE HAPPINESS! See The Video & GIFs That Are Going To Turn Your Day Into The Best One EVER!”

  1. 1

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  2. 2

    I guess if you attached a GoPro to Mongo's head, all you would see is his head bobbing as you force him to suck your tiny cock.

  3. teeter totter says – reply to this


    I've head good things about this camera but it's out of my price range. On my next vacation I'lll probably get a simple point and shoot.

  4. Madisong says – reply to this


    Once again you can't see the video below for all of us mobile users. Fix this Perez! Anyone else have this problem?