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Mom Arrested For Letting Her 7-Year-Old Walk To A Park! Claims She's 'Totally Dumbfounded' As To Why She's In Trouble!

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mom florida arrested child walking to park

A Florida momma was left "totally dumbfounded" when she was charged with child neglect after allowing her 7-year-old to take an unsupervised trip to the park!

Nicole Gainey let her young son, Dominic, walk to a local park, about a half mile away, all by himself.

He has a cell phone so she was able to check in on him regularly.

Gainey said:

"I'm totally dumbfounded by this whole situation. I honestly don't think I was doing anything wrong. I was letting him go play."

When Dominic was on his way to the park, a person at a public pool spotted him and after finding out he was unsupervised, they called the cops.

The police arrived and took Dominic home.

The main issue isn't a disagreement with her parenting style but the fact that "numerous sex offenders reside in the vicinity" of the park, according to the police report.

That kinda WAY changes how we're looking at this one!

Check out the video (below) and hear the mother defend herself — then you tell us if you think she was in the wrong (further below)!

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20 comments to “Mom Arrested For Letting Her 7-Year-Old Walk To A Park! Claims She's 'Totally Dumbfounded' As To Why She's In Trouble!”

  1. 1

    Half a mile isn't that far away, I used to go to playgrounds all over the neighborhood all the time when I was little. Then again, I was also taught not to talk to strangers so I wouldn't voluntarily go home with random people.

  2. Nikki says – reply to this


    Stupid? Yes. But IMO the bigger problem is that sex offenders are allowed to live "in the vicinity" of an area where children are bound to be…

  3. NoOne says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki – Pro tip: Children basically live everywhere

  4. 4

    If you are a good mother you don't let your 7 year old child walk half a mile anywhere alone. Period.

  5. 5

    Jeez, the US is turning into the biggest nanny state ever. I also walked all over when I was 7, walked to school by myself starting at 5 and so forth. If her son has been taught not to talk to strangers, and the other usual safety precaustions, I see no problem but that is just my opinion.

  6. hana says – reply to this


    Re: mrsg13 – are Americans really that scared of every little thing? im serious cos im from an influential Asian country and i took 2 buses to go to school when i was 7.

  7. jrex says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – Right there with you! I never went inside when I was a kid. I was all around the neighborhood, eating dirt and licking dogs, learning about the world and life and how to be a normal person. I have an iron constitution and a good head on my shoulders. The generation coming up in this country right now, raised on hand sanitizer and fear, is absolutely screwed. It's scary.

  8. Teresa says – reply to this


    Re: Nikki – I'm with you on that one! Honestly, child protective services and the police are always out to get someone.

  9. Katie says – reply to this


    Yeah maybe 40 years ago it was safe to let your kids go out and play at the park by themselves but hello! Does this lady not watch the news! Look at all of the bad things going on in our society… I don't think her parental rights should be taken away but I do think she needs a couple classes to learn to be a parent

  10. cass says – reply to this


    Why are there sex offenders living that close to a park? It is aganist their terms of being in the community.

  11. cc says – reply to this


    Re: NoOne – pro tip: sex offenders cannot live near schools, parks or daycare centers

  12. __Per says – reply to this


    @Katie, I think it's the same crime rate as to day, 40 years ago…..it's just today, we have more ways of it going viral. News travels much faster now.

  13. m4dm1nnes0tan says – reply to this


    ok so when i was a kid my parents would allow me to roam the entire neighborhood…and sometimes I would bike to the gas station with a friend…WHEN I WAS 5! This kid is 7 and had a cell phone AND only was 1/2 mile away…I never had a cellphone and my parents taught me to never talk to strangers…and to go limp if someone grabbed me…and be loud if anyone was trying to make me leave when I didnt want to…
    #JussSayin :) )

  14. Heidi says – reply to this


    I walked 6 blocks to school by myself as a 6 yr old kindergartener. And I didn't even have a cell phone like this child did! They definitely should have arrested my parents, and all my school mates parents- I'm sure there were sex offenders somewhere in the vicinity. OH, and even spanking your own child is now considered child abuse. Kids are coddled these days into wimps. Also, they're punishing the children and parents for the cities choice to allow sex offenders to live near playgrounds?? Makes perfect sense. Complete bull sh*t.

  15. 15

    Re: Nikki – I agree! I thought sex offenders weren't allowed to live within so many feet of a park or school.

  16. Melly Mel says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but do any of you have any children? I too as a child would roam around by myself until it was dark but that was 20 years ago, but trust me the times sure have changed. I would not let my kids do half the stuff i did as a child, the world is not as safe as it was back then.

  17. jazzy says – reply to this


    Why the fuck are sex offenders allowed to live by the park! That is the fucking problem… BUT Hell, in a city like Miami I would not let my kid even walk to the sidewalk without me there.

  18. 18

    Re: Melly Mel – Actually, it hasn't changed that much but new media allow for news to come out more and quicker. Teach kids not to talk to strangers, to avoid certain areas, and what they should do when they feel threatened by someone and chances are that nothing will happen to them. Kids should have the ability to explore the world around them without constantly holding mommy's hand, otherwise I don't see how they can grow into independent and responsible people.

  19. 19

    We strolled all over the village without cell phones in the 70s and survived.

    Stop this fucking overprotection.

  20. anon says – reply to this


    they do not have the right to arrest the mother for this…. they should simply warn her! this is why canada is better