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LeVar Burton Wants To Bring Back Reading Rainbow In A BIG Way! Will You Help Him??

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One in every 4 kids in America will grow up illiterate.

Let's let that sink in. That's not a fact from the early 1900s. That's from today. 2014.

Kids who can't read at their current grade level by 4th grade are apparently 400% more likely to drop out of high school! That's nuts!

Thank goodness for LeVar Burton!

If you don't recognize him as the cool guy with the future space visor thing, Geordi La Forge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, then maybe you remember him on Reading Rainbow!

That's right! Even though Reading Rainbow was canceled in 2006, LeVar is trying to bring it back, and then some!

He wants to bring back Reading Rainbow but have it be on the web, with a specialized classroom version and give it for free to schools in need.

Their Kickstarter page reads:

"Bring Reading Rainbow’s unlimited library of interactive books and video field trips to kids everywhere & help classrooms most in need!"

That's amazing! You can donate to help them out, or even give your money for a more selfish and amazing reason…

Because for a large enough donation there are signed head shots, a meet and greet, a dinner with LeVar and even a chance to take a picture while wearing his original visor from Star Trek!!

Though that option is around the $10,000 mark but it's for such a good cause!

So, wanna help them out?? Then CLICK HERE and go donate now!!

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One comment to “LeVar Burton Wants To Bring Back Reading Rainbow In A BIG Way! Will You Help Him??”

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