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New Jersey Teen's Unsupervised Zip Line Stunt Went Extremely Wrong! This Is What Happens When You Use A T-Shirt Instead Of A Harness!

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A New Jersey teenager recently made a pretty poor decision, one that resulted in a pretty painful injury.

The 15-year-old was egged on by his peers to go unsupervised on a zip line last Saturday, and instead of using any kind of harness - the kid used his t-shirt to try to ride the zip line.

Unsurprisingly, his attempt failed, and he ended up falling thirty feet after his friends told him they would catch him.

Guess what? They totally didn't.

Here's what one witness named Chris Mckeon said:

"His shirt got stuck and his friends said he would catch him, so he let go. I told him that it wasn't safe, but his friends kept encouraging him."

As to how he got himself in the predicament in the first place… well, the mini stunt-attempter was playing soccer with his friends at Glen Rock High School when he saw the unmanned zip line. He climbed all the way up there and looped his shirt around the wire. But when he started to go — the shirt got stuck!

Police Capt. Jonathan Miller revealed that to be the case, as well, when he said:

"It got stuck… he was not able to slide down the line. He couldn't go any further."

The unnamed teenager got rather lucky as he only suffered a broken femur and an injured foot — we say he's lucky as the injuries could've been a lot of worse.

Seriously, he could've died!

The school does NOT believe they should take down the zip line just because of one kid's stunt-making attempt, and we're apt to agree with them.

Why punish everyone over one boneheaded incident? That's not exactly fair! Plus there was no ladder to get up there — he went REALLY far out of his way to impress his friends.

We're just glad the child seems to be OK now and is recovering from his self-inflicted injuries.

Check out more information on this story by watching the video (above) !!!

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One comment to “New Jersey Teen's Unsupervised Zip Line Stunt Went Extremely Wrong! This Is What Happens When You Use A T-Shirt Instead Of A Harness!”

  1. 1

    Lol I can't believe the school is considering taking it down. How about dumb parents stay off their iPads and cellphones and actually parent their entitled bad rogue teens?