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47 comments to “Dad & His Kids Get Kicked Off Of A Southwest Flight For Something He Tweeted! YOU Decide Who’s Really In The Wrong Here!”

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    Sounds like there must be more to it than that.

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    He sounds like he was too aggressive. You cannot lose your cool in an airport. It sounds like he got really aggressive with the flight attendant. It's not okay to get into a woman's face like that.

  3. Nite says – reply to this



  4. clive12 says – reply to this


    Re: booboo1492 – I agree

  5. Nite says – reply to this


    This man is a bully. He's trying to board his fellow travelers alongside him without paying proper fees. He's ripping off SWA and trying to beat the system when other passengers are Simply following the rules. If he's a frequent flier with SWA than HE KNOWS the rules. He's trying to pull a fast one while embarrassing the individuals he's traveling with, who happens to be his children. He should be ashamed, not only of upsetting his children, but also being a chauvinist and attacking a female Agent, who called his bluff. He got busted. He was angry, you said so Perez,and do you want an angry passenger with internet access sending out information that other passengers on the plane can read at 36000 feet? Especially in lieu of recent events? Herb Kellerher, founder of SWA once said, "The customer is not always right. We don't want that customer." Go fly another airline. I guarantee you'll be back.

  6. shaygirl says – reply to this


    I can't stand flying anymore. of course don't take a bus they're covered in lice and craps and body lice from all the illegals they are transporting all over the country. Drive your car if you can

  7. tcyb says – reply to this


    If you have frequent flyer and get an upgrade to first class, you can't bring your family (unless you pay). If he was sitting with other A listers who don't have kids (which most likely not) I would not want him there either!

  8. beach says – reply to this


    He's an entitled, embarrassing puke and he ought to be ashamed of himself. So sick of people like him that think they are owed "special privileges" beyond the ones he was already getting. Those poor kids. I'd be horrified if my father acted in such a childish manner, but of course, my father would never have done anything like that in the first place.

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    It doesn't say anything about first class - he was just trying to board early (with his priority boarding) with his kids. Nobody in the terminal would complain that they let him board with his kids - the lady was being a jerk. And to make them leave the plane after they've boarded because of a tweet? Someone needs to get fired immediately, that is NOT professional conduct. He should have stood his ground and let the bitch take the heat

  10. Nite says – reply to this


    Re: Dubguy – I notice you use the word Bitch. Do you think during the summertime, with completely full flights, he was the only one Select boarding with children? Get a clue. The Agent, the female you called a bitch, was simply doing her job. And it's people and comments like the one you are making that make your comment irrelevant.

  11. Nite says – reply to this


    Re: beach – well said

  12. Nite says – reply to this


    well said.

  13. Nite says – reply to this


    I like the way you quickly edited your content.

  14. Mich says – reply to this


    Re: beach – I fully agree with Beach… The guy is an entitled douche and should have been kicked off for his Tweets…it should teach people to quit bullying workers who are only doing their jobs

  15. joinSD says – reply to this


    Middle-age man tantrum-me luvs Southwest!

  16. 16

    Reported two days ago on Tripadvisor, general consensus there is that he was being an a-hole.
    I don't fly them because I hate Terminal 1 at LAX. Now if they ever move I would definitely reconsider.

  17. 17

    Guy is a totally "entitled" bully. He should have just waited to board later with his kids and not started a fight.

  18. Esin Emko says – reply to this


    I have flown SW since 1976 when we lived in Houston.
    Their service has gotten worse and worse every single year. They used to be the airline of smiles…no more…most of their people are just plain mean and snobby acting.
    Never again. If I can avoid them I will.

  19. Huh? says – reply to this


    I never understood why people choose to board first, let alone why boarding first is considered a privilege. Why would you want to spend MORE time on a plane that is still on the ground? And continue to sit there while everyone else boards?

    When I fly, I try to ensure that I'm essentially the last one to board, thus eliminating any time standing in line to board, and minimizing the time that I'm squished like a sardine in a can that lacks air circulation.

    Just one of those things that never really made any sense to me at all. Maybe I'm missing something.

  20. Nite says – reply to this


    Finally, a response that makes sense. You've even opened my eyes!

  21. Nite says – reply to this


    Re: Huh? – Brilliantly said!

  22. Mon says – reply to this


    I've worked customer service jobs for 7 years. When a customer complains that an employee was "the meanest person ever" it almost always means the employee did not give in to their demand. As a returning Southwest passenger, I'm glad to know I he won't be flying with them anymore - one less entitled passenger to put up with onboard.

  23. deb says – reply to this


    Oh Please, he was on the plane, she was not threatened. Kimberly S was just being a bitch and abusing her power. The man had two young children with him, of course he was going to take them through with him. Nearly every airline I have been on, seats people with children first anyway, so what was her problem?

  24. Ko says – reply to this


    If your 6'4" like my self boarding first will get you a spot with more leg room. The guy should have pre boarded with his kids and he would have been in the plane even faster.

  25. ForeverWyld says – reply to this


    I can't believe everyone here is on the side of the agent. It is obvious that the agent feared her superiors seeing the tweet and forced a pass anger to remove it. Where are all you American's screaming about Freedom of Speech? Right or wrong, that was his opinion, and by law he was untitled to it.
    People, you simply can't allow people to use fear as a means of compliance. The agent is very well aware of the heightened security regarding flying. She knew that all she had to say was she felt threatened to force compliance. Saying you suck does not threaten your safety, it threatens your job! Siding with her only tells others that it is ok to drag a family off of a plane and demand that they remove a tweet in order to fly. So what happens if a stewardess spills coffee on you and you tweet,that she is incompitant? Will you land to find that the TSA is waiting for you because of on board threats to staff?

