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Ellen Degeneres? Role Model? Not According To THIS Offensive Catholic School!

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ellen degeneres role model not according to this catholic school who apologized for putting her on dance fliers

Wow! Seriously?

A Catholic school's principal has apologized for using a photo of Ellen DeGeneres for their school dance fliers, and the reason why they're pulling it is hard to believe!

Nancy Matteo sent out an email to parents of the children who go to St. Andrew Elementary School in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and blamed herself for the "completely wrong" thing she did.

She basically said that she should have never used Ellen's image because she:

"… lives her life outside the teachings of the Catholic Church."

Although she never mentions Ellen's sexual orientation, it's pretty clear that's what she means.

The principal went on to say that she was "obviously NOT thinking," and offers up her excuse as "perhaps I was distracted by the Oscar."

GROAN. She also wrote in the email:

"A role model, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is a person who is unusually effective or inspiring in some social role, job, position, etc. This does not describe her at all. We work so hard to be good role models and then I go and do something stupid!"

We have to absolutely disagree, and defend Ellen since the star is a fantastic role model for everyone!

And the worst part of the e-mail was the principal's demands that all students return the original fliers for THIS reason! She said:

"I need every single invitation returned and I will personally destroy them."

A spokesperson for The Archdiocese of Philadelphia applauded this principal's recall, and said:

"It is expected that any promotional materials developed by these schools would feature images and themes that correspond with their core mission and identity. That approach is logical and our school families have a right to expect it."

Hopefully the tide is a changing in Pennsylvania especially since THIS just happened.

But principals and schools like this are holding us ALL back from our full happiness potential!

[Image via Philly.com.]

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13 comments to “Ellen Degeneres? Role Model? Not According To THIS Offensive Catholic School!”

  1. MB says – reply to this


    Shut the fuck up about the gays. All you do is turn guys like me into bigger homophobes because we are sick and tired of hearing your shit. You are one annoying group of assholes. Shut the fuck up. People will ALWAYS hate gays. Especially like I said, when you people won't shut the fuck up. Shut up. Not everyone is going to like you, and you're not gonna like everyone. Live by that rule and shut your cock sucker, dickhead. I hate your face as well as your gay. If I were in your presence, it would be really hard not to punch it.

  2. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    Perez went to a catholic high school in Miami, which was run by the Jesuits ?
    In that school, they taught students it was wrong, it was sinful for anyone to be in same sex relationships, that is was wrong to live as a couple without the benefit of marriage, that it was wrong to lie, cheat, and steal
    If Perez didn't like that message, he was free to leave the school
    But the school has the right to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ without being offensive

  3. Umaguma says – reply to this


    You don't like Catholicism don't try to change. I dare you diss Islam the same way you do Christianity.

  4. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Re: MAD DOG Jr – That is not nice to wish cancer on anyone no matter how you may disagree with them. I have lost two relatives to prostate cancer and a good friend's husband also has this (he seems to be responding to the new meds).

  5. Straight is normal says – reply to this


    Re: MB – I agree. No-one wants this disgusting perverted deviant trying to rape/molest their daughters. She's an abomination and will go to Hell for eternity like she deserves.

  6. Why is this a thing? says – reply to this


    Everyone knows the Catholic Churches stance on this. Why is it ok for you to disagree with their beliefs, but it's not ok for anyone to do the same when it comes to your beliefs, Perez? You are just as offensive if that is the case!..

  7. Why is this a thing? says – reply to this


    …"principals and schools like this are holding us ALL back from our full happiness potential!" If anyone is being held back from their full happiness potential then its that persons fault! Why do you need the approval from someone else/group of people to make you happy? Why can't you be happy with yourself reguardless of what others think…

  8. Why is this a thing? says – reply to this


    …Posting stories like this is not going to change the church's thoughts just like I'm sure no one is going to change your mind about this. So why can't you accept that people have different beliefs and choose to love them as people instead of hate on them for what they think is true?…

  9. Why is this a thing? says – reply to this


    …Being Catholic, the one message I got from the church as a child and I still receive today is that we're to love one another no matter our differences! That is the way I live my life and I am happy because I know who I am even if others disagree. I disagree that Ellen is not a role model. She is an amazing gift to this world that has done many great things for many people! She lives her life generously & gives love to others as a person and it has nothing to do with her sexual orientation! She is absolutely a role model!…

  10. Why is this a thing? says – reply to this


    …Those kids will grow up to form their own opinions on the church teachings just as anyone who grew up in the church has. Some will agree and some won't, but it's no ones place to tell someone that what/who they believe in is holding them back from their own happiness. That includes you Perez.

  11. Why is this a thing? says – reply to this


    *sigh* ok I'm done! :)

  12. Vanessa says – reply to this


    I was so proud of my state this week for legalizing marriage equality but now I am ashamed for this school's backwards thinking. It is no wonder that young people are leaving this state in hopes of a better and tolerant future.

  13. Jessica says – reply to this


    How can you preach that everyone should love each other and then attack a group because of their beliefs? That kind of double standard is what makes it impossible for everyone to coexist peacefully, despite personal beliefs. It is a CATHOLIC school. I believe everyone is aware that they believe being gay is a sin. But that is their belief. So what if they recalled the posters? Yes, they're wrong about Ellen not being a good role model, but she isn't considered one in their eyes because she lives a different lifestyle. This school has done nothing wrong. They are operating within the school, which is their right. Just shut up and leave them alone. At least they aren't attacking Ellen all over the internet as you are doing to them!