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Teen Cancer Patient, Who Lost Teeth From Radiation, Raises Money From Donations After Insurance Company REFUSED To Pay For Necessary Dentures

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teen cancer patient who lost teeth from radiation raises thousands of dollars from donations after insurance company refused to pay for necessary dentures

This 16-year-old has been beating the odds since he was four-years-old so it's no surprise to anyone that he's defeated the latest challenge in his life.

At the age of four-years-old, Alex Hunter and his family were told by doctors that Alex had a rare stage four cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. After beating that, the kid from Delano, California was diagnosed with Hurthle Cell Carcinoma at the age of 13, but he beat that, too!

Basically the little guy fought for his life and has managed to become one inspirational 16-year-old who loves to sing… and who is also currently cancer free.

Oh yeah, and insurance companies can eff off.

Tthe years of radiation began to loosen his teeth and the ones he didn't lose were fragile and basically unusable. Which is when he made the decision with his family to have the remaining 19 teeth taken out because as the family puts it "they were of little use to him, as eating was painful due to his teeth being loose."

And though the insurance company paid for that operation, they have since refused to pay for Alex's new dentures.

Their explanations for their denial baffled Alex's family including his grandmother Roberta Hunter.

She said:

"They say it's not a medical issue but they know they took out the teeth because of a medical issue. It feels like the insurance is just bailing out on him."

But the family won't give up on the 16-year-old who is preparing to go to college so he can study psychology and sociology, and they set up a GoFundMe page called the Alex Hunter Medical Fund where they hoped to raise the $11,000 needed to buy the dentures.

And in only one day the family has raised $16,315 for their little superstar! And it seems like that number keeps going up!

We're SO happy for Alex Hunter and his family that they seem to be in good shape to finally get Alex Hunter that brilliant smile that such a brilliant young kid deserves.

Check out more information on this story by watching the video (below) !!!

[Image via GoFundMe.]

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3 comments to “Teen Cancer Patient, Who Lost Teeth From Radiation, Raises Money From Donations After Insurance Company REFUSED To Pay For Necessary Dentures”

  1. 1

    I do not understand, I thought the ACA was supposed to protect him? Regardless of whether he has private insurance or insurance from the Marketplace Exchanges, this was not supposed to happen. ACA failed.

  2. Sabrina says – reply to this


    I'm work for a dentist office I actually deal with insurance everyday and they are insane always not wanting to pay for anything my advice to the family is keep trying to raise money and use everything you get towards implants they do not come out and they are a lot better then dentures most patients have a lot of pain or discomfort when eatting with dentures just a thought

  3. Fergie's Crotch Sweat says – reply to this


    ….and yet….millions of "low income" (lazy) broads who pop out kids left and right get full medical benefits for themselves and their little bastards? F U C K THIS BACKWARDS COUNTRY.