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Technology Saved The Day! Lost Child Reunited With Her Parents 17 Years Later! All Thanks To Google!

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google helps reunite lost chil with family

While this story had a sad beginning, it ended on an extremely happy note!

Gudiya, a 23 year old woman in India, was six when she was separated from her uncle at a railway station. The pair were on their way to visit Gudiya's grandfather, but the trip went amiss when Gudiya's uncle went to buy snacks and then tragically missed the train.

When the train reached its destination, Gudiya was placed in an orphanage because she couldn't remember specific details about her home or her parents. The only detail she could recall was that her uncle worked at a biscuit factory near a railway crossing in front of her house.

With little information to go on and limited resources, Gudiya spent 17 years in the orphanage.

Ugh, we just hate to imagine how heartbroken and scared Gudiya must have felt!

Thanks to Nneelakshi Sarma, an official of the Assam State Child Protection Society, however, Gudiya's fate changed.

Nneelakshi did what she wasn't able to years ago–she googled the minimal details Gudiya provided when she first arrived at the orphanage.

Luckily for Gudiya, Nneelakshi located her uncle and subsequently, her parents.

We're so thrilled Gudiya eventually found her parents!

Thanks, Google!

[Image via Google.]

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2 comments to “Technology Saved The Day! Lost Child Reunited With Her Parents 17 Years Later! All Thanks To Google!”

  1. 1

    How friggin hard is it to find a biscuit factory close to the tracks? The parents never reported their kid missing? Sounds like they didn't try very hard before placing the poor kid in an orphanage, what a backwards ass country.

  2. Terra says – reply to this


    Yeah dubguy has a point. They should have looked in every biscuit factory to see if anyone was missing a child. Not that hard to put up a few fliers around. Someone would have heard about it or known something. And what kind of six year old doesn't even know any details about their parents or home? Like they don't know how to describe ANYTHING? Not even the color of their home or anything that's close to their house? If the child is responsible enough for an uncle to walk away and leave the kid by herself, I would think she'd be smart enough to know SOME information. This story seems fishy to me.