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Tila Tequila Gets NASTY! Threatens To Do WHAT To Her Baby Daddy's Daughter??

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tila tequila vs baby daddy daughter mean bullying

Tila Tequila is all sorts of pregnant, and is surrounding herself with controversy as always.

We previously mentioned that Tila and her baby daddy have split up and things aren't pretty! Even though they're about to have a kid together, Tila and her baby daddy Thomas Paxton Whitaker are far from cordial…

… and it's brought them to a reported threat of physical violence.

Whitaker seems upset because she left him because of his financial woes, but Tila is just straight up BULLYING his daughter now, if these screen caps are to be believed!

Tila went on a rant against Whitaker's 20-year-old daughter Brianna, which Brianna screencapped and posted on her Instagram.

The rant read:

"You know… 20 years old is not a little girl anymore so if that b*tch doesn’t watch her f**king mouth I’m not afraid to knock her teeth out! Pregnancy hormones ain’t no joke honey bunny. These little tricks need to watch their smart mouth or else I will do it for them since they’re running around learning dumb sh*t from watching their parents, and my baby is NOT your half brother or sister! I'll punch you in the f**king stomach hoe!"

Whoa… that's kinda way intense and super inappropriate.

Is that the example Tila wants to set for her unborn child??

Threatening someone, even online, is still bullying and way not cool.

Tila should slow her roll before she says something that could really land her in hot water.

[Image via Instagram.]

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6 comments to “Tila Tequila Gets NASTY! Threatens To Do WHAT To Her Baby Daddy's Daughter??”

  1. Shawn says – reply to this


    She's classy…

  2. Munchkin says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who laughed really hard when Tila Tequila called someone a hoe???

    Wow, look in the mirror honey :)

  3. MAD says – reply to this


    I truly feel sorry for her unborn child. Just because you can have babies, doesn't always mean you should have one. Just a thought…

  4. GS says – reply to this


    Sooo not only is her supposedly innocent, " found Jesus " persona as fake as her boobs…& eyes….& tan….& hair…& etc…., but she clearly is either a complete idiot with a 1st grade level of biology, or she's in denial! " my baby is not your daughters half brother, or sister !" Uhhh wrong, that's EXACTLY what that means! This isn't about marriage, law, & step families moron! It's about biology, & genetics! That girl, & your poor ( not poor because of the dad, but because he/she will have you for it's mother, well until you inevitably are put in Jail, overdose, or something else less then tragic ) baby share the same father, 50% of their DNA or to simplify it for you Tuna
    " HALF ", get it HAALLLFFF, so that girl will always have a connection through blood, genes, looks, whatever with your baby. Maybe you should try thinking ahead for the babies sake,& not yours since ya know, it would be good for the BABY! It could benfit from a relationship with siblings, & at some point in life may need a big sister, or medical help like a kidney, or something, & since they ARE blood related, your baby most likely will be a match to various things from it's biological, HALF sister! Sorry for the rant, but I have not only met this piece of trash in real life ( hence why its evoking me to spew such shade that I would normally never do, but she's also dated some female friends of mine. Trust me, she's worse then you think.

  5. better than you says – reply to this


    Whoretila Tequila is a whore. She is probably right about that baby when she said it's not Brianna's half-brother or sister because Whoretila spread her legs to every guy she met and she don't know exactly who the father is..

  6. Marie says – reply to this


    what an evil, ugly bitch. just because you're pregnant and your hormones are raging, that's no excuse to say those kinds of things. what a freak. i feel for the poor child who will have her as a mother. this lady needs to be sterilized so she can't have any more children and subject them to her ugly, hateful personality