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Man Shockingly Proves Why No One Should Ever Leave Their Kids In A Car — Or Leave Anyone In A Car, For That Matter

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man proves why no one should ever leave their kids in a car in the heat

Everyone's talking about the Justin Ross Harris case these days, and that prompted one man from Raleigh, North Carolina to pull off an experiment.

He then posted the results to YouTube!

He wanted to know how it feels to sit in a car sitting in the hot sun.

So he closed the windows and doors of his car and got in there without any A/C on a summer day that only reached 90° but felt like it could have been 130° while inside the car.

The social experimenter concluded his day's work by proclaiming that he would NEVER leave his kids in a car by themselves in the summer under any circumstances!

And we're apt to agree with him!

Props to this man for taking the time to prove a point in a most creative way, too. We love the originality of the idea.

Check out the video down (below) !!!

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8 comments to “Man Shockingly Proves Why No One Should Ever Leave Their Kids In A Car — Or Leave Anyone In A Car, For That Matter”

  1. IQ is for GOOD parents says – reply to this


    As paranoid as our society has become of pedophiles… I'm amazed that it takes a sun baked child to get adults to say "i'm not leaving my little children unattended in a car".
    "pedophiles pedophiles. pedophiles. pedophiles. pedophiles…. everywhere. Pedophile teachers. Pedophile priests. peds peds peds… Oh.. I need to go buy some bread. I'll just leave my kid in the car. No pedophile is dumb enough to reach into a car THIS hot"

  2. 2

    although i'm sure there's many parents who intentionally leave their kids in the car to go run errands, there's sooooooo many parents who do it intentionally and forget that their children are even in the car. for those parents, this doesn't help. there's sensors in cars so if a certain amount of weight is in a seat, the seatbelt light goes off. i think there should be other sensors so with a certain amount of weight, an alarm goes off just so parents will double check that they didn't leave a child in the back.

  3. 3

    And funny how you never heard of people "accidentally" leaving their kids in the car in the Spring, Fall and Winter.

  4. 4

    Re: damedelamour – Seriously what are you so preoccupied with that you forget you strapped your child in the backseat of your car?

  5. 5

    It is always so sad when you hear about these things, and sadly this happens about 2-3 times per year in SoCal, to say nothing of the dogs that are left in cars.

  6. texasgirl says – reply to this


    a police officer in Highland Village Texas did this as well a few days ago. this is an excellent way to prove a point.

  7. 7

    This is where I firmly believe in an eye for an eye. Put that SOB in a black on black car in Arizona and let him feel like his poor innocent child felt. That is a horrific way to die. Prison is too good for him.

  8. Candy says – reply to this


    What a great guy!!!