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This Child's Reaction To Meeting A Gay Couple For The First Time Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!!!

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this kids reaction when he meets a gay couple for the first time is everything

This. Is. Too. MUCH!!

"Mind blown" is how we'd describe this adorable kid's reaction when he meets a gay couple for the very first time.

At first the little one seems pretty confused by the concept, but that confusion quickly turns to excitement, and it's pretty awesome to watch the kid's mind wheels turning as he grasps his head around the idea of two men in a relationship.

But he totally does! And once he's done learning that piece of knowledge, he does what anyone would do — he reveals he's off to play ping pong.

Though he totally invites his new friends to come along if they want to — so precious!

Check out the kid's amazing reaction in the video (below) !!!

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9 comments to “This Child's Reaction To Meeting A Gay Couple For The First Time Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity!!!”

  1. tempe says – reply to this


    stop telling readers how they are going to "feel". More and more postings are getting more and more prusumptious.

  2. lacroix says – reply to this


    Cute…too bad people like perez screw it up for all gays

  3. stephanie says – reply to this


    okay so ummm… i just cried so hard. lol! So beautiful :)

  4. 4

    Proof that hate is nurtured and not a cause of nature.

  5. 5

    That's actually quite precious.

  6. Niki says – reply to this


    This video is so old. I'm disappointed to see that someone took it and re-uploaded it. The original people who made it should be getting the credit.

  7. La Sirena says – reply to this


    When my 5yr old little girl found out uncle Brandon was getting married to uncle Marc. She said "oh, that's nice, is there going to be cake".

  8. hippie chic says – reply to this


    awww! that brought me to tears lol soooo sweet!!

  9. AqaUamanto says – reply to this


    Tempe and niki, I'm glad you get the point.