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Worst Manager In The World Makes Teenager Wear AWFUL Name Tag At Work! Here's What It Said!

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worst manager in the world makes teenager wear name tag at work that said what


A 16-year-old teenager by the name of Tyler Brandt was an employee of a Taco John in Yankton, South Dakota trying to make some extra cash, but some alleged discriminations became the final straw for Tyler.

The manager of the Taco John was apparently also quite verbally abusive towards Tyler, and called him a bevy of offensive names during Tyler's time as an employee. At first, Tyler tried to brush it all off because he was worried that he might lose the job, but then came the straw that broke the camel's back!

And it had to do with a particular name tag!

Here's how Tyler explained it:

"I've been very vulnerable and I've been allowing him to say things to me that shouldn't be said, and after a while I was just worried about being terminated from my position at Taco John's. He pulled me into the office and gave me a nametag that read 'Gaytard' on it and asked me to wear it. So, I put it on because I didn't want to upset him and I felt that if I did do anything to upset him, it would cause me to lose my job because he'd be looking for ways to fire me."

Tyler felt the need at work to try and hide the name tag from customer, but the manager would address him as "Gaytard" in front of anyone and everyone. Tyler said:

"I would always stay behind the till so they couldn't see the name tag, I didn't want them to see it, but even though they couldn't see it, he would still call me by the name across the store and customers would notice."

That's awful!

In fact it was SO awful that Tyler's friends finally convinced him to quit, but not before his employers tried to get the name tag back! Tyler said:

"After I handed them over my uniform, they really didn't say anything, they just said 'ok' and when we went to walk out, he lifted out his hand and said 'Nametag?' as though he deserved to have that name tag after his son labeled me."

Well, he definitely kept it, and now that particular Taco John may be in a world of trouble!

In fact the CEO of the Taco John enterprise has since released a statement that says:

"At Taco John’s, we believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. We take any accusation of workplace harassment very seriously. The type of discrimination that reportedly took place recently in the Yankton, South Dakota restaurant is deplorable. Such actions will not be tolerated by our company. Taco John’s is committed to doing all we can to make certain nothing like this happens again in any of our restaurants."

Sounds like the higher ups are NOT happy that one of their stores did this to their employee. And they shouldn't be! What they did to this teenager is even worse than fast food and that is really saying something!

Get more information on this eye-opening story by watching the video (below) !!!

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3 comments to “Worst Manager In The World Makes Teenager Wear AWFUL Name Tag At Work! Here's What It Said!”

  1. 1

    How did they get a hold of your nametag Perez?

  2. Martha says – reply to this


    What an IDIOT the manager is!!!! I was hoping they would show that ignorant d-bag. I felt so bad when this kid started crying. I hope he sues the socks off this company! Honestly it's 2014, people are still gay bashing?!

  3. otezzzzzz7837222 says – reply to this


    From someone who lives 30 min from Yankton, it is so embarrassing that this has happened. You better believe their business is dead. Apparently this family also owns a Wendys in the area. Like dad like son huh? Disgusting