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Alaskan Bars Adding Pregnancy Tests To Bathrooms! That's Actually A Really Good Idea…

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pregnancy test in bars

This sounded weird at first but now we’re actually surprised this isn't standard everywhere.

20 bars and restaurants in Alaska are going to be installing free pregnancy test dispensers in their women’s restrooms!

This endeavor is part of a state-funded effort to help curb fetal alcohol syndrome. Alaska has the highest rate of that awful condition in the whole country!

The whole point is to target women who don’t yet know that they’re pregnant and would never take a drink if they knew they were.

Jody Allen Crowe, the founder of a similar initiative, Healthy Brains For Children, said:

"This isn't targeting chronic alcoholics. Right now 50 percent of pregnancies across the nation are unexpected. This is really focusing on women who are casual drinkers, people who would never drink if they knew they were pregnant."

Jody helped to design Alaska’s program after bringing a similar one to Minnesota in 2012.

The beauty is pregnancy tests are pretty cheap so this won’t hurt the state financially.

Hopefully this program can save countless future children's lives!

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