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Foster Dad Facing Murder Charges After Leaving His Baby In The Hot Car While He Got High And Watched Game Of Thrones

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On July 24th, Kansas man Seth Jackson got home, plopped on the couch, smoked some pot, ate some pizza, and watched a couple episodes of Game Of Thrones.

It would have been a perfectly normal lazy day– except his foster daughter was still in the car.

Jackson forgot to bring in 10-month-old Kadillak Poe Jones, who sat in the car with the windows up in 90 degree heat for nearly 2 hours.

Jackson said in his affidavit that a crying child on the show reminded him Kadillak was out there, but it was too late; she was already dead from heat exposure.

Now Jackson is being charged with first degree murder.

Many are surprised by the charge, but there's something more shocking about this case: Jackson and his partner Payton Shroeder had FIVE other children in their care, three foster and two adopted.

How could he possibly make this kind of mistake??

When you're a parent, you cannot afford to zone out like that, even for a little while! Not while a child is depending on you!

And that means getting drunk OR high! We're tired of hearing stories of people recklessly endangering the children they love because they couldn't stay sober!

When you're a parent that means you have to keep it together! Your kids come first!

[Image via Sedgwick County Jail.]

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