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Jessica Alba Says DON'T Hire This Kind Of Nanny! Should You Heed Her Warning??

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jessica alba no stanger nany hire family member

Jessica Alba knows a thing or two about raising kids. She's also super sexy on the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

Not only does she have two beautiful children, Honor, five, and Haven, two-and-a-half, with hubby Cash Warren, but she also has her Honest Company line of eco-friendly baby products!

So when she has an opinion on child-rearing, we think it's worth a listen.

Jessica has some specific feelings about hiring strangers as nannies, and those feelings aren't good!

An inside source said:

"Jessica is really against the idea of people hiring strangers as nannies. She finds it unseemly and undignified. Instead, Jessica says parents should find a younger member of their extended family to take care of their kids part-time because they are sure to be more loving and connected to them."

But it's not only about weird strangers!

Hiring family members is good for your wallet too!

The source continued:

"Jess says an added benefit is that you don’t have to pay family members nearly as much as people you get through employment services!"

That's always a good idea!

The best part about this advice is Jessica practices what she preaches. The source said:

"Jessica wishes people would find a suitable relative to step in and help out instead, and says such a structure promotes family closeness. Her two cousins work for her as an assistant and a nanny and the situation is working out great for the busy mom. She has complete security in knowing that her cousins will love and protect her children as much as she does."

Well that's just great! We're glad that worked out for her like that.

There's no better feeling than knowing your kids are being well cared for by people who love them just as much as you do!

Thanks for the great advice, Jessica!

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11 comments to “Jessica Alba Says DON'T Hire This Kind Of Nanny! Should You Heed Her Warning??”

  1. 1

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  2. Alex says – reply to this


    Well, guess what Jessica: some people don't have families, and that doesn't make me a bad parent.

  3. annainparis says – reply to this


    alba is desilusional not to think that whether a family member or a hired nanny, at the end of the day, both are just happy to get rid of the little turd (the family member probably most). I have notice something with wealthy parents, they are always the stingiest. She has poor parental judgment, wellshe should just smile and be pretty (although we've already seen a lot of her, a little too muvh).

  4. 4

    She has enjoyed extreme good fortune in her life. The least she could do in return is to pay her relatives the going wage (at least) for their services.

  5. Kerry Louise says – reply to this


    She is reviled by Hollywood actors and producers. She treats people like filthy garbage.

  6. 6

    Re: Alex – defensive much? it was her suggestion made by her particular experiences. I don't think she ever said "if you use someone who is a stranger and not a family member as your childs nanny, the YOU ARE A BAD PARENT!!"" did she?

  7. 7

    But…what if you don't live near family? My parents had to hire complete strangers to babysit my brother and I when we were babies…as we were on the other side of the country and no relatives at all were near by. You can find perfectly loving, warm babysitters who aren't related. And…it's rather disgusting to hear a rich person talk about not paying family as much because they're family…

  8. jaz says – reply to this


    not everyone has extended family or even family members they can trust
    her "advice" is completely ignorant because in reality thats not an option for most people
    especially with all the money she has, shes paying her own blood bare minimum
    nannies, especially this day in age, are educated and experienced in child development and other fields
    of course not every nanny is perfect but if you screen each candidate, you can find someone who fits with your family

  9. kimmann says – reply to this


    These star moms need to get a grip. I don't have a "younger" relative that is old enough to watch my children. Not to mention they should be in school too just like my children. We have had au pairs for 4 years and those are about as "stranger" as you can get since they are from another country and not part of your family. My kids love their nannies and we get the added cultural benefit. She can go join Gwennie in mom la-la land.

  10. mmbb says – reply to this


    such negative comments here…I agree with her, but no, not everyone has younger family. my parents are the only people I trust with my child. a lot of my friends have close friends they can trust in lieu of family. this is her personal opinion from her own experience. it's not the same for everyone. I don't understand why people take someone else's comments so personally, especially when it comes from a celebrity. like they say, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

  11. CatherineC says – reply to this


    Lost complete respect for Jessica Alba now. I am a nanny myself and I love all the children i look after like I would my own children. People don't always have family members close and let alone WANT to do it full time. Its hard work. Rant over. She doesn't live in the real world. Silly girl.