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Farrah Abraham Isn't Gonna Discourage Her Daughter From Making A Sex Tape, In Fact, She's Already Convinced Sophia WILL Make One

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farrah abraham thinks her daughter will make a sex tape no questions asked what the hell

Any mom would discourage their daughter from making a sex tape, right?

That's, like, the logical thing to do, correct?

Well, not if you're Farrah Abraham!

In fact, she's not gonna discourage her daughter from making one AT ALL, because she's already knows she will!

Wait, what?

While promoting the first book in her erotic novel trilogy, the Teen Mom was asked what she would do if her daughter, Sophia, came up asked for advice on whether or not to film a sex tape.

Farrah answered:

"She probably won't be saying that, she'll be like 'I HAD to try it,' and then I'll be like 'oh, you already did it, so I'm just going to say make sure you know what you're doing with it,' because, you know, I'll be like 'this is what happened to me as your mom.'

It's like mommy talk. It's the birds and the bees, and so you just share 'look, I learned this from it, I hope you don't do that, read 'Celebrity Sex Tape,' learn some lessons from Fallon Opal,' but that's really all I can say."

WOW! Convinced her daughters going to make a sex tape AND managing to promote her book in the same question!


This is clearly the woman who should be writing a Christian parenting book, because that's her next adventure in the literary world!

Jokes aside, we can't believe that Farrah is this convinced of her daughters future that she's saying, with absolute certainty, that Sophia will make a sex tape.

Not all kids follow the same path as their parents, thankfully!

[Image via Michael Carpenter/WENN.]

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12 comments to “Farrah Abraham Isn't Gonna Discourage Her Daughter From Making A Sex Tape, In Fact, She's Already Convinced Sophia WILL Make One”

  1. crowgirl says – reply to this


    Hmmm… so things havent pan out as planned for Farrah (Kim K wanna-be) figuring the sex tape thing would work for her, too. So, with her furtur earning power in question as she ages what I'm hearing is that she will consider shifting her role to molding her daughter and want a cut of that…from Kimmy wanna-be to Kris Jenner wanna-be? She is deplorable!!!

  2. 2

    How old is her daughter? I saw a pic on another site but no idea how old she is now.
    I have my personal opinion which would get me deleted by the mods so not posting it.

  3. Teresa says – reply to this


    This is awkward as hell but at least it's not hypocritical. The truth is that most children follow in their parents footsteps. Not all of course but most do. So if Sophia does decide to do this at least Farrah won't play that whole "Do as I say, not as I do" card. I mean if you read the article she's going to tell her the cons of doing a sex tape but just allow her daughter to make the decision. She's allowing her daughter who by that time will be an adult make an adult decision. I hope Sophia never follows in her mothers footsteps but we can't be shocked if she does.

  4. IQ is the fun bun says – reply to this


    I cant think of many women porn stars whose daughters followed in their path

  5. allan says – reply to this


    what a piece of garbage and this is what celebreties are in hollywood God help us

  6. KristinaBK says – reply to this


    What a complete f*cking disgrace!! God help that little girl & lets hope this money hungry piece of trash smartens up one day!

  7. Stephanie says – reply to this


    "learn some lessons from Fallon Opal" - lmao! best advice she could give sophia is to learn life lessons elsewhere! hahahaha

  8. Dawn says – reply to this



  9. __karissa says – reply to this


    I doubt she meant a public sex tape, Farrah does do well at interviews she should learn to say things in a better manner. I feel she meant that because the number of people making sex tapes now is so high that by the time Sophia is old enough there'll be even more people that it may just be a thing people do. Privately though.

  10. Katk says – reply to this


    I don't think she meant that she knows her daughter is gonna do it, just that if she ever does want to talk about it it's because she already did. But I do
    Think this is a talk for her to have even before her daughter asks.

  11. Cthunder says – reply to this



  12. Nicole Lamino says – reply to this


    Did you guys even see the sextape? IT IS SO RAUNCHY. She get slammed so hard and bent out of shape like a rusty 9 inch nail getting hammered. I honestly think it is one of the best tapes. You can see her vag is visibly swollen after she gets rocked.