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9 comments to “AWFUL! Three-Year-Old Girl, Scarred By Pit Bull Attack, Asked To Leave KFC Because Her Face Was Scaring Others!”

  1. tania says – reply to this


    the person they should be roasting in the fire is the woman/employee/manager whatever person who asked her to leave! I dont' see how what that woman did is KFC's fault. They're going the super extra mile to make this unfortunate event into something positive. they should continue the trend and get the hag who asked the family to leave FIRED. I've seen managers at restaurants get way to big headed for their own good. Thinking they're running their own personal domain and making everyone's lives difficult cause they think they're masters of the universe. Kudos to the family and KFC for turning a bad into a good. The little girl will recover thanks to this and who knows. I'm a firm believer in things happening for a reason. Good or bad, things always have a way of working themselves out. I'm glad this time, little baby Victoria will have a happier ending than she would have otherwise had.

  2. ohmy says – reply to this


    That adorable girl probably didn't want any of their greasy ass chicken anyway!

  3. brad parker says – reply to this


    She is absolutely beautiful!

  4. bearbabe says – reply to this


    KFC has apologized and doing an investigation…

  5. Felicia M says – reply to this


    Are you freaking kidding me? KFC should not take all the blame for this. It's the stupid idiots of our society who thought this little girl was a "disturbance" to their appetite that made a staff member tell her to leave. People are so quick to judge, it's ridiculous. Get it? she was "Asked To Leave KFC Because Her Face Was Scaring Others". Others? Staff members or Customers who have to dine-in beside her. If she's scaring you, get your fucking order TO GO then!

  6. SuckItTrebek says – reply to this


    Bavo to KFC for not just issuing an apology but for helping this family financially which cosmetic surgery is very expensive and I'm sure this will definitely help.

  7. Dee Dee says – reply to this


    This just breaks my heart… what a beautiful child. She should NEVER be made to feel less than. I have two pits at home and I also have a daughter. Its not the breed but how the dogs are raised. But regardless I still do not leave her alone with them and do not let them get too close to her face when they are being cuddly. An animal is an animal and I would never take the chances with my daughters health no matter how much I trust the dog, regardless of breed. But what happened to this poor child is just awful and I hope she heals and learns to cope with what happened. On the bright side it sounds like she has a very loving family to lean on. May the surgeons working on her injuries be blessed with a miracle.

  8. ali says – reply to this


    Re: Felicia M – even so the employee should not have asked her to leave.

  9. humanityatitsbestagain says – reply to this


    Fuck all those bastards responsible to have making endure this psychological and emotional torture to this little innocent child.