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Sherri Shepherd's Estranged Husband Threatens To Sue Her If She Backs Out Of Their Surrogate Contact!

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sherri shepherd lamar sally unborn baby drama

This situation has gotten super icky!

Sherri Shepherd and her soon-to-be ex husband Lamar Sally filed for divorce separately back in May but the drama is still a-brewin'!

Lamar is allegedly drafting up a legal document to keep Sherri was backing out of the surrogate contract she signed way before the two decided to split.

Although the two are expecting a child via surrogacy, Sherri reportedly wants NOTHING to do with the unborn child because she believes Lamar wanted to separate before they decided to have a child!

Sources are saying The View host reportedly wants to void the surrogate contract on grounds of fraud so she doesn't have to pay child support to Lamar since he's asking for full custody of the baby.

However, she might have to change her tune soon because her estranged husband is threatening to sue Sherri if she doesn't come to terms with the unborn child!

Insiders say Lamar will try and guilt Sherri into not backing out by supposedly calling her out on her hypocrisy.

They're saying the hostess' estranged husband will bring her Christian faith into the argument and harass her on the grounds of child abandonment.

Sigh, there's so much drama going on, this is not how a child should be welcome into the world.

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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10 comments to “Sherri Shepherd's Estranged Husband Threatens To Sue Her If She Backs Out Of Their Surrogate Contact!”

  1. 1

    These two make me sick!! He is the father and she will never treat the child as her own (obviously).

  2. Lamar only wants her $ says – reply to this


    He only wants Sherri's money! Go get a job dude!

  3. Rusty says – reply to this


    You better think about this and giving up the baby boy. Your career is going to go down the toilet. Fans are going to remember what you did and will never forgive you. I think that maybe your attorneys are working for the money and not working for you. I think that the advise they are giving you are worthless.

  4. Melissa says – reply to this


    If a child is genetically yours, you should have to pay for the well-being of that child if you are able. To abandon it now just because you do not want to pay for it is disgusting. Halle Berry pays a truck load of money to her ex because he claims that their child needs to live as she has been accustomed to living. I am sure she does not like paying for his lifestyle but she does it because that girl is hers. Suck it up.

  5. Melissa says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – I have to correct myself because I found out the egg used was not hers. She does have a right to say that she should not have to pay for it if it is not her baby biologically, but at the same time this baby would not exist if she had not started the process. If this baby was older I would say she should have to pay because it formed a bond with her, but as it stands now what does it matter to the baby who raises it? Realistically, I do not feel she can be considered the mother because there are no emotional bonds, but financially she is half the reason this baby exists.

  6. krys says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – actually the child is not genetically hers. The baby was created using his sperm but not her egg.

  7. Krys says – reply to this


    Her husband sounds like the worst kind of scum. I feel sorry for her, but I feel especially sorry for the poor kid being born into this mess.

  8. Tee Dee says – reply to this


    Was a fan of hers,but she just seems to show her real persona attracting problems in her daily life. From DWTS,the way she carried on after being voted off, to flying on an airplane and her son having to go to the bathroom which almost got her arrested.What a way to teach your child about life,just so sad.

  9. Doc Hollywood says – reply to this


    Sherri said in an interview once "If I didn’t have God I would have been dead" SO how does a woman who trots out Jesus and religion when it suits her purposes have no qualms in ditching her surrogate, her baby and her obligations? Maybe when no one will hire her in Hollywood she will re-think her choices. I can't fault her for divorcing someone she doesn't love and I'm Pro Choice here but Pro Choice doesn't begin to cover the fact you arranged, paid for and planned on having a baby and then decided to flush it away like a goldfish when things got rough.
    Shame on Sherri Shepherd-she should be ordered by a court to pay someone else to raise that child where it's genuinely wanted. That soon-to-be ex husband of hers sounds like a loser too otherwise he would shoulder his responsibility with her or without her.

  10. re-re says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – The child isn't genetically hers. Its his and the surrogates child.