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Nanny From Hell Is Moving Out Of Her Employers’ Home! FINALLY!

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This took long enough!

Last week, we told you about Diane Stretton, the nanny who was hired by parents Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte, but wouldn’t leave now that she’s been fired!

Their agreement gave Diane room and board as long as she was the nanny, but then she started shirking her duties and they fired her.

But Diane wouldn’t leave, until now!

Marcella revealed:

"[Diane] wrote a [email] stating what she wants to do. She would like to move out but because of the hot weather that's going to happen soon."

However, Diane wants to move out on the 4th of July, knowing that the family will be out of town at a wedding. Marcella explained:

"I feel like it's a trap. I feel like she knows that I'm going to be gone and that she wants to lock me out of my home."

The good news is that the Bracamontes will have family housesitting for them while they’re out of town! Also, Diane hasn’t been home because she won’t talk to the media, and they have been camped outside the house, so she just drives by.

A spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff, Cindy Bachman, explained why Diane is able to continue living there, saying:

"The eviction process is a civil action and, in some cases, can take months to complete. Once the process is complete, a deputy will remove the tenant and lock them out. If the tenant refuses to leave, they could face arrest for trespassing and/or violation of a court order."

Hopefully the move this weekend goes smoothly because it sounds like this family has been to hell and back with this oddball!

[Image via ABC News.]

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One comment to “Nanny From Hell Is Moving Out Of Her Employers’ Home! FINALLY!”

  1. Heather says – reply to this


    I worked for the Bracamonte family in 2008. They are awesome people and I loved their kids, can't believe this happened to someone I know!!