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Did Pope Francis Just Say That 2% Of Priests Are Pedophiles?? Check Out What He Might Have Admitted And Why It's Being Questioned HERE!

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Pope Francis, the cool (but not that cool) Pope, recently met with Eugenio Scalfari, the 90-year-old founder of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The two sat down, as they have in the past, for a very frank conversation about the church. (Eugneio is an atheist.)

He lead in with serious questions about the mafia but then, more interestingly, turned to all the sex abuse scandals in the church.

The Holy Father apparently spoke on the matter, saying:

"The 2 percent of pedophiles are priests, and even bishops and cardinals. And others, even more numerous, know about it but keep quiet, they punish without saying the reason why. I find this state of things untenable and it is my intention to confront it with the severity it requires."

When referring to the Church's sex scandal the pope apparently claimed as many as 1 in 50 clergy members are pedophiles and allegedly said "we have a leprosy in our house."

That's insane the pope is admitting to all of this!

Now, the problem with all of this is that Eugenio doesn't take notes or record the interviews. Everything he writes comes from his memory.

So some are saying that the Pope's quotes might not be 100% accurate.

All we know is the Pope vowed to do something about all the sex abuse in the church and that's never a bad thing.

Let's hope he can bring about some real change!

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