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A Few Of Kate Gosselin's Kids Are NOT Into Their New Reality Show Special And Aren't Afraid To Say It!

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kate gosselins kids are not digging their new reality show

Well, this new reality show is sure to be something interesting!

Kate Gosselin is bringing back her large family for a two part reality show special called Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn Ten.

But two people NOT thrilled with the show are Kate's daughters Cara and Mady, who are already expressing their animosity towards the show in front of the cameras!

A sneak preview for the show features Mady at one point saying, “This is stupid. This isn’t fun. I don’t want to be a part of it”, before staring at the camera and walking away! Now that takes nerves of steel — especially when your mother is Kate Gosselin!

However, the ironic part of all this is the more that Mady expresses her hate for the reality show - the more the camera loves her! Case in point: at one point during a confessional with Kate, Cara and Mady, Mady is asked if she thinks her younger siblings look up to her at all.

Here was Mady's response:

“No. They better not. I mean, I’m an awful role model ugh.”

A shocked Kate then said:

“Mady, why are you so hard on yourself. She’s a wonderful big sister … [The sextuplets] look up to them.”

And Mady quipped back:

“They have such bad hair. I can’t. They dress themselves and they shouldn’t.”

This all went down while Cara remained silent and stared at her lap — which we're not sure was completely her own idea, or if it was someone else's to add some drama to the mix!

Whether or not the producers of the show are pumping up the fact that these girls are NOT happy with their mom's reality plans, it's clear there is some truth behind whatever else is going on here.

Maybe Kate Gosselin should think about taking a break after this new reality stint. Or if she won't… maybe she could at least give her two oldest some well deserved time off!

You know, just so they're able to be only kids — even for a little bit!!!

[Image via TLC.]

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10 comments to “A Few Of Kate Gosselin's Kids Are NOT Into Their New Reality Show Special And Aren't Afraid To Say It!”

  1. 1

    Children should not be on reality shows. Period.

  2. 2

    Because we all know how real and unscripted reality shows are. Ranks right there with the Umpteen Kids and counting. People like them and the Gosslins should be charged with child abuse or violating child labor laws for using their children simply to get money.

  3. Stephanie says – reply to this


    The sad part is that you never see Kate randomly express love to her children. Where is the I love you and random hugs and kisses that a mother should give to her children. I can't imagine not expressing my love for my girls. I tell them i love them and kiss them when we part ways in the morning and when I get home from work and at bed time and randomly through out the day on weekends. I think what most ppl are ignoring is the fact that how she speaks to her kids is considered emotional and verbal abuse. ask any psychologist and look up the meaning in the dictionary. She will never have control over those kids cause there is no respect for her due to the way she treats them. that's the worst thing in the world for a child to not feel like you are being loved or listened to. I discipline my children but I do it with love not anger.

  4. shaygirl says – reply to this


    Re: FrankieLA – the duggars are completely different then the poor Gosselin kids. the duggar kids are amazing. the gosselin kids are brow beat in public by their mother.

  5. 5

    Didn't know she had a new show.
    Interestingly enough, her story is what got me somewhat interested in celebrity gossip - for some reason it just caught my eye.
    PS - Perez and mods, please lose the audio ads, video ads are OK and I understand you need ad revenue, but I will never buy anything or watch any program advertised on audio ads. OK rant over.

  6. Jj says – reply to this


    Well I was a turd when I was a teen, I hated my mom, she was always telling me what to do…the nerve of her.

  7. 7

    They're simply at an age where they say and do those things. It's quite natural really. And I'd be frustrated too if I had to grow up in front of the camera.

  8. Jojo says – reply to this


    I believe you are mistaken about this piece of information. Mady was upset about the birthday party for the 10 year old's. That's what she was referring to, not the reality show.

  9. charlie13 says – reply to this


    The gosselin show should be cancelled. kate is exploiting her children, and their anger toward her is very clear. give them a break !

  10. Heidi says – reply to this


    Mady was acting like a normal teen, everything is stupid and everything sucks and I'm sure she also screams you've ruined my life and slams the door sometimes. This is what teens do. I think it;s funny. I also think Mady is very witty and funny.