  26. Kristin says – reply to this


    In Southwests policy it is 40$ Per ticket to upgrade. After the flight attendant offered this to him (like she would have any other costumer, A-List or not) he became enraged and refused to pay the required fee. Southwests is standing by their employee, and rightfully so. Policy is policy.

  27. Jen UK says – reply to this


    That Kimberly S needs to go back to customer service school. He had every right to tweet about his experience and she had no right to throw him off the plane for having an opinion!

  28. SM says – reply to this


    I was kicked off a southwest plane in Denver for "getting sick in the restroom". It never happened. I fly frequently also and certainly have never boarded a plane only to run to the restroom and get sick. Southwest grounded me for the day and I threatened legal action, they gave me silly vouchers also.

  29. Kay says – reply to this


    Other airlines allow that so why won't southwest? I'm 25 and am still allowed to board when my dad does, even when he us in first and I'm economy!

  30. amanda says – reply to this


    Its a tweet. There is nothing threathening about that. Either there is more to the story or the Stephanie chick is just a big baby.

  31. 31

    Re: SM – How is that even something that you can control? So pregnant women can't fly? No morning sickness? No food poisoning from their crappy food? That is outrageous. For a contagious disease, yes you shouldn't fly. But that should be reserved for polio or ebola. I'm not fly SW after your story

  32. 32

    Re: ForeverWyld – Freedom of Speech relates to the press and government interference. It's not a term that means "i can say whatever I want." If you think that's true, try yelling "bomb!" when you are in an airport terminal.

  33. boston whore says – reply to this


    but he was already in the plane with his kids and the company coerced him to deboard based on something as absurd as "freedom of speech"? wow! welcome to America, where corporations get away with ANYTHING. i wouldn't leave the place if i were him!

  34. boston whore says – reply to this


    and what a piece of walking crap is the gate attendant! if he's a A-list shit and he has 2 "children" with him, is he supposed to leave the children unnatended in order to board the fucking place? seriously, what the fuck>?????

  35. anne says – reply to this


    instead of just complaining about the company policy in general this angry customer tried to have an employee fired from her job by tweeting her name along with his complain when he didn’t get his way. i can see how this tweet can be interpreted as a threat. and this douche is raising 2 kids. wow. you’re such a great example sir. good effing riddance.

  36. @v@ says – reply to this


    He may have been A list, but I doubt the two kiddies were and that's three seats, but not really sure how it works. Perhaps the gate agent wasn't clear on why he had to wait? If only one person had A status, I would certainly understand why. Did he want special treatment?

  37. Agame says – reply to this


    Fire her ass! What a rude attendant! He tweeted what you did, which is the truth! Get a life! You have a paycheck because this guy!

  38. ernie_r says – reply to this


    This policy of not allowing children to board with Priority member is not consistently applied. I too fly almost every week. I have observed gate agents that are hardcore about this and other gate agents that allow the children board with the parent. So apparently the rule is not set in stone. Concern for the children should be priority. If his spouse or another adult family member was also flying then the children should board with them. But in this case, it was a 6 & 9 yr old flying with no other adult family, they should have been allowed to board with the dad. The gate agent was in the wrong in her reaction to the tweet. She was wrong for demanding he remove the tweet. Would she have done the same thing if had tweeted "she was the nicest agent in Denver. I think not! You can't have it both ways. Especially since the policy is not uniformly enforced….it is literally up to the whim of the gate agent!!!

  39. whocares says – reply to this


    Hmmmmm does someone work for Southwest? :) Nice job marketing dept! Yall are so see through, its ridiculous Re: Nite

  40. 40

    She was threatened by a tweet? She abused her authority by removing him and his children from a plane, threatened to call the cops if he did not remove the complaint. Legit or not and complaint, a suggestion or compliment all need to go to her superiors. It's called customer feed back. Her superiors (as well as other potential CUSTOMERS) should have read it and then investigate her behavior in the situation. He didn't threaten to kill her! Just let other people know of his dissatisfaction -warranted or not.

  41. 41

    Re: ForeverWyld – Exactly…she abused her power. Plan and simple.

  42. 42

    Re: Nite – The word "bitch" was used because that what she was acting like when she pulled him and his kids off that plane over a simple complaint. Threatening to call the police over a tweet is childish and she was the bully here not him. Obviously, SHE was in the wrong since SWA compensated the CUSTOMER with three $50.00 vouchers.

  43. 43

    I say everyone should boycott SWA.

  44. Hannah says – reply to this


    This is just ridiculous! Yea, maybe the man shouldn't have gotten angry and maybe acted a little entitled. But so what? The job of the agent is to serve the customer.
    And what happened to Freedom of Speech? The man is entitled to say whatever he wants. Maybe he was rude and annoying.
    But his tweet wasn't threatening or violent. It was his opinion. And he is entitled to his own opinion.
    What right does airline worker have to remove a man (especially an a-list flyer) and his children from a flight, just because of her own personal offense?
    I think she was just scared that one of her superiors would see the tweet.
    And that's why she inappropriately removed a man and his children from a flight.
    How crazy is that!

  45. Malabud says – reply to this


    Fire Kimberly!! There are too many flight attendants who are extremely rude and should consider another job.

  46. JV says – reply to this


    Re: tcyb – I don't think it was an upgrade in seating. Just boarding. That being said, let the kids get on the plane. Would it have killed them to let them board 2 minutes early? I doubt it.

  47. jazzy says – reply to this


    Two sides to the story and this guy sounds like a major douche even when hearing the story in his own words. That says a lot.