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Casey Kasem’s Daughter Pens A Heartbreaking Open Letter After Her Stepmother Plans To Bury Him In Norway

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casey kasem family fight keep body in los angeles

Just when we think this story can’t get any weirder, it does!

We previously told you about how Casey Kasem’s wife Jean is planning to bury her husband in Norway, which his kids and friends say is against his wishes.

So, daughter Kerri Kasem penned an open letter to "Whom It May Concern," which was signed by all of Casey’s kids, as well as close friends. In the letter, Kerri explains:

“As beautiful as your country is, our father has never spoken of any desire to be buried in Norway either to us or to his friends. In fact, it was the opposite. Casey wanted to be buried in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, his home of over 53 years. Casey wanted to be buried in his hometown of Los Angeles, California, his home of over 53 years. Do not be fooled into believing his wife, Jean Kasem, who abandoned and isolated him during the last year of his life… We beg you, to please decline the request of Jean Kasem and her daughter Liberty to bury Casey Kasem in Norway.”

That’s not all though. Kerri also detailed that Jean isn’t even Norwegian, like she claims, and her nephew previously corroborated that, saying:

"As far as we know, we are English, German and Native American. We have never ever heard anyone speak of Norway or Norwegian for that matter in our house. We don't have an ounce of Norwegian blood to our knowledge.”

Kerri also had support from Lt. Governor of California Mike Curb, who was Casey’s best friend. Casey thought something like this would happen, and asked his friend to make sure that he was buried in Forest Lawn, not wherever Jean tried to put him.

Our hearts go out to this family who is going through so much on top of their father’s tragic passing.

Hopefully it’s figured out and he’s laid to rest soon.

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Casey Kasem’s Daughter Pens A Heartbreaking Open Letter After Her Stepmother Plans To Bury Him In Norway”

  1. 1

    Sad story (but old), hope he gets buried in LA like he wanted, remember listening to him as a DJ when I was growing up (yes I am old).

  2. Lee says – reply to this


    His wife of 35 years probably wants a more peaceful burial place for him & her than the circus created by her step children. Who can blame her.

  3. Anita says – reply to this


    The daughter needs to find herself a husband maybe?
    Clinging to a father in such an unnatural manner is crazy.
    Especially a father who created a new family over three decades ago.

  4. Ann says – reply to this


    Creepy, the way those step kids behave toward his widow.
    What's wrong with visiting their father's grave in Norway?

  5. Paula says – reply to this


    Seems they want him buried in LA so they can keep living in his reflected glory. Totally stupid.

    The man walked out 35 years ago and created a new family with Jean,which is Not an unusual situation in Hollywood.

  6. my take on this says – reply to this


    scientology must be messing up those kids brains

  7. Jean Kasems Dirty Vag says – reply to this


    Got to love how Liberty and Jean leave all the comments on this site.

  8. Amber says – reply to this


    I hope Jean has him cremated and retains his ashes. That would resolve this silly fight.

  9. Keli says – reply to this


    Re: Paula – That was my thought too. They still want to be known as Casey's kids when in reality he moved on 35 years ago.

  10. ???? says – reply to this


    Re: Jean Kasems Dirty Vag – ahhhh, you must be another scientologist?

  11. Yikes says – reply to this


    Re: Jean Kasems Dirty Vag – Who would write something like that? No wonder Jean is appalled by this bunch.

  12. WTF? says – reply to this


    First those awful kids had their fathers life support shit off (against the wishes of Jean,his wife).
    And now they want to dictate where Casey should be buried?

  13. WTF? says – reply to this


    Re: WTF? – shut off
    Must be a Freudian slip.

  14. Meh says – reply to this


    They don't have a legal leg to stand on and they know it.

  15. Colleen says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – Many of us listened to him. Didn't know he had such a ghastly family. You just never know about people.

  16. Jean Kasems Dirty Vag says – reply to this


    Re: ???? – a proud atheist. Religion has nothing to do with this. Just cannot wait until this woman is behind hand cuffs. Her days are numbered.