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EXCLUSIVE! Raising Asia’s Asia Monet Ray Is The Cutest New Superstar! Check Out Her Teen Choice Interview And Upcoming Show Clips HERE! So SASSY!

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zOMG! We can’t get enough of her!

Sassy up-and-comer Asia Monet Ray is the star of a new show called Raising Asia and it’s a hit!

In the newest sneak peeks of the show, the pint-sized cutie dances her heart out while practicing for an upcoming performance and she's got MOVES!!!

Luckily, we got a chance to catch up with Miss Asia at the Teen Choice Awards (below) and she told us who she wants to be like when she gets older!

With goals that big, we KNOW she’s going places!

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10 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Raising Asia’s Asia Monet Ray Is The Cutest New Superstar! Check Out Her Teen Choice Interview And Upcoming Show Clips HERE! So SASSY!”

  1. big shocker says – reply to this


    Well she'll be a video hoe in no time! Just like her mom wants! Stage parents are the the devil, they'll sell their kids bodies and souls to make them famous. Here's an idea, why doesn't that old transvestite looking bitch actually get off her plastic ass and try to accomplish something herself instead of living through her kid

  2. JJ says – reply to this


    Looks like another desperate housewife trying to milk her kid's talents for all they're worth….move over Dina Lohan

  3. Um Yeah says – reply to this


    Yeah, the gay guy and the skank mom don't look pathetic at all! haha!

  4. lol says – reply to this


    what's up with the whore outfit someone call child services

  5. a Asia fan says – reply to this


    I love this show and I think she has so much talent. It bothered me how her mother didn't let her skate. If she does not let her be a kid she will grow up with other issues trying to live a childhood life she never had. Perfect example Michael Jackson I love him but his dad was so strict it drove him crazy and to drugs. Asia is great to make sure she stay great she needs a normal life. I think at least 1 day a week should be sat aside for her to play with her sister and do kid things. No business at all.

  6. liz says – reply to this


    Just catching her show "Raising Asia" but I think this episode is "Bella the Throw Away Kid" Oh no! the should have been the this "Docuseris" . It'll be ok Bella your in good company with Ig-Nori.

  7. Carmen A Guzman says – reply to this


    I admire Asia she is beautiful , very smart and talented, but her mama has to come down, she put to much pressure on her, she is only a baby, she need play with toys and with her sister and family, one day she will regret it. Asia is nice baby girl and she will make a monster if she don't control the obsecion with make Asia and Star. Lady she got the talent, please give her the choice to be a 8 year old girl. You push her to much she will be a depress girl, please listen now to me and everybody in your family, do an schedule were she be happy to and let her be with her sister, do not let then to grow apart. She will make because she is a disciplinary girl, thanks to you, you a great work with, trust yourself and give Asia the time to be a 8 year old baby girls, otherwise you are mistreating her and be neglected, good luck and God bless you. You have a beautiful family, keep it. Love Carmen.

  8. dania says – reply to this


    Oh great.. another Miley Cyrus but this time.. the whoring starts at under 8. There is a difference between dancing and looking like you are going to lose your virginity before ten. Her family is exploiting her and the fact they are letting her dance like a stripper is seriously bad parenting. Her mom needs to put her foot down and give the child something besides what a twerking, stripping druggie dancer would perform to. She's too young to be selling her using sex. I bet all the pedophiles are having a field day watching an almost naked, dry humping, exotic looking 8 yr old. Great job parents. You are winners!! NOT!!! And part of the problem with today's youth.

  9. JESSIX says – reply to this


    Most of you guys don't get it! Asia isn't just an extremely talented little girl. She is an exceptional talent that doesn't come along too often. She is driven to perform and both her parents have all they can do to keep up with her.

    If I recall correctly, in the "Dance Moms" episode, Asia didn't ice skate because SHE IS A PROFESSIONAL. Abby's dance group had a pending performance and activities like ice skating are specifically banned in the dance studio contract. As a professional Asia was aware of the risk and she did not want to violate the terms of her contract let alone get injured. It is too easy to fall and suffer a sprain or broken bone when ice skating. i think the trip was Kelly's idea, one of her attempts to irritate Abby.

    As for Asia's performances, while she may be only 8 years old, her talent and determination far exceed that of many adult professionals. You cannot judge someone with Asia's talent and compare her to others her age. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Asia's mother and father pay attention to both professional choreographers who helped Asia perform in Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. I agree with both of them 100%!

  10. jessix says – reply to this


    The current manager Billy is dated and passe'. His songs are good for Disney performances but not for Asia. Asia's performances are not geared towards children. She appeals to ADULTS, not to audiences of children. Richie, Lady Gaga's choreographer, and Anthony, Asia's current choreographer both expressed opinions that Asia needs to be current and be who she is when she performs. If Asia has few traits or interests in common with 8 year olds, why make her perform like an 8 year old?

    To tie Asia to age-appropriate performances eliminates the best features of Asia's talent. Why take a performance genius and try to make her over so she can perform for 8-year-olds?

    In most performance issues, Asia is far more advanced than either of her parents. They would do best not to hold her back and continue to allow her to set her own pace. Asia will be fine if they can get this through their hard heads. All 3 of them have hard heads - Mom, Dad, and Asia. Each is talented in his or her own right.

    I hope Asia prevails over her parents and is allowed to proceed unrestrained at her own pace to stardom, with both her parents protecting her without interfering with her!