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Starbucks Barista Teenager Saved A Breastfeeding Momma From A 'Disgusted' Customer! Hero Status!

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hero starbucks barista teenager saved this breastfeeding mommas day from a

A lot of teenagers seem to do everything and anything but the right thing.

Which is why we were pleasantly surprised to hear about this young man who turned out to be one mother's knight in shining armor!

Julia Wykes was out and about with her baby in Ottawa, Canada when the 102.2F weather finally got to her, and she laid her weary body to rest at a Starbucks.

As she waited for her drink at the counter, her baby let her know - in a loud manner - that he was hungry, and so the mother decided to feed him right there and then. And she didn't even think about covering her breast from wandering eyes. She said:

"I am not going to suffocate my child to save you from the potential glimpse of side-boob."

However one middle aged woman was NOT pleased with the sight, and asked a teenaged male barista to "deal with" the breastfeeding mother.

Which is when something amazing happened! But we'll let the momma, who was a firsthand witness to the events, tell how it went.

Here's what she recently wrote on Facebook:

"If you're ever at Starbucks in Trainyards (Ottawa), give them a good tip! This morning I was nursing my son in Starbucks and a woman very loudly complained (so she knew I could hear) to the baristas that they should get me to stop doing that in public as it was disgusting. The barista smiled at her and said he would handle it. I was gearing up for a fight, but he came over with a free drink for me and said loudly 'And here's a voucher for a free drink next time you're in here, I am so sorry that you had to deal with such unpleasantness today.' Coming from an at most 19- year-old guy!"

That is mighty impressive indeed!

It's hard enough to be a mom, but when you have rude people watching and judging every move you make - it makes everything that much more difficult!

We're glad that this young man took a stand against the mantra that the customer is always right because it's so obvious that this judgemental lady was definitely not!

And in the process he made one momma a fan of teenagers!

Although we're not sure that love will last once her own child reaches that stage, ha!

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15 comments to “Starbucks Barista Teenager Saved A Breastfeeding Momma From A 'Disgusted' Customer! Hero Status!”

  1. the barnoboglogsogwog says – reply to this


    This story proves that people DONT get wiser with age. It was a middle aged woman who complained and a young male who did the right thing. But this woman is herself a moron (in my opinion). She rants on and on about how "breastfeeding is natural" and then pisses and moans about how men are saying things like "yeah. i'd stare at those titties if they were flapping around at starbucks" and calls that misogynistic. Hey fucktard. Sexual attraction is as natural as breastfeeding. If you take out your boobs… dicks gonna get hard. Men gonna stare. Thats natural nature at work. Dont make this an issue of "sexism". Nobody whines about the exposed female body more than females. Nobody tells women to cover up more than women. I support topless beaching. 1) because its natural 2) I want to stare. Thats what sunglasses are for.

  2. Tara says – reply to this


    Good God what a drama queen!! Her baby would NOT have suffocated. She very easily could have thrown a light nursing blanket (they make them especially for this) over her shoulder that would have concealed both child and boob WITHOUT suffocating her baby. Seriously, you have to question the motives of these women deliberately show no discretion when breastfeeding in public.

  3. texasannie says – reply to this


    I'm sick of these breast feeding women who are so selfish. Yes, it's natural but so is peeing, yet I don't want to see someone doing that especially in a restaurant. It wouldn't kill her to carry a small, light blanket with her and cover herself. This entitlement that they can whip out anywhere they please and expect others to deal in restaurants, while eating is the epitome of selfish. She could've easily been discreet. It's still a bepreast and just because it has a baby attached DOESNT make it okay.

  4. None says – reply to this


    I don't understand what the big deal is about expecting to cover up your Bo ob when you breast feed! I'm a woman, and wouldn't want everyone looking at me breast feed, no matter how natural it is. Our bodies are natural and a part of nature, should we start walking around naked?!

  5. geb910 says – reply to this


    i don't care who or when it is — I'm a woman and i do NOT want to see breastfeeding out in the open public. It is NOT natural to all of us out there.

  6. Jivory says – reply to this


    Any of you above people ever tried to force a baby to eat under a blanket? No? I thought not. When they are new borns it's easy peasy but 6months and up and good luck my friend. And before you start spewing you pump and bottle garbage know that many breast fed babies won't take a bottle let alone one from their momma when the fresh goods are right there. Do you prefer fresh food well so do babies. Grow up and look the other way.

  7. 7

    I don't understand why people get so upset about this. It's just a breast, and the baby probably covers most of it. Nearly half of the world's citizens has breasts. If you don't want to see one on the very rare occasion that someone takes it out in public, just look away. It's not that difficult.

  8. dumbbitch says – reply to this


    Re: Tara – breastfeeding is the most natural thing that exists… if you can't do that in public then NOTHING should be allowed! For fuck's sake cant you see a boob without being exciting and feeling the need to touch yourself inappropriately? seriously YALL need therapy and leave those fucking mothers alone

  9. dumberbitch says – reply to this


    Re: geb910 – hahahahaha what the fuck are you an alien? Breastfeeding is not natural to everyone?? I think being american sadly fried the little intelligence you were given

  10. 10

    Re: the barnoboglogsogwog
    How can something so natural be disgusting???

    She probably was only sore because in her time it wasn't allowed and she is still stuck in those old fashioned days *sighs*

  11. Brandy says – reply to this


    Oh my god some of these comments make me sick. Breastfeeding in public is disgusting? Well, I don't see people bitching about the SKIMPY bikinis at the beach, or in the magazines. You don't like it? Don't look. Easy as that.

  12. 12

    We took some young friends out to dinner at a nice restaurant near San Diego. The wife had to nurse the baby but she was very discreet about it with a light blanket and all. If I was paying the prices we did I'd complaint to the manager if someone just decided to "whip it out". It may be your right but other folks have rights as well to consider.

  13. None says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – thank you!

  14. what says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – shut the fuck up dude if she needs to nourish her child aint nobody giving a fuck what you have to say about it!

  15. Celena says – reply to this


    It is 100% legal for women in Ontario Canada to be topless in public!!!!!